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  • Patti
    Hello all of you special people once again on this second day of our New Year: I am going to try to send these messages on stationery, but with all the
    Message 1 of 43 , Jan 2, 2006
      Hello all of you special people once again on this second day of our  New Year:
      I am going to try to send these messages on stationery, but with all the problems yahoogroups has been giving us lately, I am not sure it will go out.  But I will never know until I try, right?
      First of all, a special good morning to you all on the second day of 2006, the day that New Year's Day is honored in the U.S., at least, so maybe you are one of the lucky ones who does not have to work and can have yet another day of fun and relaxation.  If that includes you, do enjoy your day to the fullest.  If that does not include you, I do hope you have a special day anyway.
      Now for the today's messages. 
      First, from my desk calendar, "Learn all you can about angels.  It is a form of higher education."  ----- Douglas Pagels.
      From Louise Hay's calendar, "This is a great month to create, imagine, produce and visualize."  If that is true, it should be a great month for all of you wonderful artists and creators here, so I can hardly wait to see what all of you might come up with!!
      From my Angel Blessings Book, the  card I drew for today was 'Soqed Hozi' who is connected with Partnership.
      " Wilt thou love God, as He thee!
      Then digest, My Soul, this wholesome meditation,
      How God, the Spirit, by Angels waited on in heaven,
      doth made His Temple in  they breast."
      John Donne, 'Divine Poems XV'
      "Soqed Hozi (Sew-ked Hose-ee) is the keeper of divine balances, holding the balance of feeling and truth in our lives through our partners.  There is a special dynamic involved in  intimate relationships between two people who are committed to love.  When at last you find the one who is your soul mate, the relationship is tremendously uplifting, supportive and satisfying.  Each day is celebrated and is better than the day before.  There is fire and passion which is free from the pettiness of many karmic relationships.  You feel a synergy that allows the combination of your feelings, creative though and resources to go far beyond that what you can imagine doing alone.  A love this deep can be your lifeline to survive the most dire circumstances , as well as magnify the joy of celebration and accomplishment onehundredfold.  Both of you are transformed by a love so vast that old beliefs simply melt away, allowing new insight and understanding to take their place.  When you join in marriage, the celebration transcends the limitation of matter as triumphant waves of love flow through the cosmos! 
      "Occasionally a business partnership or friendship enters the level of intimacy needed to attract Soqed Hozi.  Business partnerships that are synergistic open the floodgates of heave for an unbelievable outpouring of ideas and projects with high potential for success.  Just be open to receive the inspiration, then take action!  Friendships that achieve this distinction are a rare gift to be nurtured and cherished as you open your hearts to one another.  The support and honesty of a deep and meaningful friendship should not be taken lightly.
      "In a sacred relationship, your mate is a partner on the path of self-discovery as well as your best friend, lover, playmate, confidante and care taker.  The emphasis is on truth and trust which, even in the best of circumstances, takes time to mature.  As long as there are two people with separate wills, conflict results!  But conflict can be used for growth and deeper understanding rather than having a life of its own and a controlling interest.  Each partner is free to speak the truth and express feelings of anger, hurt, shame and love.  Trust develops through the repeated experience of each partner listening with respect to the position of the other.  Both make the commitment to speak the truth in love, conquering the fear that the other will no longer love or might leave if true feelings and desires are shared.  Few people feel truly whole until they have found the right love partner.
      "Repressed feelings can create undercurrents that act as a wedge between the partners, and they usually come up during conflict to complicate any misunderstanding. It is unfair to bring up all the wrongs of the past.  The objective of a fair settlement is one in which both partners can agree.  Your level of awareness grows significantly as you notice the more subtle ways in which you manipulate yourself and others.  This includes your judgments about how your partner should act and respond to you.
      "All of your most pressing issues come into play in an intimate relationship.  Review your situation.  Has your experience been synergistic or depleting?  Do you feel trapped or free?  Often this feeling has nothing to do with the other person and is a result of your own current attitudes.  Is your partner possessive?  do you feel guilty about having separate friends and interests?  Do you need to hide certain activities?  Are you afraid of your partner in any way?  Are either of you manipulative or controlling?  Do you feel empowered>  Are you an equal partner?
