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Fw: 11 Taurus, The Angels of Hypnotherapy

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  • Mike Macklin
    Dear Group , This is my first attempt at bringing something out of the etheral realm. If indeed I am sucessful please enjoy. Mike ... From: Spiritus Sanctus
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 24, 2001
      Dear Group ,
      This is my first attempt at bringing something out of the etheral realm. If indeed I am sucessful please enjoy.
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      Subject: 11 Taurus, The Angels of Hypnotherapy



      11 degrees Taurus

      The Angels of Hypnotherapy

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Dosom’


      In manifesting Divine Love upon the earth, the sons and daughters of God call upon us for help with ‘mysticism, hypnotism, medical magnetism etc. We teach how to correctly apply hypnosis regarding spirit, soul and body. We bring about the desired effects ourselves when asked.’

      Each person receives inner guidance to create upon earth realities that bring Love into practical manifestation. When the art of hypnosis and magnetism is needed for this purpose, we help you attune to Divine Providence so that divine laws and justice are carefully adherred to.



      D….Understanding mysteries of creation, birthing new realities,

      ego consciousness, and the magic of love combined with the

      O….power to call forth emotional realities with acute discernment and contentment,

      S….and perfect control over humans, in balance with the gift of prophecy, is used to

      infuse the most refined essence of divine spirit.

      O….Excellent judgment, understanding and appreciation of divine law

      M….allows mastery of the original water principle:

      Which is control over the change process change, fluidity & feelings.



      When you need our assistance, first imagine a dark blue color filling all of space. See this deep blue light filling your body and all of your inner realities. Feel this color especially in your right ear. Then see all of the universes of outer space fill with this light. Hear the note of C and feel the sensation of fiery warmth. Meditate on the mysteries of the art of creation.



      Then imagine that the dark blue light becomes a bit lighter and turns into ultramarine blue, the color of blue flame. Feel this energy in your throat area and imagine that you hear the angel choirs singing the note of C. Toning this musical note yoursel out loud, or in your imagination, gives great power to this meditation. Feel the sensation of gravity and weight filling all of space and time and meditate on Divine Justice and adherence to divine laws manifesting in all worlds.

      Now allow the color of the light to change to a beautiful purple-rose. Get the sensation of fiery warmth and hear the music change to G sharp. Feel this energy especially in your gall bladder as you imagine the light, sound, warmth, and divine quality of all-penetrating-power filling all space and time in the microcosm and the macrocosm.

      Return the the ultramarine blue light and the meditation on Divine Justice and adherence to divine laws. Sing the note of C and feel gravity filling all of space and time. Feel this energy in your throat area.

      End meditation with light changing to a beautiful watery blue-green. Get the feeling of refreshing coolness everywhere. Meditate on the power of emotions, on how feelings flow and create magnetism. Hear the angels singing in the note of D and tone this note out loud or in your imagination.

      You are ready to feel all the divine qualities that you wish to impart to those you are helping. Do this on your own or ask for our assistence.

      We suggest that you try this the next time you witness a situation that calls for divine intervention. The power of your imagination to visualize, sense, feel, hear, and encompass divine qualities and project them to others will amaze you.

      "By their fruits ye shall know them."







      Footnote: In today’s angel message all words in italics and/or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from Franz Bardon.

      ISBN 3-921338-02-6 [The Practice of Magical Evocation] and 3-921338-13-4 [The Key to the True Quabbalah]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany.


      Here are the 13th through 16th angel messages from the original 28 days.

      Day 13

      13 th Angel Message

      The establishment of God's Kingdom comes with the interaction of the Awakened- GOD-PERSON with the sacred spiritual , mental, emotional, and material levels of reality.

      This is the automatic and spontaneous result.

      It is the effect of THE CAUSE.




      Therefore, we ask again, in a repetitive way like the repeating of waves crashing upon the shore,

      that if there is healing that you seek,

      be it spiritual,mental, emotional, and/or physical,

      that you ASK FOR IT!

      Go within.

