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  • Patti
    Calling all angels yet again: This message was in my in-box right under the one I just shared, so I am sharing it with you as well. I don t know about all of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
      Calling all angels yet again:
      This message was in my in-box right under the one I just shared, so I am sharing it with you as well.  I don't know about all of you, but I love all messages on healing and always find words of interest and inspiration in any, and all, of them.  I do hope then that at least some of you out are able to integrate some of this information into your minds and maybe even into your daily practice.
      Again, have a blessed and joy-filled day.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      Subject: <HD> Creation!

      Healing: A Science and an Art
      by Siona Devi

             Healing can be considered both a science and an art. Like all sciences, there are many different modalities, or methods of healing. All have the same goal of reconnecting an individual to their own internal source of healing energy.

            We are all connected to this one Universal Energy Source, also called God, also called Divine Love. This is the only Energy needed to heal. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. For the majority of humans who have forgotten this capability, there are techniques that can be learned. However, the art of true healing involves not the intellect, but the heart. A science can be learned but an art requires unlearning. When we succeed in moving the mind out of the way and allowing the heart to channel Divine Love (healing energy) then we have mastered the art of healing.

           In art, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the final creation is not that important. A true artist is more concerned with the act of creating, the "feeling" of freeness, openness and pure possibility that stems from creating any work of art, from painting to poetry to song. The finished product is only a bonus. Often the "process" of healing, the positive energy flow from one who has the intent to heal and one who has the intent to be healed, is just as magnificent as the final result - the re - creation of health. It is a work of art to be involved in the creative process of helping an individual to return to the path of healing and growth. On the spiritual realm, it is a most beautiful thing! And in becoming a healer, the process of developing Love, Creativity and Intuition is more important than the specific
      methods used.

           So how is this accomplished? Again, since we all have the inborn ability to heal ourselves, it is through time that we "learn to forget." It seems ironic that the more intelligent we become in a worldly sense, the further away we go from the connection to our inner healing source. Jesus, one of the Greatest Healers to walk the earth, said that we must become like little children to get into the kingdom of heaven. And what do little children do? They act from their heart center, not their head.

             Yes, I am saying that to heal, we must learn to reconnect with our hearts; to dare, to play, to believe, to create, to free ourselves! The "Fool" card in the Tarot represents this wondrous state of spontaneity. We must become aware of the fact that we are all creators of our world. And everything is possible! A healer who does not believe in the "impossible" will not be able to work miracles!

             Sometimes the mind is so clever, it wants to define what everything is. We may think that to become like a child, we must dig in the dirt or do something silly. No. Not unless these actions are totally and completely spontaneous. Following are two ways to bring the fun back into existence and help us re-connect to our Universal Energy Source. Bear in mind, the whole point is to "unlearn," not to fit these new experiences into already defined notions of what creativity is about. You will know it is working when you begin to feel more spontaneous, alive, and creative. When your potentials and possibilities grow larger than life. When your intuition starts to become more powerful than your intellect.

           1) Start creating! It could be pottery, sculpting etc., but for beginners, I recommend painting. However... resign yourself to throw away what you create! Or, don't show anyone. Don't be concerned with the final product! This will thwart your progress. Concern yourself only with paying attention to the inner urges that command you to create. Your inner child will tell you what color to choose, what brush to use or what to mold. It might look like utter nothingness when completed. Yet you should feel like you are more free, vibrant and alive.

            2) Hum and/or Sing. Do it loud and keep on doing it! Both are therapeutic in that tonal vibrations can heal our hearts, our minds and can ground us at the same time. Humming can be like repeating a mantra. Again, don't worry how you sound. And don't do it with music! If you have a song you know, sing it. If not, play around with different sounds and hum them, keeping your mouth open (like saying "ah"). You may even create your own song. "A" is called the note of the heart, but you don't need an instrument to find the sound that literally pulls on your heartstrings. Pay close attention (relax and don't concentrate) and you will start to "feel" the vibration in your body. Higher notes vibrate the head area, middle notes the heart and even lower notes the root chakra. This can be one of the most powerful yet fun ways to heal!

            The whole point is to begin - and to keep on doing it. In time, you will notice the difference.


      Siona Devi is an Energy Healer and co - founder of the Universal Temple of Healing,
      an organization that promotes spiritual reconnection and growth. She can be reached at (770) 695-1083.
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