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NuAgape - #090 - 7 November 2005 - The Message of Unselfish Unconditional Love - In the end goodness and human progress will always prevail

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  • JagGY 10QZ
    AWARENESS AWAKENS and ADVANCES ALL AWARENESS AWAKENS and ADVANCES ALL Today s Music is: Awakening ... All that we need to know in life lies within us. We
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      Today's Music is:  Awakening

      All that we need to know in life lies within us. We already know it, but are not aware that we do.
      We need to look within us to our inner director and harvest then use all that we know.

      The Buddha says: After we "DIE" what remains on earth are the consequences of our actions.
      Are you satisfied with you actions Today
      We cannot change the Past
      We can however change the present and the future
      by our actions
      Today I am following my Heart and writing to Malaysia's Prime Minister about the level of Consciousness of His Cabinet and His Key Policy Advisors and (again) requesting the opportunity of Assisting and Serving The Nation.
      I am also trying a New Approach with a Number of Malaysian Government Owned Companies who have resisted talking with me for the last three months about Transformation (which is "Government policy).
      As I watched the story of Journey to the West again (in tears) the words of the Author
      struck me
      "What a fool I was to allow the Censors rob me of my vision even if for only a second"
      In the end goodness and human progress will always prevail
      There will always be those who wish to Rob us of our Vision
      Their Vision
      is about
      THE PAST
      No matter where we live there will always be CENSORS who want to control what we think and do as they beleive they know what is right for us.
      Sometimes our work will irritate others
      Sometime others will be embarrassed
      Sometimes we will be attacked
      A lot of the time we will be ignored
      Sometimes we will get the option of "Going Home"
      (I was yesterday)
      If we beleive in The message placed on our Hearts to share
      We have to keep trying
      and do our best as if each day is our last
      as it may very well be
      And if some day soon is
      MY LAST
      FOR NOW
      I want to be remembered by My actions
      Trying to Help the World
      raise its consciousness.
      If my message causes any embarrassment
      That is NEVER my Intent
      I do however intend with love to
      See and Hear anything I do
      Love and Only Love Matters
      Love and Only Love
      will change our world
      Jaguar symbolically represents integrity.
        Jaguar shows us that there are two sides of our self.
        Jaguar shares, that within the polarity of our personality we can do no wrong, as long as we are in truth with ourself.

      (c)JagGY (NuAgape)- 7 November 2005 
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share NuAgape with all as you are guided in your heart·Who comes to mind as you read NuAgape? -They need the message and You are the messenger?


      After Preparing this message I watched on Cable TV "Cat Woman"
      The message - You have spent a lifetime being caged but you can be Free and freedom is Power"
      I tried to watch the New Steven Segal Movie on DVD "Today you Die"  but I cannot hear the words only the Music on my TV which does not have the "latest" sound system
      I tried to watch the Transporter2 could not.....(EVERYTHING WORKING JUST I COULD NOT "see it"
      The Power in my house went out at 2.18pm (adds to 11)
      I opened my Copy of the "GITA" it was open at the Yoga of Action
      (If you have a copy Read It - Perhaps someone can share a link where all can read it)
      I went to open My Computer
      The Right Front Leg of the chair Broke and I fell cutting my Right Arm
      and scaring my left leg
      Two Dolphin Cards fell from the pack where I fell
      MIGRATION (under the broken chair) and OCEAN DREAMING (in my Crystal Pyramid beside where I work)
      What Messages are you Receiving

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