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Rainbow NuAgape ~ #164 - 1 February 2006 ~ The Message of Unselfish Unconditional Love ~ I Thank them Truely I do

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  • Rainbow Jag Gy
    Today s Music is: All by Myself ... I have chosen to take care of you When you are most vulnerable! At your most helpless - our ESSENCES mingle And I show
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2006
      Today's Music is:  All  by Myself

      I have chosen to take care of you

      When you are most vulnerable! At your most helpless – our ESSENCES mingle And I show you the place of Plentiful Joy !

      With my Magic Plume Collar of Flight I come to you from the Source of All Vitality.


      Life is like a cliff we are all going off. That is not the choice. The choice is will we go off kicking and screaming or will we open our eyes and hearts to see what happens when we start to fall.
      An interesting thought on My International Training List Yesterday
      yet at the same time Natassha (12) was in the room with me watching Barney and the gang singing
      People helping other People is what this word is about
      Then on a different forum Elin made this comment
      Contrary to popular belief, rape (or any other violence)  is not by the person with power, but by a person with a lack of power.
      When we have POWER we Help as opposed to Hurt others
      When we have NO POWER
      WE attack and hurt others in many ways
      People who write VIRUS PROGRAMS that propagate around the world using the Internet
      try to show they have power and intelligence
      yet what they show is that they are small children
      Neglected and without Power so They act BIG to prove they can make others Fall.
      Gaele and I have been subject to E Mail Identity hijack from a source seemingly to come from a Computer In Malaysia such that I have had to stop all postings on my Malaysian Group until the virus plays itself out. The affect that all of Malaysia is on Holiday until Thursday meaning that technical people are not looking at IN HOUSE COMPUTERS means little or no action is occurring
      and then I see
      Adversity is not always a bad thing, saying that cool under pressure transforms us into a diamond, A knife against the abrasive forces of a wet stone becomes sharp, Those things that bring adversity result in strength of character.
      It is how we respond to temptations, to weaknesses that determine if we have POWER or a WEAK
      Anyone can Attack and lash out
      That's the domain of THE WEAK
      Elin shows her Inner Power by sharing this photo with us
      Elin Shares - Then I thought although we need to be spiritually beautiful, we still need to brush our teeth, wash  our face, shower, comb hair, and put on a dress, and that takes effort. and this is so that we become presentable
      How do you see adversity
      an opportunity to find your strength and power
      or a way to be weak by lashing out
      Remember Anything that does not Kill me makes me Stronger
      Today I rejoice for every adversity in My life
      For everything that has made me stronger
      for helping me discover
      MY POWER
      For everyone who has hurt me has helped me
      and I Thank them
      Truly I do
      CAN YOU
      WILL YOU
      DO YOU
      (So I share a Photo before shower, Brushing Teeth ,Combing Hair Etc - I love Myself everyway)
      I love You

       (c)Rainbow JagGY (NuAgape)- 1 February  2006 
      All words and graphics may be used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share NuAgape with all as you are guided in your heart·Who comes to mind as you read NuAgape? -They need the message and You are the messenger?

      The Thank You Power Card from The Water Crystal Oracle
      It is important that we treat water with respect and that we work with all energy in a respectful way. If you choose  words of Power to amplify or to honour something in your life, be sure to do so in an attitude of humility and gratitude. The vibrational aspects of a word impart physi­cal effects. Choose a card that has meaning for you. It may be something you want to increase in your life or something you want to honour or to better understand.

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