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To Share Angel Messages for Today

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  • Patti
    Hello all of you wonderful people again today: I wanted to at least delete my double messages today before I got this message out, so since I have done that
    Message 1 of 43 , Jan 3, 2006
      Hello all of you wonderful people again today:
      I wanted to at least delete my double messages today before I got this message out, so since I have done that (which took me almost two hours to do because I had more than I thought I had when I started), I can now concentrate on doing this.
      First of all, the message for today from Louise Hay is:  "I see the world through eyes of love."
      And although this is a few days late, mostly because I overlooked it until now thinking it was just part of the ad for the calendar, I wanted to share the goals she gives us for January:
      "This will be a year of success for me.  I will succeed in everything I want to do.  There is only the now moment where I choose the thoughts that create my future moments, days, weeks, months and years..  I deserve to live a good life, and I begin now.  This month begins a new, positive chapter in my life."
      As I said, I did overlook this earlier, but maybe, since this is the first day of the year's work for most of you, it is in time for you to make some plans for the month.  One thing about Louise Hay, she does seem to believe in the power of positivity, probably because of her experience in life and her knowing for sure that what she says does work.  What a great example she is because her life really does seem to be her message!!!  I have one video of her and, to me, her demeanor just seems to emphasize everything she says in her messages.
      Then, the message from my angel desk calendar for today is:  "We think of angels as light, and it helps us to understand them, because they have all the properties of light.  Light is very fast; it can travel across very vast distances in just the blink of an eye.  A light illuminates the darkness, and angels can illuminate the darkness in our lives and in our minds." --------Terry Lynn Taylor
      And now for the message from my Angel Blessings card I drew for the group today.
      Today's message was from 'Nathaniel' who is the angel associated with Fire. 
      ". . . He is constantly watching for spiritual fires of aspiration rising from earthians."
      -----Flower A. Newhouse, 'The Kingdom of Shining Ones'
      Wow, I don't know about all of you, but at this time, I cannot remember ever hearing the word 'earthians' before.  I have heard of us called earthlings and earth people and maybe a few other names, but this is a first for me which I find interesting.  I believe that Flower Newhouse is dead and that she might have died some time ago, so maybe she was older than I am and different words were used then.
      "Nathaniel means 'gift of God.'  He is lord over the element of fire, a powerful gift from God.  Nathaniel transfer the first aspect of divinity to our world where it transforms consciousness from the limited self to the Eternal Self.  Your body regenerates by burning away misconceptions that would have you believe that you are separate from god.  You may experience this fire of transformation as body heat or as an intense energy during periods of deep meditation and desire for change.
      "Commitment to the Light activates Nathaniel's Amfri angels to hover over you with the fire of soul love.  Their job is to help you burn away everything that weighs you down, or tries to control the flow of energy in your body.  They are constantly watching for spiritual fires of aspiration.  During those precious moments when your fervency ignites your desire for love and light into a flame bright enough for the Amfri to detect, you have the opportunity for liberation from your imprisonment in illusion.  This yearning and devotion can only be inflamed through your feelings and results in sensations that are tingly, jumpy, energetic.  Welcome this electric energy and allow it to move our body.
      "After the Amfri have prepared your consciousness and auric radiation by burning up the self-imposed limitations that have prevented this level of intensity in the past, you are ready for Nathaniel to increase the flow of this electrical baptism through your higher bodies as well as your physical body.  This super-charging initiation becomes possible when your whole being cries out for love, truth and God-consciousness.  It is very intense and wonderful.  During this baptism, you may feel overwhelmed by the rapture of unconditional love.  Let it erupt into a wild dance of passion and ecstasy that explodes in pleasure with the magnitude of its intensity.  So much gratitude will pour into your heart that you chest will heave in orgasm and you will feel as if your body is merely a tube through which this energy travels.
