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  • Patti
    Hello all of you special friends: I am trying to get my thoughts together so I can send out the angel message for today right now before I get involved in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2006
      Hello all of you special friends:
      I am trying to get my thoughts together so I can send out the angel message for today right now before I get involved in reading the messages I did not get around to reading yesterday, and while scanning my files for a minute, I came to this message and just could not resist sharing it with all of you today, so you could enjoy these words as early in February as possible.
      I am not sure about all of you but I love the words Shelli Buhr shares in her Lunar Astrology Messages; for me, they are always very inspirational as well as extremely enlightening, so I hope all of you enjoy this new message.  As always, this is being sent for your discernment and you can do with it what you wish once you receive it.  Of course, my hope is that you will read it, but if you choose not to, please delete it right now -- with my blessings.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 9:33 PM
      Subject: [LunarAstrology] [Roxanas_Reports] February Astrology Report

      © January 2006 Roxana Muise, C.A.P.

           February hosts 17 dynamic aspects: Six conjunctions, five
      squares, two ESB (Ending Shadow Boundaries), one BSB (Beginning
      Shadow Boundary), one direct station, one new and one full Moon. This
      month, all of these vibrant aspects are made with planets in forward
      motion, and seven of the aspects actively involve Mercury. All in
      all, it will be an intense month, filled with precise and challenging
      mental exercises. (Find midpoints in parentheses.)
      The first half of February continues January's trend of the potential
      for mutual aid, teamwork, and cooperation between unlikely
      participants. This energy lends itself well to supporting nurturing
      with a substantial framework or structure; and to soften the
      discipline that you dispense with compassion and kindness. To
      continue to benefit from this cosmic endowment, find a way to apply
      altruistic deeds or spiritual concepts to everyday transactions.
      Continue to release grudges and ill feelings, and embrace the oneness
      and peace that calms your heart. From 2/18, the energy shifts to a
      powerful combination of motivation through discerning supportive
      shared principles that can benefit those with parallel ideals.
      Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto share the same degree of
      declination (punctuated by Lunar crossings every two weeks) between
      January 12 and March 15, forming a Grand Parallel. Much of what
      transpires during this time seems to be outrageous, and may be
      elaborate illusion. There may be confusing interactions that bring to
      bare shifts in philosophy occurring in your personal life - or in
      society that influence collective thinking - that are belied by
      subsequent investigation. Invoking your intuitive sense can help you
      to create inner strength. We are at a turning point in history that
      is difficult to discern now because we are immersed in it. All we can
      do individually is to act responsibly, and develop as much spiritual
      awareness as possible.
      Within the same-frame time, between January 30 and February 14,
      Neptune is in the yearly overlapping shadow between its previous and
      coming retrograde cycles. Foresight and hindsight join hands as we
      look back over the esoteric/spiritual/mystical/illusory activities of
      2005, and look forward to next year's encounters. Keep an inner
      balance between unconscious and conscious thought-forms, and between
      spirit and personality.

      2/1  Be aware of your ability to influence others, and exercise it
      with caution and responsibility. Avoid any temptation to mislead or
      to manipulate, as an abrupt turn of events can change everything.
      Mercury conjoins Neptune 17:07 Aquarius, 12:21 PM (=Pluto/North
      2/1  A good time to plan ahead and organize for future events that
      you know will bring extra stress to your life. The emphasis on
      planning is to be flexible. Your first take on the issue may seem
      naïve, however more information will be added pursuant to the
      situation over time. Action taken now may mar your ability to respond
      effectively, setting you up for possible embarrassment later. Be
      yourself, honesty will be remembered and revered. Mercury squares
      Jupiter 17:25 Aquarius/Scorpio, 4:28 PM (Mercury=Pluto/NN). 
      2/3  If you find yourself between two opposing factions, study the
      past four months' history of both sides - therein lies the key to
      your survival. Survival can be physical or reputational. Your word
      may be questioned, and your honor may be at stake. Mars ESB 23:22
      Taurus, 3:05 PM (=Saturn/Uranus). 
