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  • Patti
    Hello everyone yet again: Here is another of those December astrological reports from Shelli Buhr, this one a little more definitive than the last one that I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2005
      Hello everyone yet again:
      Here is another of those December astrological reports from Shelli Buhr, this one a little more definitive than the last one that I wanted to share with all of you today, just in case some of you might be interested in this information.
      As always, if you do not want to read information like this, please do go ahead and delete it right now -- with my blessings.
      Peace, love, light and angel hugs,
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      Subject: [LunarAstrology] December Astrology Report

      December Astrology Report 2005
      © November 2005, Roxana Muise
      December hosts 18 dynamic aspects: three ingresses, three
      squares, two conjunctions, two direct stations, two beginning shadow
      boundaries, two new Moons, one full Moon, one opposition, one ending
      shadow boundary, and one retrograde station. Energy patterns continue
      to sustain network cooperation. As you contribute to another's
      activity or interest, they, in turn may become able to "pass it on"
      until it comes full circle and you receive support or assistance from
      a completely different source. This type of energy pattern may
      transpire in a physical way, but is much more likely to operate on
      subtle levels, such as a spiritual or creative plane. Growth has been
      possible within the use of established modes, however a shift takes
      place in mid-month to a more future oriented direction. This pattern
      may abruptly change to a more traditional or classical model that
      will last through the 21st of February. It may appear to be
      retrospective, and cautious, but it will give us time to stabilize
      and re-evaluate our resources.

