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Re: << lovingpurelove >> Fw: [TAAWY] Doesn't Everyone Need a Lot of Hugs Every Day? I know my day goes better when I have a few.

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  • Mary Rojas
    tu hermana ... From: Patti To: Betty Salter ; LovingOneAnother@yahoogroups.com ; lovingpurelove@yahoogroups.com ; peacefulreflectionsofGod@yahoogroups.com ;
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2005
      tu hermana
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      From: Patti
      Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2005 12:26 PM
      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Fw: [TAAWY] Doesn't Everyone Need a Lot of Hugs Every Day? I know my day goes better when I have a few.

      Hell everyone once again:
      This message came from a Southern friend in Florida named Betty who I consider to be a Sister of my Heart because we share a lot in common, and it was just so great that I just had to share it with all of you. 
      I used to know for sure how many hugs a day we do need, but I have heard different numbers from different resources.  However, I keep coming up with 9 as the number we need each day.  I know there is a number we supposedly need to make life better, a number we supposedly need to make us physically healthy and another number we supposedly need to make us psychologically healthy, so because I do not know all of the different number we need, I will just go with the 9 -- which is what I have always believed.  Isn't that what we all do -- go with what we believe or what works for us anyway?
      Coincidentally, there are nine sets of five hugs each in this message, maybe these hugs will satisify your quota today, whatever that may be.
      Just know that when I share this message, I am sharing the biggest virtual hug possible with each of you -- a great big bear hug like my friend, William, always gives me each time we meet.
      Again, may each of you have a beautiful and blessed day, filled with hope, joy and promise and touched by love in some special way, all throughout the day.
      And, my sweet Sister of the Heart, Betty, thank you so very much for sharing this.  I do hope you are having a day as special to you as you are to me.  And the same goes for each of you as well.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,

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      You may need this:

      *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug*

      You have just been hugged!!

      That's right, there's no getting out of it this time!! This is the start of a full-scale Hug O' War! So hug everyone you know!!!

      Hug your friends, your enemies, everyone!! With all the other forwards out there, I thought this would be a good one to start. The hug is my favorite sign of affection. It can mean so much, and so many things at the same time. It can be a sign of love, friendship, comfort or anything.

      So here you go..
      All I can say it will do is brighten someone's day. I mean, we all need a hug once in a while. So send this on if you'd like, to anyone who may need a hug, and (I hope you will) send it back to me!!!

      Goodness knows, we could all REALLY use a hug sometimes. So send this on and show someone you care!!



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