      2/4  A great deal of intensity is present in both personal and group
      processes, effecting changes in the expressions of strategies for
      individual success. As these dramas play out in the public arena,
      reactions to the dilemmas ebb and flow. First one situation peaks,
      and then another takes over in perceived importance. Values are
      affected, and much confusion keeps decisions from being clearly
      defined. Many situations are blown out of proportion, as stated facts
      tend to be out of context or misunderstood. Principles are
      questioned, but relevance may be diverted, as details given are of
      disproportionate importance. Grand Parallel of 2006 peaks at 12:55 PM
      GMT Sun/Mercury/Venus/Jupiter/Neptune/ Pluto parallel 15:32 S to
      16:10 S, Moon contra parallel 16:10 N. (an orb of 38 minutes) ** see
      2/5  Communicate in an honest and perceptive way with close friends
      or relationships before hastily agreeing to any major decisions. A
      great deal of emotional tension may tax your endurance. Your freedom
      may be curtailed, or it might take an extraordinary exertion of
      energy to cope with the process most important to you. Unrequited
      energy looking for cloture.  Mercury squares Mars 24:13
      Aquarius/Taurus (Mercury=Venus/NN, Mars=Saturn/Uranus).
      2/5  Interruptions in energy occur that affect the status quo. Use
      humanity and compassion to align yourself with lasting values. Some
      may act as if they can get away with dishonesty to achieve their
      goals and their activities may influence many others. Plans rooted in
      deception may tend to unravel. Keep a watchful eye for untrustworthy
      situations, and safeguard your health. You may uncover talents in the
      mystical or creative arts. The Sun eclipses Neptune. 17:17 Aquarius,
      15:44 South declination, 9:32 PM (=Pluto/NN).
      2/6  Through conscious choices about challenges to existing
      situations, ethical practices will be acknowledged. Make sure that
      you are aligned with those who are above reproach, as their successes
      can become yours as well. New products and processes may come into
      view. Don't expect everything to come together all at once – take
      baby steps, and be patient. Sun squares Jupiter 17:49
      Aquarius/Scorpio, 10:16 AM (Sun=Pluto/NN).
      2/8  As you value your freedom, extend that value to others'
      independence and self-autonomy. A study and application of
      metaphysical principles or other comparable levels of consciousness
      can be liberating. Mercury enters Pisces 5:21 PM (=Sun
      Neptune /Uranus).
      2/12 Projects that have been in the works are ripe for achievement or
      release. The responsible growth of your creative ideas can now be
      brought into fulfillment. Keep in mind that whatever this project is,
      it is still just a part of a larger whole. Dream big, but solidify
      what you have now. Then the next step can be to grow from there. You
      can afford to be magnanimous if you have adequately protected your
      assets. New contacts may be courted now. West coast: your creativity
      can be shown and grown in appropriate marketing. Make sure that you
      have fulfilled all contractual agreements. East coast: Be sure to
      elicit support from your family and ask for their help in promoting
      your plans and projects. New contacts may emerge from far away.
      Full Moon 24:20 Leo/Aquarius, west coast 8:44 PM, east coast 11:44 PM
      (Sun & Moon=Mars/Jupiter, Sun=Venus/NN).
      2/14 It will be easier for people to be up-front with their concerns.
      Look for subjects and values where you and others can find common
      ground. Avoid dwelling on differences. Neptune ESB 17:36 Aquarius,
      3:15 AM (=Pluto/NN). This ends the overlapping Neptune shadow, which
      began on January 30 – a period of 16 days.
      2/14 Be straightforward in all business dealings. Be vigilant about
      energies associated with groups or communities. Work on your own and
      loved ones' self esteem. Vulnerability can be an issue that you can
      address with awareness. Just an untimely thoughtless word can be very
      damaging. Mercury conjoins Uranus 9:53 Pisces, 7:35 AM (=Neptune/NN,
      2/16 Keep your expectations reasonable, and be open to information
      that will eventually clarify future agreements. Add calming
      influences to your life. Be open to new relationships, especially of
      a spiritual or creative nature. Mercury BSB 13:44 Pisces, 3:05 PM,
      (=Mars/Pluto, Sun Neptune/NN).
      2/17 Restless energy can be mistaken for a feeling of loneliness. You
      are primed for action, but need to center yourself and find purpose
      for your life. Practice lectures or other presentations, to make them
      the best they can be. Mars enters Gemini 2:43 PM
      2/18 Open yourself to imaginative ideas and intuitive perceptions.