      12/1 New projects based on positive ideals will most likely
      succeed. Persuasive arguments based on rational thinking and
      emotional needs tend to invite cooperation. The bringing together of
      innovative changes to a topic that comes from the heart can become a
      popular incentive, and can attract a large support group. West coast:
      your personal presence is needed to prove your belief in your
      projects; east coast: enlist the support of powerful allies, perhaps
      from an academic background. New Moon 9:31 Sagittarius; west coast
      7:01 AM, east coast 10:01 AM. 
      12/3 Using your mental processes and your will power, you may take
      charge of your health and well-being. Recount all the questions of
      the past two weeks, and the answers to your dilemmas during that time
      will begin falling into place within the next three weeks. This is a
      good time to gather all your experiences and see where they may lead
      you next.   Mercury turns direct 6:24 PM, 24:44 Scorpio. M/P
      12/4 This is the beginning of a dancing fixed T-cross * with Mars,
      Jupiter and Saturn that surges on 12/12 and crests 12/27. Mind and
      motivation may be joined to accomplish your goals. You may be
      presented with a new goal, or simply a clarification of the original
      one. Don't be concerned if decisions don't come easily right now; by
      early February things will have fallen into place. Be patient. Mars
      Rx opposes Jupiter 4:47 PM, 8:25 Taurus/Scorpio.
      12/7 Pay attention to the underlying principles in all situations
      that require your creative involvement. Many details will go through
      a metamorphosis after March, but the concepts upon which they depend
      will remain stable, and you will be prepared in case confusion
      ensues. Jupiter BSB 2 PM, 8:59 Scorpio (shadow cycle completes
      12/9 Keep in mind that this year's Pluto contacts can support very
      specialized creative potential. Follow your heart's desire in an area
      that nourishes your dreams, and clarifies your place in the universal
      flow. Pluto BSB Noon, 24:04 Sagittarius (shadow cycle completes
      12/9 Today, we give pause in our hectic processes and concentrate
      on our earlier objectives. Are they still valid given the additional
      information received in the past month and a half? Recall your
      previous position/condition on the first of October, when Mars turned
      Rx, and know that the steps you take now are an integral part of that
      process. Continued difficulties in making decisions now show that
      more information may be needed. Gather all the data you can
      especially this month, and during January a more solid position can
      be formed. Mars turns direct 8:04 PM, 8:14 Taurus. 
      12/12 Take care not to scatter your energies. It may seem like you
      are miles away from your heart's desire, but taking an objective look
      at your goals may keep you from trying to live up to others'
      expectations. You may feel as though justice has not been served; yet
      it may be too soon to see the final outcome. Keep your values beyond
      reproach. Mercury enters Sagittarius 1:16 PM.
      12/15 The value of independence and freedom may be under attack in
      both personal and public areas. Personal responsibilities may tax
      your time and your energies. Find time to renew your energies, and
      keep your health in mind when making a commitment. Venus enters
      Aquarius 8 AM conjunct Chiron. 
      12/15 Hectic projects that you may have begun without proper
      preparation may yet be salvaged. Reevaluate your involvement. It may
      be better to release the energy and take another path. Take time out
      of a busy lifestyle to employ a perspective that supports resistance
      to illness or fatigue. This may mean a program of meditation or
      exercise, joining with others in spiritual pursuits, or taking some
      time to be by yourself. West coast: your work and health come first -
      enlist some assistance - rather than seeing yourself as
      indestructible; east coast: invest in education - perhaps a self-help
      course, or hearing a lecture by someone you respect. Or, take a fun
      trip and enjoy yourself.  Full Moon 23:48 Gemini; west coast 8:15 AM
      east coast 11:15 AM. 
      12/15 Power plays abound. A contest of wills can drain your energy,
      unless you define your limits, and make them known to others. That
      which you put in place now will have long term effects.  Sun conjoins
      Pluto 8:09 PM, 24:18 Sagittarius. 
      12/16 This is the second step in the dancing fixed T-Cross *. Mars
      has an investment in this process, since he turned Rx at the degree
      (23 Taurus) on which Jupiter and Saturn began their cycle
      (conjunction on May 28, 2000), renewing the sensitivity to that
      planetary pair and that degree. Jump in your "way-back machine" and
      see what was going on for you back then. Some were becoming aware of
      new ways of evaluating the principles upon which our laws and rules
      are based. Now, we are challenging our unconscious choices of
      materiality in our present lifestyles. The next step may be to find a
      spiritual base that we can relate to. Jupiter squares Saturn Rx 9:15
      PM, 10:45 Scorpio/Leo.
      12/18 Use your intuition in dealing with last minute changes. A
      crisis in consciousness can result when emergency situations arise.
      Keep your wits about you, and get help if the situation requires more
      than you are capable of. You may be trying to do too much in a small
      amount of allotted time.  Mercury squares Uranus 5:10 PM, 7:18
      12/21 Now is the time to make sense out of the mental and
      organizational problems of the past month. Revisit all the issues,
      and look at them from different perspectives. Ascribe each issue to
      an archetypal model, and the answers will become apparent. Mercury
      ESB 10:21 AM, 10:56 Sagittarius (shadow cycle began 10/25/05). 
      12/21 This is a time of idealistic vision supported by practical
      approach to reality. Problems lend themselves to resolution through
      the application of spiritual principles. West coast: support of
      ideals embodied by kindred groups sustained by your efforts and those
      of your colleagues; east coast: travel, advanced education, or
      philosophical organizations may be supported by peers and
      philanthropic interests. Sun enters Capricorn - Winter Solstice. West
      coast 10:35 AM, east coast 1:35 PM. 
      12/24 Creative genius: the use of ordinary minds in extraordinary
      ways can be evoked. A process of transformation is available to
      anyone willing to put aside traditional methods, and look at creative
      routes to love, nurturing or the arts. Revisit the past month, and
      gain a new perspective on these topics. Venus turns Rx 1:37 AM, 1:28
      12/27 This is the final step in this fixed dancing T-Cross * that
      started December 4. Out of a desire to adjust to a more unrestricted
      approach, decisions you make now may enable positive transformations
      to take place. Mars squares Saturn Rx 4:07 PM, 10:10 Taurus/Leo. 
      12/30 Half-way between the attachments of the past and the promise
      of the future, we find an opening to a new beginning. Optimism and
      far-sightedness can overcome depression and shortsightedness if one
      is willing to suspend traditional materialistic thinking and open to
      the potential of spiritual or moral conviction. Embracing the holiday
      season or looking forward to the promise of starting over with a
      clean slate can help. West coast: gain the perspective of child-like
      ideas and romantic adventures; east coast: involve yourself with the
      joys and activities of family life, or new surroundings. New Moon
      (Blue Moon) 9:32 Capricorn; west coast 7:12 PM, east coast 10:12 PM. 
      12/31 There may be significant changes coming in your life path.
      Understanding your place in the world, or finding an issue that makes
      you feel vital and essential can be what you need to find your
      center. Mercury conjoins Pluto 3:17 AM, 24:52 Sagittarius. 

