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To Share Words from Louise Hay and Angel Messages for Today

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  • Patti
    Calling all angels today with special angel messages: Because I was unable to share these messages yesterday, I am going to double up on the ones from Louise
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
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      Calling all angels today with special angel messages:
      Because I was unable to share these messages yesterday, I am going to double up on the ones from Louise Hay and my 'Angel All Around Calendar' for today, because these messages can be used every day, but I will only share one Angel Blessings message.
      So let me get right to this matter.  First of all, for the month of February, the goal of the month from Louise Hay's 'I Can Do It' calendar is:  "I choose to practice self-confidence this month. I have everything within my consciousness to do so.  I am on a path where positive thinking and an optimistic attitude guides all my choices."
      The message from Louise for February 1st was: "I marvel at the beauty that surrounds me."  And for today, the message is:  "Wellness is the natural state of my body.  I believe in perfect health."
      Now from my 'Angels All Around Us' calendar for yesterday, "Oh, their Raphael of the dear Madonnas, Oh their Dante of the dead Inferno, Wrote one song --- and in my brain I sing it, Drew one angel --- borne, see on my bosom! ----- Robert Browning, One Word More.
      And now for the message for today from this calendar, "I think it's one of the scars in our culture that we have too high an opinion of ourselves.  We align ourselves with the angels instead of the higher primates." ----- Angela Carter
      Now for the words from Dr. Kimberly Marooney's Angel Blessings cards for today.  The card I drew for us all was the one on Remiel who is the angel of mercy and is one of the Golden Light angels (that thought really makes my heart feel good today!) 
      "Truly, truly, I say unto you, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man." ---- John 1:51
      "Remiel (which is pronounced exactly as it is spelled) means 'the mercy of God.'  Mercy is justice tempered by wisdom, which grows out of our knowledge and understanding.  Divine mercy represents a technique of adjustment between perfection and imperfection, or fairness, and is one of the basic concepts of creation.  Since God knows everything about each of us, it is easy for the Divine Spirit to forgive.  'God's mercy endures forever.'
      "Do you mercifully expect too much of yourself?  Have mercy on yourself, then extend that mercy to your neighbors.  As God directed Moses, "Love your neighbor as yourself."  The better we understand our neighbors, the easier it will be for you to love them.  Many of us have been taught to fear and hate the differences between cultures and religions.  This ignorance has caused persecution, wars and the extinction of many of Earth's indigenous peoples.  Deep in your emotional body is the guilt and rage for your part in this horror.  You may have been a persecutor in one life and a victim in the next.  The beliefs that resulted from these experiences are being replayed in your life now.  Ask Remiel to open your eyes and your heart to see how you are repeating your part over and over again.  As you watch the news of  religious wars and 'ethnic' cleansing ,' feel your rage and hurt over this behavior.  When you see documentaries on the destruction of rain forests and the tribes whose homes and lives are being lose, allow your feelings of rage to surface.  Look back at the mass slaughter with the Holocaust, the Cambodian Khmer Rouge and the American Indians.  What are your feelings?
      "If you experience a sickness in the pit of your stomach, overwhelming grief and a feeling of disgust, that is the start of your healing.  At first you may wonder how people can do those things or feel the terror of the victims.  As you gain courage to accept the rage and its resulting viciousness within yourself, you will know that under certain circumstances, you could do those things.  Have you been in a relationship that made you want to kill that person.  Usually guilt overrides those impulses.  Rather than accepting the feeling and using its power to affect a positive and creative change, it is usually denied and pushed away into dark and angry impatience.
      "Rage is the most frightening of all the human emotions because it can make you want to harm those you love.  How do you attempt to control your anger or your rage?  Do you hold it in quietly?  Do you burst out in a temper tantrum?  Have you hurt others before? Eat or starve yourself?   Exercise excessively?  Blame others?  Blame yourself?  Do you have illnesses relating to unexpressed rage?  Do you do crazy, impulsive things?  Does guilt hold you back?
      "When someone in your family triggers feelings of rage, this is a blessing sent by Remiel and your Eternal Self.  Begin with gratitude for being able to feel this trapped emotion.  Call for God to guide you through the experience.  if it converts to fear, accept  and express these feelings, also.  Do not let guilt stop your expression. At some point, the intensity will pass!  If you are consumed with grief, accept those feelings, too, and cry your way through them.  (Remember that often tears can be very cleansing to our souls)  Eventually, you will just feel empty, tired and have a tremendous sense of relief.  Call to Remiel and God to fill you with mercy, love and compassion.  Open your mind and heart to new ways of resolving the conflict in your life and then take action.
      "This rage is actually between you and God and has nothing to do with other people.  Never hurt yourself or others impulsively.  Rather, channel the intensity into a safe release session.  Rage is a dangerous force.  Any time you feel too much pressure in a situation, leave it or stop.  Bring the light into your places of darkness at a comfortable and safe rate.  Never try to force yourself to heal too quickly.
      "God patiently waits for you to desire divine mercy and compassion.  There is great joy in the heavens when you finally accept the comfort of Spirit.  Remiel inspires the higher impulses and spiritual emotions.  He guides the leaders of our  communities and countries to incorporate fairness in their constitutions and rule.  Merciless dictatorships eventual disappear eventually and those who have made a place for forgiveness in their hearts shall assume leadership."
      Music:  Gregorio Allegri, Miserere
      As you can probably tell, I did not have the suggested music for today.  Neither did I have any midis on either compassion or mercy, so I decided to use 'Feelings' because that word encompasses any feelings we may have, including rage.
      Again, I hope you are all experiencing a blessed and joy-filled day, a day that is touched by love in a big way for each of you.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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