      Keep your temper, and show a little self-control. Become a witness to
      the growth of others, and add support to those you care about as they
      step forward on a new path. It costs you nothing to be supportive and
      polite to someone vulnerable. Sun enters Pisces 11:25 AM, (=Mercury
      Uranus/Neptune MC, Venus/NN).
      2/18 Over sensitivity to emotional tension is present for all. The
      best thing is not to over-react to emotional stimulus. Work on inner
      levels to instill calmness and composure. A lesser Grand Parallel
      occurs today with Venus/Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto, peaking with the
      Moon's contact around 9 PM from 15:40 S to 16:11 S.
      2/19 Pay attention to your consciousness. You may be oblivious to a
      crisis right under your nose dealing with someone in your care, or
      someone with whom you have influence. A good time to recognize and
      develop spiritual or mystical abilities. You may be unduly alarmed at
      a perceived injustice. Carefully examine a situation before you act.
      Sun squares Mars 0:51 Pisces/Gemini 7:33 AM, (Sun=Mercury
      Uranus/Neptune Asc).
      2/27 Processes dealing with the communication of creative
      imagination, mystical issues, or spiritual awareness can be
      successfully launched. Writing, speaking, or performing in unusual
      venues or with a new audience can be promising. West coast: dealings
      with peers or close relationships and their significance in the
      world. East coast: Finding a way to be of service, or to present a
      valuable new product can be promising. New Moon 9:16 Pisces, west
      coast 4:30 PM; east coast 7:30 (=Mercury NN/Neptune).
      2/28 A simple, innocent conversation may lead to a more beneficial
      union. Coming together for expediency may lead to more serious
      relationships that are at least mutually supportive, though probably
      not enduring. Mercury squares Pluto 26:32 Pisces/Sagittarius,
      (Mercury=Moon/Asc NN).

      ** The Grand Parallel is what I call a grouping of four or more
      planets that stay at the same parallel for an extended period of
      time. Grand meaning vast - referring to an infrequent convoy of
      planets in close declination for an extended sweep of time. This is
      due in part to faster moving planets in shadow or in retrograde
      motion closely aspecting slow moving planets in that same declination
      degree. Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto continue in that degree of
      declination for most of the year, and are activated every two weeks
      by the Moon's alternating passage north and south. Interesting that
      this phenomenon occurred in the past in 1944, 1917, 1898, 1879, and
      1861. This is a ripe area for research.

      Ref: In her article on outer planet parallels, Leigh Westin coined
      the term "Great Parallel". For more information about parallels, see
      her articles on the Declination SIG website: www.declination.org


      February comes from the Latin, Febris (meaning the fever of love),
      and was named for Juno-Februa, Greco-Roman goddess of fire,
      purification and healing. She was the mother of Mars, and patroness
      of the passion, or fire of love.
      February's birthstone is the amethyst -- the gemstone used in the
      rings of Catholic Bishops, and in many rosaries. It symbolizes
      spirituality, faithfulness, spiritual attunement, temperance, peace,
      and quietude. It is the stone associated with the 7th Chakra, the
      royal energy center, and has been used as an amulet for breaking bad
      habits and addictions. Amethysts were used in hand-fastings, showing
      faithfulness and stability. Valerian, the herb associated with
      February, quiets the nerves, allays pain, and promotes sleep.
      Midway between the four points of the solstices and equinoxes are the
      Cross-Quarter Days, the fixed points of the natural year, represented
      in the Catholic Church by the four Gospels, and symbolized by a man
      (Aquarius), a bull (Taurus), a lion (Leo), and an eagle (Scorpio).
      These correspond to the four Pagan fire festivals. About halfway in
      the Sun's journey through the fixed sign of Aquarius, is the man-
      point. The very powerful Cross-Quarter Days are all 15 degrees of
      fixed signs, and support the eighth harmonic division of the Earth's
      orbital year. In concept, this correlates to the Lunation cycle,
      which is an eighth harmonic division of the Moon's orbital month. The
      timing of the Moon's orbit around the Earth varies from the timing of
      the Earth's orbit around the Sun, which accounts for the offset of
      the calendar systems. The shifting of the Solar calendar with the
      addition of one day every four years, adds up to a range of 54 hours,
      or 4.25 days. This year, February 3 actually marks the true cross-
      quarter festival in the Celtic or Pagan calendar.