      . Note: What with retrograde motion, Jupiter and Saturn will
      dance into two more squares in the same signs in 2006 (the last one
      making a T-Cross with the position of their last conjunction. And
      Mars will be doing his dosey-dos around both of them. So this square
      dance has more dimensions to come, and is a real important ingredient
      in all of our lives.

      December, originally named for the tenth month in the Roman
      calendar, was dedicated to the Roman goddess, Vesta (December 5)
      (Greek: Hestia), the goddess of virtue, purity, and the fire of
      the "Mystical Hearth of the Cosmos", which symbolizes the eternal
      present. This honored the sanctity of the home by making each
      household a shrine to the goddess. December is filled with sacred
      festivals, as many early religions celebrated the birth of the Sun-
      Son (Apollo, Dionysus, Frey, Helios, Horus, Jesus, Mithras, Osiris)
      at this time of the year. The Roman celebration of Saturnalia, and
      its ancient myths and rites honoring the first Father of all peoples
      and gods, even including Adam, as ruler of Eden. Also honored this
      month are Pallas Athene (December 4), wisdom warrior; and Ceres
      (December 13) (Greek: Demeter), Goddess of Motherhood and Mother
      Earth: She who nourishes seeds in darkness; three of the four
      goddesses for whom the first asteroids were named. The fourth of the
      quartet of asteroid goddesses, Juno (Greek: Hera) is honored on
      January 1st.
      Porphyry, Neoplatonist philosopher and astrologer, born in Tyre about
      234 AD, developed one of the oldest quadrant methods of house
      division. He was a scholar, and a protégé and biographer of Plotinus,
      and presented Plotinus' teachings in the form of the Enneads (six
      groups of nine). In December there were tributes to Porphyry, whose
      name means "purple", the color of royalty.
      December 6 is St. Nicholas's Day. St. Nicholas was bishop of Myra in
      Lycia, Asia Minor, during the fourth century. He's credited with
      saving three sisters from lives of ill repute by throwing bags of
      gold into their house (some say down the chimney) to provide for
      their dowries.  In many places here and abroad, children still hang
      their stockings by the chimney or place their shoes by the window for
      St. Nicholas to fill with presents and sweets on the eve of his feast
      This story reminds us of the Roman myth of the three Fates, the
      sister goddesses who are honored at the Winter Solstice, the
      beginning of the year for the Sun. The Fates are also known as
      Parcae, (Greek: Moirae; Scandinavian: Norns; Western Europe: Wyrdes;
      Indian: Niyati). The first Fate, Decuma (Greek: Clotho, Scandinavian:
      Urd) was the "spinner" who bore the distaff and spun the thread of
      life. The second Fate, Morta (Greek: Lachesis, Scandinavian Verdani),
      was the "apportioner", who measured the thread against a special rod,
      for the length of life), and the third Fate, Nona (Greek: Atropos,
      Scandinavian: Skuld) called "The Inevitable", it was she who snipped
      the thread at the end of life. These goddesses were also invoked at
      the birth of a child to mete out its destiny.
      Of December's two gemstones, turquoise is one of the first gems ever
      to be mined, and is found in arid and semiarid lands - desert
      environments of many countries. Colors range from green to blue. A
      third century myth states that turquoise is said to protect a rider
      from falling off his or her horse. American Indians believe turquoise
      takes its blue from Heaven, its green from the Earth. Traditionally,
      the turquoise is a stone of success and prosperity. An alternate
      birthstone for December - the zircon - is sometimes called
      an "imitation" diamond. In ancient times, it was said to heal
      disease, and to bring sound sleep to the wearer. In 14th century
      Europe, it was worn to protect the wearer from the black plague.
      Zircons come in many different colors; the most prized being red. The
      red of the zircon and the green of the turquoise remind us of
      traditional Christmas colors.
      December celebrations include the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin
      Mary on December 8. Mme. Blavatsky reminds us that She is not
      original with the Church of Rome, but is remembered in every culture,
      including the early Christian Collyridians, who made sacrificing
      cakes to honor the Virgin goddess. She is also known as the Mayan
      Mother - Astraea, goddess of Justice, and the Virgin of Guadalupe in
      Mexican lore. December 8 is also the Buddhist holiday, Rohatsu or
      Bodhi Day; it is the day that the Buddha achieved realization.
      Hanukkah (Chanukah), the Jewish Holiday of Lights is an eight-day