      :As you heal and transform yourself, your needs and desires will also change.  An open heart and mind will help you allow room for growth together.  Use the vulnerability of intimacy to expose your issues.  If  there is conflict. be thankful and use it to powerfully blast through old judgments and imprisoned feelings, while finding a way to reunite quickly in love and compassion.  When there is loving observation, take the opportunity to gently shift.  Either way, the objective is to continually find more understanding and truth with your partner.
      "Ask Soqed Hozi for insights and courage to make touch decisions about your future with this person.  If you feel you can no longer unite in love and decide to end a relationship, ask for help with the right timing and understanding to support the highest good for everyone concerned.  If you are having difficulty leaving the relationship, find release by clearing your feelings and judgments.  When you feel pain or anger, simply acknowledge it without blaming, asking God and Soqed Hozi to transform your emotion into compassion and understanding.  You don't have to agree in order to accept.  Constantly ask for more love to fill your relationship.  Invite Soqed Hozi to inspire and energize you.
      "Are you alone and unable to find the right love partner?  Is the fear of intimacy or commitment an issue for you?  Consider your primary partnership to be with yourself.  Develop the same vulnerability, intimacy and love with yourself that you seek from another. The quality and quantity of love you can share reflect your ability to love yourself.  Be open in your search for your soul.  Often them came packaged in a form that doesn't fit the picture you have of them."
      Music requested for this message --'You Are So Beautiful', recorded by Joe Cocker, the instrumental I used today. Also other music associated with this message are:  'Same Ole Love' by Anita Baker; "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You' by Bryan Adams, two songs by Michael Bolton, 'Forever Isn't Long Enough' and 'Now That I've Found You,' and then one by Kenny Loggins, 'Sweet Reunion.'
      I hope you all enjoyed the message for today.  While I have not been lucky enough to meet my soul mate but some other people to whom I apparently had a special connection along the way, this message really spoke to me about what I missed.  And then,  it did include a paragraph for people like me.  I guess this means I that people who are alone in life need to remember that, first and foremost and after all is said and done, we really are our own best friend.
      For those of you who have been lucky enough on your path through life to find a soulmate, I am so happy for you and I salute you all for the untold joys you have found in this incarnation on earth.  For myself and people like me who have not been so lucky this time around, maybe in our next incarnation we will be luckier.  Do you think that might be possible?  After all, strange things happen every day, so why not that, if it is part of God's plan for our lives, that is.
      I have said enough for now, except that I hope all of you enjoy these words from the angel and Louise Hay's idea for today.  May your day be very, very special and filled with hope, peace, promise and love.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
    • Patti Garrett
      Hello everyone on this Father s Day s Day: I don know if anyone else has been affected by Mercury retrograde today as much as I have been, but I have to say
      Message 43 of 43 , Jun 17, 2007
        Hello everyone on this Father's Day's Day:
        I don' know if anyone else has been affected by Mercury retrograde today as much as I have been, but I have to say that I have had enough, so I am now glint to stop trying to link into the internet and to share these messages instead now, knowing in my heart that there is a great possibility they might not go out.  I can't seem to do much of anything on-line today for some reason, )but which I think can be attributed to Mercury retrograde effects) so I am going to try to share with all of you instead.  I can't even get into my internet provider website, and after having two on-line conversations with two different analysts, I am still having problems.  So let me try to share a few of these before I give up the ghost mad call it a night.
        I wanted to share a picture of a father and his family today, but, luck would have it for me today, I do not have a single, male picture in my files.  And, God forbid my getting one from the web -- I am not even able to link into it today, so just know that I am thinking of all the fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and god-fathers out there today,and wishing them all a very special day.
        That said,let me now get to the messages for today. all of which I found extremely interesting.
        "The angel of the north star is said to
        preside over the scales in which the human soul
        is weighed at the death of the body."
        -----James R. Lewis and
        Evelyn Dorothy Oliver,
        Angel A to Z
        "The medieval sources speak of demons,
        of purities and destructive angels,
        of the functionaries of hell.
        These beings, however, are all creatures
        and agents of God, not rebels against Him."
        -----Bernard J. Bamberger,
        Fallen Angels
        "Angels and higher benevolent powers
        are commonly believed to benefit mortals,
        by setting up helpful or instructive coincidences."
        -----John Ronner,
        Know Your Angels
        These messages for today are a bit different from the ones I usually share, but I felt they were worthy of being shared any way, simply because of the information they provide.
        Enjoy and do continue to enjoy your day, everyone, most especially all of those  who are fathers of any kind.
        Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,.
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