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Fwd: YST Reservation needs help

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      From: "Standing Elk" <standingelk1111@...>
      Subject: YST Reservation needs help
      Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 14:38:53 +0000


      The following message was sent out on November 1, 2005.

      The message was given to me by my uncle, Willard Pipeboy from Sisseton SD. 
      I shared this message with Lelie and she was concerned for those that required help.  So this plea is real and her organization has my trust and support.  Her integrity shines in this effort.  Please help and support this effort as well.  If you know someone that is able to help, please share this message with everyone.

      Mitakuye Oyasin
      Chief Standing Elk
      Chief Golden eagle,
      Chief Black Spottred Horse


      We need your help this winter. The hurricanes and weather changes have
      driven up the cost of propane and electricity. Our Relatives to the North
      (On the Reservations ) are having a hard time paying for heat and
      electricity. Life on the Reservation is difficult already, the high cost of
      heat and electricity has made it much harder. Families are having to choose
      between water and heat or food and heat.

      Elders have spoken in Ceremony and say that many will die ( especially the
      elderly) because they cannot heat their houses. We need your help to turn
      this prophesy around NOW !!

      We are taking donations to assist families with their propane and electric
      bills, we are sending donated clothing, blankets and supplies where they
      are needed and we are getting the word out. Many do not understand what
      life on a Reservation is like. People think that the tribes and the
      Government take care of everyone and that there is no poverty, no hardship.
      There is very little work, many mouths to feed, houses with mold and in
      need of insulation. People have to wait years for houses to become
      available and live in cars, tents and whatever they can manage to keep
      their children warm.

      We ask for your help in the following areas:

      1. Donations in cash and toys for "The Giving Tree". "The Giving Tree"
      matches a child with a volunteer who sends a new toy to them for Christmas.
      Last year we made over 60 children smile. Many families do not celebrate
      Christmas, they cannot afford presents. We ask parents to give us the
      child's name, address, clothing and shoe size and address. We put the names
      on the tree at Earth Star and volunteers pick a name and send a gift. If
      they cannot mail the gift , we do. If they cannot go to Earth Star, we
      email them the information. ( we are making the lists now for "Giving Tree"
      if you want to help please email us and we will keep your address on file.)

      2. Donations of cash for assistance with propane , water and electricity.
      We are working with the utility companies on the Rosebud and Yankton Sioux
      Reservations to help pay the bills. We do not want anyone to die because
      they could not afford heat.

      3. Donations of blankets, coats, shoes and warm clothes. I have addresses
      of people who are willing to accept the boxes and pass them out to those in
      need. You can mail them directly or send them to Earth Star.

      Donations to Rosebud Reservation can be mailed to JIm Spresser 353 E. Todd
      St Mission, SD 57555 and to the Yankton Sioux Reservation can be mailed to
      Roz Zephier 430 James Ave Pickstown, SD 57367. Please send Blankets,
      sweaters, coats, hats, mittens, sneakers, winter boots,baby clothes. please
      send prewashed or new items.

      4. Donations of plastic and caulking for windows and doors. We can make a
      huge difference if the houses can be sealed against the wind and cold. We
      need plastic and other materials and if possible people to help with the
      insulation in houses. You can also send gift cards from Home Depot or
      Walmart and we can buy the supplies and mail them for you.

      5. Plumbers/ Handymen/women  to help families repair leaking pipes and
      faulty plumbing. Leaks  cause water damage and black mold. The reservations
      "Housing " Department has told many families that they do not have the
      money to repair the leaks and water damage. If volunteers can show people
      how to make the often simple repairs, mold can be prevented. Many houses
      are condemned because of black mold.

      If you can help please email us at earthstarcreations@..., call us
      at 1-800-801-9207, write us at Earth Star 619 S.College ave #1 Fort
      Collins, Co 80524

      Please make checks out to "The Giving Tree "


      We Thank You for your help and prayers.
      Mitakuye Oyasin ( all my relations)

      Earth Star
      619 S.College Ave #1
      Fort Collins, Co 80524

      Other information from the wires:

      My friend Erika, Sherwyn's wife sent me these two news stories. We can still turn this prophecy around...we need warm clothes, blankets, wool socks, long underwear, hats, mittens. We need prayers...please do what you can..lelie 
      We can make a difference!!! Please pass this on...

      Blizzard Blocks Power

      Thousands of South Dakotans remain without power and heat as this weekend's blizzard continues slamming the area.  Officials say some residents could be without power for days.

      Northwestern Energy says more than 70 towns throughout the southeastern area should be prepared to be without power throughout the night.

      They'd received more than 4,000 phone calls as of early Monday evening. 
      East River Electric Cooperative Representatives say they have 250 transmission poles down.  They also say about 30 of their 215 cooperatives are without power.

      Otter Tail says about 12,000 of their customers have been affected by the power outages. Almost all Rural Electric customers on the eastern part of state have been affected.

      Many local cooperative representatives say they expect help from surrounding states including: Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska starting Tuesday.

      Some towns were unreachable by vehicle since most major highways were shut down...now, many are unreachable by power.

      Redfield residents say their power has been unstable since Sunday evening, leaving many residents without heat.

      Many say they're preparing for plunging temps by gathering candles, flashlights and blankets.

      "We'll just stay here and we'll just see,  I don't know about everyone else's but the wind chill is so...it gets down so low and we'll just have to see what it is," says Bruce Biebo.

      At least 30 emergency shelters have been set up around the state because of the storm.

      By: Brittany Benner


      Winter Storm Hits

      Ice and wind have knocked out electricity to thousands of people in eastern South Dakota and the outages could last for some time.  As of 6:30am on Monday - NorthWestern Energy listed these towns as either out of power, or have portions of town that are without power.

      Stratford, Mellette, Lily, Webster, Cresbard, Northville, Loyalton, Chelsea, Wecota, Redfield, Hitchcock, Tulare, Zell, Rockham, Huron, Cavour, Yale, Iroquois, Manchester, Bancroft, Willow Lake, Bryant, Vienna, Hazel, Henry, Wolsey, Wessington, Wayland, St. Lawrence, Miller, Highmore, Iler, Highmore, Faulkton, Alpena, Mitchell, Irene, Dante, Wagner, Marty, Lake Andes, Pickstown, Tabor, Tyndall, Yankton, Scotland, Kaylor, and Chamberlain.

      NorthWestern Energy crews worked through the night and are still trying to restore power.  In addition to power lines, a lot of poles have toppled. 
      Merlin Goerhing of Bon Homme-Yankton Electric says he can't guarantee that customers will have power again today.

      In the northeast, Gene Ward with Codington-Clark Electric says seven of eight substations are off. And he says the utility's major power supplier, East River Electric Power Cooperative, is also having transmission problems.

      State officials closed Interstate 90 from Kadoka to the Minnesota line at 3:30 this afternoon.  And I-29 from Sioux Falls north to at least Watertown will also be shut off to traffic by 3:30.

      Governor Rounds says visibility is down to zero and some power lines are hanging down to within six feet of the road.

      Mitakuye Oyasin
      Standing Elk/Golden EagleChief/ChiefBlack Spotted Horse

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