      "These are the blessings of the three cosmic forces -- the power of Kundalini, light from your Eternal Self and the love of God.  This Transformational Energy has been sent by God to set you free!  Your body is a channel through which energy, ecstasy and love may travel.  When it is clogged with fear, judgment and misunderstanding, the energy mercifully sleeps at the base of your spine.  If awakened too soon, it  can be frightening for painful.  At the right time, whether through yoga, meditation or desire, the fully aroused energy rises up an etheric channel in your spinal cord, flowing into the chakras, to nourish and vivify them.  Each chakra has a gift of offer.  For example, the root offers sexual vitality, passion for life and creative potential.  When the heart center is opened, you connect with the Divine Presence and discover your unity with all of life.  Compassion replaces judgment, and intuitive spiritual perception and wisdom replace human limitations.  From the throat center, the ability to hear the voice of your Eternal Self and God is awakened.   Inner vision is bestowed when your brow or third eye opens.  The crown chakra stimulates superphysical or inner knowing.
      These gifts are the rewards of determined dedication to your goal of freedom.  Have courage as you labor through darkness, and take great delight in celebrating your accomplishments!  Physical fire, from the flicker of a fireplace or the flame of a candle, is the denser counterpart of the fohatic fire of Nathaniel.  As you meditate upon the flames, feel the heat of your heart and the flow of energy through your body.  Call on Nathaniel to purify your body and your mind.  Then be ready to receive the fire when it comes.  Welcome its intensity and feed it everything that separates you from the truth of who you are!"
      Music suggested to be used with this message is Enigma.  While Gaele was unable to find a song called 'Enigma' for me, she did provide this one for me to use, which is by the group Enigma and is called 'The Eyes of Truth.'  Because of the words in this message today, I think this midi fits right in.
      I do hope all of you enjoy these words today as much as I did.  One thing for sure is that this message most definitely applies to me, and I am going to start calling on Nathaniel a lot.  Since I had never really known about him before now, finding out how he works and what he can do for us was really great information for me today.
      I need to get off-line for a while and fix myself some coffee and some breakfast and make a list of bills due for the month --- which I have not yet done because I have been putting it off, afraid of what I will find.  But the time has come for me to find out so I will know what is in store for the rest of the month.
      If I get through with this task and don't want to throw myself out a tall window or in front of a car (I am kidding, but one never knows when dealing with money what they will find, do they, especially this time of the year!) and it is not too late in the day, I will be back on-line because I saw some messages I want to respond to and have a few things I got personally that I would like to share.
      I wish for each and everyone of you special and beautiful people, and I hope special friends, a most blessed and joy-filled day, a day touched by love in the way that means most to each of you.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
    • Patti Garrett
      Hello everyone on this Father s Day s Day: I don know if anyone else has been affected by Mercury retrograde today as much as I have been, but I have to say
      Message 43 of 43 , Jun 17, 2007
        Hello everyone on this Father's Day's Day:
        I don' know if anyone else has been affected by Mercury retrograde today as much as I have been, but I have to say that I have had enough, so I am now glint to stop trying to link into the internet and to share these messages instead now, knowing in my heart that there is a great possibility they might not go out.  I can't seem to do much of anything on-line today for some reason, )but which I think can be attributed to Mercury retrograde effects) so I am going to try to share with all of you instead.  I can't even get into my internet provider website, and after having two on-line conversations with two different analysts, I am still having problems.  So let me try to share a few of these before I give up the ghost mad call it a night.
        I wanted to share a picture of a father and his family today, but, luck would have it for me today, I do not have a single, male picture in my files.  And, God forbid my getting one from the web -- I am not even able to link into it today, so just know that I am thinking of all the fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and god-fathers out there today,and wishing them all a very special day.
        That said,let me now get to the messages for today. all of which I found extremely interesting.
        "The angel of the north star is said to
        preside over the scales in which the human soul
        is weighed at the death of the body."
        -----James R. Lewis and
        Evelyn Dorothy Oliver,
        Angel A to Z
        "The medieval sources speak of demons,
        of purities and destructive angels,
        of the functionaries of hell.
        These beings, however, are all creatures
        and agents of God, not rebels against Him."
        -----Bernard J. Bamberger,
        Fallen Angels
        "Angels and higher benevolent powers
        are commonly believed to benefit mortals,
        by setting up helpful or instructive coincidences."
        -----John Ronner,
        Know Your Angels
        These messages for today are a bit different from the ones I usually share, but I felt they were worthy of being shared any way, simply because of the information they provide.
        Enjoy and do continue to enjoy your day, everyone, most especially all of those  who are fathers of any kind.
        Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,.
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