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Fw: Rainbow NuAgape ~ #109 - 02 December 2005 ~ The Message of Unselfish Unconditional Love ~ I did my best and took every opportunity

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  • Rainbow JagGY
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      Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 2:23 AM
      Subject: Re: Rainbow NuAgape ~ #109 - 02 December 2005 ~ The Message of Unselfish Unconditional Love ~ I did my best and took every opportunity

      Dearest Jag,
      I believe that every human being has 5 needs: not in any particular order : and need not be fulfilled by just one person.
      1. Intellectual .
               The abililty for me to communicate and articulate my expression and share wisdom with the person. I shall also be able to share my interests with the person. Rather, it is something that concerns the brain matter and sets us thinking.
      2. Spiritual .
               The need to share something, beyond and transcending. Something that cannot be explained but you need it anyway. Religion is what I need and the understanding of it without having to listen to male human juristic interpretations of my faith and religion. I believe in the bonding between me and God and that no one needs to tell me that what I believe is wrong because God is merciful. I go through life's journey seeking and finding GOD's true faith in me.
      3. Life & Limb.
             The Physical self being. The things that make up us. I need it. Without it I dont exist.
      4. Affection
              The emotional well being. Love, the all encompassing compassion, caring, and idealistic desire to be emotionally bonded with someone u truly love.
      5. Materialism
               The material aspect has got to be one of the more important ones to make me happy. The quest       
             for  it. Money, wealth, things that make you wonder why you work so hard.
      Corny as it may seem, It all adds up to "Islam". whether you believe in it or not. I try to be the best in my faith but I definitely dont have to conform because I believe that there should not be any other human being between me and God. So I believe I have a direct line to God as well. I dont need other people to tell me what God wants out of me.
      Anyway, its late, I only just got back from a friends place to help her put up her Christmas  tree.
      Sweet dreams.
      Nik Elin


      On 12/2/05, Rainbow JagGY <ixjaguarlight@...> wrote:


      Today's Music is:  All One Again

      We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give


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