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  • Jose Manuel~
    Dear Lisa, Have you taken Vipassana? Lisa Day wrote: Spiritually Speaking s Daily Guide Elysium by Jeffrey K. Bedrick
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2006
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      Dear Lisa,
      Have you taken Vipassana?

      Lisa Day <day6@...> wrote:
      Spiritually Speaking's Daily Guide
      by Jeffrey K. Bedrick 
      Please pass this along to anyone who may enjoy ... Spread the light!
      In This Issue:
      1. The Daily Motivator 
      2. Chopra Daily Inspiration
      3. Herbal Wisdom
      4. Today's Practice for Spiritual SuUccess
      5. Enlightening Thought for Today
      6. Lesson for Today 
      7. The Meditation Tip of The Day
      8. World Prayer 
      9. Seeds for the Garden of Your Mind
      10. The Daily Yak
      11. The Daily Zen
      12. Chicken Soup Daily Serving
      13. Elders Meditation for Today
      14. Today's Moon Phase
      15. Today's Skywatch 
      16. Your private, random Totally Unique Thought from the Universe...
      17. Daily Horoscopes
      The Daily Motivator
      Tuesday, January 31, 2006
      Brilliant string of moments
      E ach thought you think builds your character. Every action you take creates your life.
      The small moments and the big occasions all go into the person you are. The public expressions and the private secrets all weave together to form the fabric of your life.
      Every moment counts, because every moment serves as a starting point for the moment that comes next. All those details, the ones you can't recall and the ones you can't forget, have brought you to where you are now.
      Every moment counts, and that can be a terribly burdensome curse or an amazing blessing. It all depends on what you do with those moments from here on out.
      Even when no one is watching, what you do still matters very much. Even when it seems that there is no way forward, moment by moment you can surely make your way.
      Choose to give your very best to this moment, right here, right now, and keep on making that positive choice. For there is no limit to where your life's brilliant string of moments can lead.
      -- Ralph Marston

      Chopra Daily Inspiration
       Daily Inspiration

      What will really make you attractive is not working on your weak points but embracing them.
      -Deepak Chopra

      Herbal Wisdom

      Familiar name:Boswellia, Indian Olibanum, Salai Guggal
      Latin name:Boswellia Serrata
      Sanskrit name:Shallaki, Kunduru

      Boswellia is also known as Indian frankincense, one of several plants in a family of resinous trees famous for their aromatic oils. Referenced in the earliest Ayruvedic texts, boswellia was traditionally used to treat respiratory ailments, disorders of the digestive system, and joint diseases. Pharmacological studies performed in the late 1060's and early 1970's identified unique pain relieving, sedating, and anti-inflammatory properties in extracts of boswellia, including the treatment of asthma, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel diseases.

      The Science of Boswellia
      Prostaglandin chemicals play an important role in many different physiological functions. They are essential in the regulation of the digestive, respiratory, and urinary tracts. They also play a pivotal role in the clotting system and are the fundamental chemical messengers in an inflammatory response.

      Bosewellia has classically been used in the treatment of joint pain and inflammation. Animal studies have shown boswellia to reduce the deterioration of joint sugars and proteins required for healthy function. People taking boswellia along with ashwaganda, turmeric, and zinc for degenerative osteoarthritis reported less joint pain, better movement, and improved strength without any serious side effects.

      The Practical Use of Boswellia
      From an Ayurvedic Perspective, boswellia is useful in the treatment o fan expansive variety of health concerns. It is said to have stimulating properties, can help mobilize phlegm in respiratory conditions, and treats digestive disturbances, from heartburn to diarrhea. It is part of several Ayurvedic obesity formulas, in which it is said to enhance metabolic activity. As a paste, boswellia can be applied directly to skin irritations ranging from diabetic ulcers to acne. As a cream or poultice applied to joints, it can reduce the pain of arthritis and injury.

      Boswellia can normalize menstrual irregularities and treat liver ailments. It has been used traditionally to treat both syphilis and gonorrhea. As a mouthwash, it can treat bad breath due to gum disease. If there is a common theme to the traditional role of boswellia, it is its purported efficacy in conditions of excessive inflammation.

      Ayurvedia and Boswellia According to Ayurveda, boswellia carries the astringent, bitter, and sweet tastes. It has a cooling effect on the physiology. It is most pacifying to Pitta and can also reduce Kapha. It is mildly aggravating to Vata in high doses.

      Unlike most anti-inflammatory medications, boswellia is not reported to cause stomach ulcers or gastritis. People rarely report mild nausea, diarrhea, or a skin rash.