      The beginning of February marks the pagan celebration of Imbolc, or
      Oimelc (both pronounced "ee-melc"), is also the festival of
      Brigantia, which corresponds with the festival of the Norse goddess,
      Brigid (in Ireland, the virgin goddess Bridhe) who embodies the three-
      fold nature of the goddess, and their powers of healing, smithcraft,
      & poetry/divination. In Greco-Roman mythology the triune nature of
      the goddess is maiden, mother and crone, and at the cross quarter the
      goddess is transformed from the barren hag of winter back again to
      the vibrant virgin bride of spring. Imbolc, which means "ewe's milk",
      refers to the first lactation of the year, promising new lambs and a
      blessed spring. Imbolc is a time of commitment to the waxing Light of
      the coming spring, and dedicated to purification and cleansing.
      February 2 is Groundhog's day and Candlemas. Proverbs of many
      countries equate the weather on Candlemas with a forecast. An
      American folk tale tells us that if the groundhog sees his shadow,
      there will be another 6 weeks of winter - a correlation to the 40
      penitence days of Lent. Candlemas is the Christian feast of the
      purification of the Virgin Mary. A Mass is said for the blessing of
      the candles and the return of the Light, commemorating when Jesus
      (who is called "The Light of The World") was first presented in the
      temple. This is in tradition with the Jewish religion, which states
      that the firstborn male belongs to God, and must be presented in
      Temple 40 days following his birth. Many Roman Catholics perform a
      novena (9 days of formal prayer), ending on February 11th: the
      festival of The Lady of Fatima (which was the name of Mohammed's
      daughter). Our Lady of Fatima is said to have appeared in Lourdes
      near an ancient Celtic healing spring (once in Islamic territory),
      which was associated with the goddess, Februa.
      February 3 is also the feast day of St Blase (Blaise) was a martyred
      Armenian Bishop in the fourth century, who tamed and healed wild
      animals. On his way to prison for heresy, he healed a boy who was
      choking to death on a fishbone with a blessing that dissolved the
      fishbone. His feast day celebrates the blessing of the throats, using
      two candles. He is associated with the Slavic horse-god, Vlaise,
      champion of animals. Saint Blase is honored as the patron of wild
      animals, wool combers, and all persons who have ailments of the
      throat. Four healing miracles have been recorded at his shrine.
      In 2006, February 28 is Mardi gras, which means Fat Tuesday, aka
      Shrove Tuesday (shrive: to confess and gain absolution), the final
      day of "Carnival" which comes from the Latin root, meaning "farewell
      to meat". The next day (March 1) is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of
      Lent, the Christian season of penitence and renewal in preparation
      for the festival of Easter. Lent comes from lencten, the Chaldean
      word meaning "spring" or "lengthening" (of days). In Medieval Europe
      meat and dairy were to be shunned, and only one meal was eaten - in
      the early evening. Good deeds and disciplinary behavior were offered
      in thanksgiving for the sacrifice of Christ, and in acknowledgment of
      His death and resurrection. This has a parallel in the 40 days of
      abstinence that precedes the pagan festival of the fire-goddess of
      the morning star, Astarte. On Ash Wednesday in the Christian
      tradition, a cross is drawn on the forehead of the penitent with
      ashes made from palm leaves that were burned on Palm Sunday, as the
      symbolism of sorrow, regret, and humility, and a reminder of our
      humanness, and that we are worthy of redemption. The palm tree is the
      tree of life in the Babylonian Garden of Eden story, and symbolizes
      hope for the future. The Hebrew word for palm is Tamar, their name
      for the goddess, Ashtaroth, aka Astarte, Ishtar, and Venus-Hesperos
      (Evening Star). Astarte rescued and healed a palm tree uprooted from
      the Garden of Eden by a great flood.
      The Chinese New Year of the Fire Dog took place on January 29, 2006.
      (I apologize for omitting this and the Islamic New Year from the
      January Report.) The dog is one of the animals of the 12-year zodiac.
      Each year gives sequence to one of the 5 elements of the Chinese
      zodiac – a 60-year cycle. This is the year of the Fire Dog. Fire
      emphasizes fierceness, enthusiasm, dramatic expression, magnetism,
      and spirituality. The year of the Fire Dog brings up issues of
      loyalty, friendship, honesty, and innocence.