      SUMMON forth the consciousness of God by whatever name or names you know and ASK for what you NEED.


      We, the Angels, will be the messengers for the request as well as the reply or response, for truly we are a part of God even as we are a part of YOU


      Now, again we return to the contemplation of the AWAKENED PERSON INTERACTING WITH THE WORLD OF FORM.

      We say unto you, such is the establishment of The KINGDOM OF GOD.

      This plane of form is but a three dimensional canvas upon which people paint.

      The painting reflects their consciousness.

      When there is the LOVE that comes from the consciousness of UNITY, the painting is beautiful.

      Every detail of the canvas is filled with love.

      It is there for all to see and feel.

      Even those who are not yet awakened will see and feel the beauty.

      It is this phenomenon which has led to the institution of GURUS and TEACHERS in your world.

      The unawakened, those in pain, witness the beauty and love that surrounds an awakened GOD-PERSON

      and they flock around in order to bask in the radiance of BEAUTY, and even perhaps to learn.

      So it is at this stage in the development of GOD-IN-MAN and GOD-IN-WOMAN that God - Man and God-Woman spontaneously become the TEACHERS.


      Know also, that God and the Angels will never do anything to harm any part of the One Being.

      Therefore, whatever you ask, ask that it be done in a way that it is for the highest good of all concerned.

      This removes all obstacles.

      Speak , then, the Law of One.

      This Law is the Original Law of All Universes.

      It is written upon the very fabric of the soul of all beings.

      All other laws come from it, and when invoked,

      It overrides all lessor laws.


      We are all One

      When One is Harmed, All are Harmed

      When One is Helped, All are Healed

      Therefore in the name of

      Who I Am

      One with All, Omnipresent, Omnipotent,

      Omniscient and All Loving

      One with All the Masters, Saints and Prophets,

      with All Beings and the Christ

      I ask that only that which is

      the highest good of all concerned

      happen here:

      I ask for the greatest Beauty on the physical plane,

      The greatest Joy and Love on the emotional


      The greatest Illumination and Wisdom on the

      mental plane

      And the greatest Unity on the spiritual plane.

      Now I give thanks that this is done.






      Day 14

      14th Angel Message

      DELIGHTED are we to again share time with you in thought and feeling.

      We are here to explain how it is, that when God-man and God-woman discover themselves in the PLACE OF TEACHING,

      that great CREATIVITY must spring forth in order to reach each and everyone that comes before them to be uplifted.

      It is in this place, THE PLACE OF TEACHING, that the ability to "link up" with the creative and all- knowing aspect of UNIVERSAL MIND develops.

      It is discovered by the TEACHERS that teaching is possible,

      but it is often a delicate and tricky job, requiring the utmost skill and attention,

      for it is GOD Awakened teaching GOD Asleep.

      It is awakened man and woman reaching out to man and woman in-process of awakening.

      Truthfully it is, that those seeking the TEACHER are still dreaming.

      Although it is true that they are aware of dreaming, in this awareness, known in your terms as "lucid dreaming," they struggle to awake.

      But the dream is strong.

      Sleep holds them dearly and the TEACHER appears in their dream as an exciting and encouraging archetype.

      The dreamer sees the TEACHER as a separate entity from self,

      just as the dreamer sees God as separate from self.

      The dreamer usually perceives the TEACHER and GOD as being one in consciousness.

      This awareness triggers an intense longing for UNITY with GOD also.

      This longing grows and as a result, certain biochemical changes occur in the sleeping person's body temple.

      At some point, as the intensity of longing for the "awakeness" of union with GOD increases, the body temple will indeed "awake",

      just as it does in the "normal" sleep that you experience in your everyday material world when it is time for you to awake.

      So the TEACHER must uplift the awakening person through LOVE and


      increasing their desire for TRUTH

      - even while they are dreaming the DREAM of separation.




      Day 15

      15th Angel Message

      WE ARE ONE!

      As God-man and God-woman proceed on their path as TEACHERS,

      an amazing development happens!