      Enlightening Thought for Today
      Humor heals. I allow myself to find humor and joy in Life.
      — Wendy H. Chapman

      Lesson for Today
      Beneath every power struggle there is a heartbreak. In a power struggle our partner acts out the part of us that we pushed away, hid, or built a defence against because we believe that part hurt us or got us into trouble. Power struggles hold us back because they keep us stuck in a position of trying to defend our old hurt and heartbreaks, so we won't be hurt again. This hasn't worked so far and it won't work now. In recognising that any power struggle is a trigger to help us remember old hurt and pain so as to heal it, we can take the next step by integrating those parts of us that we thought hurt us. The healing of power struggle is really the healing of an old broken heart.
      Today, in this power struggle, allow yourself to feel all of the negative feelings as old feelings. Feel them through until they are gone and until nothing stands between you and your partner. Feel them through, until you can really embrace your partner as the person who is always giving you back a piece of your heart, a piece of your mind.

      Deeshan: The Meditation Tip of The Day
      meditation brings wisdom
      ... for the sheer Joy of sharing Wisdom ...
      Tuesday 31 January 2006
      If we force our breath to be too long or too short we're not balanced,
      the mind won't be at peace.
      Don't get concerned over how long or short,
      weak or strong it is, just note it.
      Know it's there.
      Simply let it be.

      World Prayer
        The objective of this website is to gather the great prayers written by the spiritual visionaries of our planet into an online database representing all life affirming traditions. Many of these prayers have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. Others are from spiritual contemporaries in today's intricate global fabric. Though these sacred verses arise from divergent paths, voices, languages, cultures and heritages, they all carry within them the same burning flame - the same impassioned love for life and the divine mysteries.
      Prayers of Meditation
      May I be filled with loving kindness.
      May I be well.
      May I be peaceful and at ease.
      May I be happy.
      ancient - tibetan buddhist - meditation

      Seeds for the Garden of Your Mind
      Seeds For the Garden of Your Mind


      January 31

      Karen Casey, Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course:
      “The body is used by the ego or the Holy Spirit to communicate.”
      “We say the body isn’t real and then we proceed to affect it by the mind. How can this be? When we mean when we say the body isn’t real is that it reflects what the mind projects. It doesn’t exist independently. It has no intrinsic, unchanging properties. It does communicate quite emphatically and prolifically, however. And that’s because the mind, from either the Holy Spirit’s perspective or the ego’s, is communicating through the body  all the time.
      How might we see this from a practical standpoint? We can all recognize when someone (some body) physically attacks another body. What has occurred is that the ego has made a suggestion to the mind that the body fulfilled. The body didn’t devise this action. It does only what it’s told to do.
      On the other hand, when we note someone smiling and looking beyond an attack statement, we can be certain the Holy Spirit is acting. We are never at a loss to understand the cause of another’s behavior. We must see ours likewise.
      “My body reveals who is doing my thinking.
       Today’s experiences will unfold accordingly.”
      Hugh Prather, Morning Notes:         “Date to be ordinary. God is One. I experience God by experiencing equality: the sameness in another person and the divinity in all living things. Today I will dare to turn my back on the world’s shrill urgings that we should each strive to be the best. Instead, I will embrace my ordinariness. I will be normal and equal. I will have no ‘spiritual’ posture, tell no ego-enhancing ‘spiritual’ stories, think no separating ‘spiritual’ thoughts. I did not create myself, and today I will relax into who I already am.”
      Wayne Dyer, There’s a Spiritual Solution for Every Problem:       “Little baby steps at first. Remind yourself that all those who had this power…began their journey by reminding themselves, in moments of strife, that they were first and without a doubt divine spiritual beings, connected rather than separated from their source.”
      Paul Ferrini, Reflections of a Christ Mind:  “It is in your thoughts that you choose to walk with me or to walk away from me. If you would be like me, you must learn to think like me. And if you would think like me,  you must place every thought you think in my hands.”
      Unity’s Daily Word:  
      “The spirit of joy fills me and overflows from me as a gladness of my soul.”
      “The spirit of God within me is a spirit of joy – a gladness of the soul so profound that it fills me to overflowing.”
      “The words I speak are spoken in joy, for I am sharing from my inner divinity. The joy of God is such that it fills my mind with positive thoughts and imbues my words with love and peace. I am grateful to be a conduit of God’s joy in my home and workplace, in my neighborhood and world.”
      “The spirit of joy within me lights up my entire being and brightens the atmosphere around me. I express a joy that is the gladness of my soul.”
      “The people I meet are blessed by the joy that rises up within me and overflows from me. Imbued with the joy of God, I am eager to share it with others.”
      A Course in Miracles:                                  Lesson 31
      “I am not the victim of the world I see.” 

      Namaste - Ron

      Jose Manuel~

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