      celebration of hope and faith that starts on December 26th (at
      sundown on December 25th). It is a time used to reaffirm beliefs and
      to be thankful for successes and achievements. The lights of
      astrology, the Sun and the Moon support the integration of personal
      ideals into practical, every-day living.
      December 16 is a celebration of Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. It is said
      that when she is discovered within, the idea of a Divine Feminine
      principle triggers an upsurge of creative spirituality will overcome
      outmoded dogmas and orthodoxy. Jung presented the Divine Feminine in
      four interrelated aspects of western archetypes: Eve - the fertile
      Earth mother; Helen of Troy - the inspirational romanticized Earth
      mother; Mary - the spiritual virgin Earth mother; and Sophia - the
      wise woman, the indwelling spark of the World-Soul.
      Advent, the four-week spiritual preparation for Christmas began on
      November 27, and each Sunday is set aside for special Advent
      ceremonies. This emphasis on spiritual matters is shared by nature
      religions in preparation for the return of the Sun, which begins at
      the winter solstice. The word advent means "the coming." It begins on
      the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and marks the beginning of the
      Christian year. Advent is a time to celebrate the Light in the midst
      of darkness. Christmas, the celebration of the nativity of the Christ
      Child, symbolizes the return of the Light to the world, and the gift
      of Life.
      Jalal al-Din Rumi, also known as Mevlana, meaning "our guide",
      Persian Sufi poet and mystic was born 9/30/1207 in Balkh, Persia (now
      Afghanistan), and died 12/17/1273 in Konya (now Turkey). His doctrine
      advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity
      and awareness through love. To him and his disciples, all religions
      are more or less true. Looking with the same eye on Muslim, Jew,
      Buddhist and Christian alike, his peaceful and tolerant teaching has
      appealed to men and women of all sects and creeds. He is honored on
      December 17 each year.
      December 23 is the blank day in the Celtic calendar that has no
      ruling tree, called "The Secret of the Unhewn Stone." It is a day
      symbolizing time and timelessness - between the end of the old cycle
      and untapped potential of the new.
      Winter Solstice, or Yule (12/21/2005) is associated with the
      completion of the out breath of the year; the pause of midwinter; the
      longest night of the year. Yule, celebrated by the ancient Goths at
      the time of the winter solstice in honor of the Sun, and by the
      ancient Norse (Iul - meaning wheel) as the beginning of the Great
      Wheel of the Zodiac, the Wheel of Life, at the time of the turning
      point when the Sun is reborn to the world.
      The Yule log, cut traditionally from the ash-tree, Yggdrasil (the
      world-tree, whose roots were knotted in Hell and its boughs supported
      Heaven). This Tree of Life sheltered the Norns, another example of
      the triple-goddess: Urth (the past), Verdandi (the present), and
      Skuld (the future) who lovingly tended the tree. In Norse tradition,
      the festival of Yule (December 26-January 6) assigns 4 days to each
      of the Norns to honor the turning of the year. New Year's day, the
      middle of this period has become a day when we remember the past and
      plan for the future, making resolutions to better our lives, and
      invoking the assistance of these triune sister goddesses.
      December 31 is the Scottish New Year's festival of Hogmanay,
      named for a solar giant who was magically divided into two giants,
      Gog and Magog. He was portrayed as the spiritual guardian of London.
      The associated shamanic ritual transforms the negative vestiges of
      the old year into a positive offering.

      ".You would measure time the measureless and the immeasurable. You
      would adjust your conduct and even direct the course of your spirit
      according to hours and seasons. Of time you would make a stream upon
      whose bank you would sit and watch its flowing. Yet the timeless in
      you is aware of life's timelessness, and knows that yesterday is but
      today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. .But if in your thought
      you must measure time into seasons, let each season encircle all the
      other seasons, And let today embrace the past with remembrance and
      the future with longing."
      On Time, from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

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      In English and in Spanish

      Please accept my best wishes to all for a happy and blessed holiday
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