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The Guardians Message A Time For Understanding January 31, 2006

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    Message From The Guardians: Through Laura January 31, 2006 A Time For Understanding Blessings one and all... Here we stand next to you on this day of trinity,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2006

      Message From The Guardians:

      Through Laura

      January 31, 2006

      A Time For Understanding


      Blessings one and all...

      Here we stand next to you on this day of trinity, a 3 day. Dear ones if we are standing next to you and then of course there is you, who is the third element of this trinity? Can you guess?

      It is your own energy, your own higherself which joins us on this day to move into closer harmony and contact with the energies which you have already brought to the Earth plane. It is, as it should be. A circle within circles, rippling out into All That Is in a never ending spectrum of energy.

      This past month has been a trying time for many. Some have even been considering abandoning their hope in all the new energies they have come to know in recent years. There is an air of frustration and disillusionment which has crept into the fields of even the most enlightened of you.

      Fear Not, Angels of Earth this has been caused by the tremendous influx of energies and the web of mass consciousness which surrounds your planet. As you open yourself up to these energies of light you sense not only them but all energetic vibrations that are present. There can be no balance without the light and the dark. Your progress is measured by how well you learn to integrate both facets into a harmonious whole. We appreciate that this is not always an easy or pleasant task. We will tell you that you have been doing an excellent job of just that.

      The stage is now set to move fully into this wonderful year of 2006, an 8 year, a year of truly connecting Heaven on Earth. The first month, like any new beginning can be somewhat challenging and disconcerting, don't let these energies side track you from your chosen path and purpose. Take the time you need to ground and centre yourself within your own core energies and simple let all that does not serve you pass through you like a gentle breeze meant for another shore.

      The wonderful manifestations to come are worth every bit of work you have done thus far and will herald many new and amazing things in your world. Your current governments and religious organizations can not block or sabotage what has begun to unfold, that's not to say they will not attempt it. There is no cause for concern all will manifest in the highest light. A point in the vibration level of the Earth plane has been reached and their is no turning back now. There are enough souls on your Earth, at this time, that are of a sufficient vibration to propel you all to the next level.

      Regardless of what you see on your TV and in your newspapers, the dramatic shift will continue and grow in strength with each passing day. There will still be short term fluctuations but the overall affect will be an ever ascending vibration which will change your world in ways you can not yet even imagine.

      You are the awesome, powerful, loving, Angels of Earth! You have powers beyond your conscious knowing at this time. Do not loose faith in your ability to manifest lasting, wonderful changes on your planet. There will appear some who would try to convince you otherwise. Stand fast, hold your light high for all to see and know in your Heart of Hearts...it is!

      We can only stand beside you and do our part to support you in every way possible, you are the "chosen ones", the ones who "chose" to come and do this work on the Earth Plane at this incredible time in Earths evolution. Do not let yourselves be distracted or dishearten by what you see going on around you at this time.

      There are horrors about to be released into the mass consciousness of the peaceful and loving country you call, Canada. The acts of mass murder and mayhem will shake that country to the very core. It will be difficult for many people to believe that such acts could have been perpetrated in their own beloved country by one of their own. The affects of these events and the trial will spiral around the world and touch many. Focus on the bigger issues this trial will bring forth into the light of day, do not become caught up in the gory and sorted details of the murders.

      This is not really about those who have chosen, before they came to give up their lives, it is about how people treat and view their fellow human beings and what the true value of another living soul is worth regardless of their social or economic standing in the community. If you miss these messages then these woman have truly made their scarifies in vein.

      Send love and comfort to the families and friends of these women but do not fill your heart with hatred and vengeance for the man who has committed these acts, he too has played his part at great cost to himself. Look into the mirror which will be held up by these events, to all who are willing to look deeply into it and learn something about themselves and the sacredness of all life.

      We do not wish to preach to you, Dear ones, only to help you to view all the events on your Earth plane from a higher perspective. We realize how difficult it can be, especially at times like this. Breathe and see the true gift in the events that are about to unfold.

      We hold you close and wrap you in our Heart of Hearts and ask you to do the same for each other.

      Blessings one and all...

      The Guardians



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