      First of all, other TEACHERS respond to their vibratory rate and begin to show up as new acquaintances and friends.

      Because of their mutual awareness of UNITY, a group "essence" or group mind/heart is formed

      , thereby creating a circle of power known as "a group entity." This is the formation of what you might call A SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

      The ripple-effect of this family is so powerful in it's effect on awakening others that it is likened by us to turning on a powerful light in the darkness of a sleeping person or persons, thereby greatly increasing the likelihood of their awakening.

      As this family grows in LOVE and INTENSITY, still other TEACHERS are attracted until the effect is like a mighty TRUMPET!

      Try sleeping through that!

      The GROUP MIND/HEART that is formed is one of experiencing knowing, being and love. Even though words are used sometimes, the real essence of consciousness is more profound than mere thoughts or mere feelings; it goes much deeper.

      This level of consciousness is spiritual and it merges with thoughts, feelings, and the physical temples.

      This causes a mutation of thoughts, feelings and bodies.

      This mutation is called the transfiguration.

      This is similar to an organ being formed in a physical body.

      The Spiritual Family becomes a functioning organ within the BODY OF THE ALL or as you t have said in one of your religions - WITHIN THE BODY OF THE CHRIST.









      Day 16

      16th Angel Message


      We are delighted to see you here with us again!

      We laugh for it is our joy to interact on a steady rhythm with you in consciousness.

      So be it.

      Today we speak of you and of God people as Wise and as the Beings of Great Enlightenment.

      After the GOD-Family has experienced itself for a little while,

      GREAT WISDOM begins to form in the awareness of each one as their own little pools of experience and insight break banks and merge with the other's pools of experience and insight.

      What we are pointing out here is that each individual mind now has access to and permission to enter into the minds of each and everyone in the SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

      It is a paradox, as well, that the minds of the sleeping ones,

      the unawakened ones,

      are also available and open to GOD-MEN and GOD-WOMEN.

      The irony is that often these sleeping, dreaming minds are so full of fear and confusion that the AWAKENED ones are more than ever focusing on TRUTH,LOVE, LIGHT, THE ALL THAT IS, in order to purify and awaken these darkened minds.

      We Angels help in this process.

      Getting back to the preceding comments on EVER GROWING WISDOM,

      we also wish to add that there is also EVER GROWING POWER and EVER GROWING LOVE available to the members of the SPIRITUAL FAMILY.

      As a snowball grows as it rolls downhill ,

      so too does the WISDOM, LOVE and POWER of the GROUP ENTITY known as a SPIRITUAL FAMILY of GOD.

      This causes ever greater and greater changes in the worlds of form.

      It is like a bright sun beginning to grow and shine in the darkness.

      At a certain point, it will ignite and a mass conscious awakening will take place.


      This is known in your prophecies as the second coming of Christ.










      Lady Isis
      An Emissary of Light
      Visit my web sites at:
      The Circle Of Light
      Healing Hands Of Light
      Healing Hands Testimonials

      "I have listened to the realm of the Spirit. I have
      heard my own soul's voice, and I have remembered
      that love is the complete and unifying thread of
      existence."   --Mary Casey

    • pmenendez@myexcel.com
      Dear Mike, Thank you so much for sending this piece. What a grand description of what it means to be God-Awakened. If only every being were to know the
      Message 2 of 2 , May 3, 2001
        Dear Mike,

        Thank you so much for sending this piece. What a grand description
        of what it means to be God-Awakened. If only every being were to
        know the beauty, joy, love, illumination, wisdom, and unity with All-

        The words spoken by these angels are the same that I am trying to
        share with others, as we are all the great spiritual family of God,
        and we have All-That-Is and one another to help us remain fully
        conscious within the I AM Presence.

        I was particularly interested in the healing technique at the
        beginning of the article. It was extremely refreshing as I worked it
        on myself.

        Keep them coming, Mike.

        With love and gratitude.

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        > Dear Group ,
        > This is my first attempt at bringing something out of the etheral
        realm. If indeed I am sucessful please enjoy.
        > Mike
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