      In 2006, January 31 was the Islamic New Year, al-`aam al-jadid. And
      ten days later (February 9) is the Islamic Day of Atonement, Aashura.
      When a cultural/religious calendar is based on the Moon, as are the
      Islamic and Jewish calendars, the dates vary from our present
      secular, Solar calendar, and their holy days are categorized
      as "Moveable Feasts". 
      February 11 is the celebration of the last apparition of Our Lady at
      Lourdes, at a grotto in France (1858), which was known for many
      centuries as a shrine of the goddess.
      St. Valentine was a Martyred Roman Priest of the 3rd century. St.
      Valentine's Day, February 14 holds sacred the number 5 (1 + 4). In
      ancient times, when a woman wanted to attract a lover or husband,
      five bay leaves were placed under her pillow on St. Valentine's eve.
      This holiday has an association with lovebirds, and their first
      matings of the year. St Valentine is associated with Juno, goddess of
      maternal and married love, and also with the Norse/Teutonic goddess
      of Love, Sjofn, who shares this feast day. In Scandinavia, they ran
      the Labyrinth on this day, as a test of love. Love is like perfume;
      you can't give it away without getting a little on yourself.
      February 23 is also the Roman festival of Terminalia, which is
      associated with Terminus, god of boundaries, and Saturn, god of
      limitation. Its purpose was to encourage people to honor the
      boundaries of their neighbors. Statues of the god, Terminus were used
      as property markers, and may have been the forerunners of address
      markers, much like European house names.
      This month's full Moon falls on February 12, which is Abraham
      Lincoln's birthday. Calling our only satellite "the Moon" is rather
      lacking in imagination – rather like calling your feline, the Cat, or
      your canine, the Dog. Because the Moon's phases were so closely
      correlated with the monthly cycles of women, ancient peoples
      associated it with the feminine, and recognized within it the power
      of the Goddess. The Romans called the Moon Luna and Diana; the Greeks
      referred to her as Selene and Artemis; Egyptians called her Isis; and
      the Norse called her Freya. In the American Indian tradition, each
      month was named a magical name that culminated at the full Moon to
      honor and invoke protection from the changing spirit of the Moon. The
      Algonquin knew the full Moon in the month in February as the Snow
      Moon, as the heaviest snows fell in that month. The Inuits called the
      February Moon, Anningan. The Moon goddess in ancient Mexico was known
      as Coyolxauhqui, and in ancient China, she was known as Chang O.
      Hindus refer to her as Soma, and the Shinto Japanese name for her is
      The Moon is very important to us on the Earth, in a number of
      different ways. She is the major gravitational cause of our tides,
      both the tides of the oceans, and the liquid tides of our bodies,
      since our bodies are about 80 percent liquid. Blood being highly
      liquid tends to ebb and flow with the phases of the Moon. Gardening
      and fishing tips due to the phases of the Moons have been listed in
      the Farmer's Almanac for many generations. Emotional states of mind
      are greatly influenced by these phases, as we see Great Britain's
      Lunacy Act of 1842 giving allowances for crimes occurring at new and
      full Moon times - hence the word Lunacy. As a lawyer, Abraham Lincoln
      used the Full Moon as ample light to identify a suspect in a murder
      trial, dubbed "The Almanac Trial". Many authors and scientists
      acknowledged the power of the Moon over humankind.

      "I think that a particle must have a separate reality independent of
      the measurements. That is an electron has spin, location and so forth
      even when it is not being measured. I like to think that the moon is
      there even if I am not looking at it."
      Albert Einstein
      "If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out."
      William Blake
      "What was most significant about the lunar voyage was not that men
      set foot on the moon but that they set eye on the earth."
      Norman Cousins
      "The moon develops the imagination, as chemicals develop photographic
      Sheila Ballantyne
      "Oceanography is a terrific career because gradually we seem to be
      coming around to realize that we had better become as acquainted with
      the seventy percent of our planet that is covered by water as we are
      with the dark side of the Moon."
      Peter Benchley
      "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the
      "The moon is nothing but a circumambulating aphrodisiac divinely
      subsidized to provoke the world into a rising birth-rate."
      Christopher Fry
      "If man is not affected in some way by the Moon, he is the only thing
      on Earth that isn't."
           Robert Millikan, U.S. physicist, Nobel Prize winner (1923)

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