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The Land of Someday

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    -The Highest Potential NOW By Myriah Center and get comfy in your chair. Breathe deeply and with intent, letting Light be carried on the breath. See your Heart
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2005

      -The Highest Potential NOW
      By Myriah

      Center and get comfy in your chair. Breathe deeply and with intent,
      letting Light be carried on the breath. See your Heart center
      filling with a balloon of Light. Your Heart beat pulses this Light
      throughout your BE-ing and slowly fills up every molecule of your
      biology with Light.
      We are going to take a journey to view your Highest Potential NOW.
      And so, then, allow yourself to be filled with the Highest Possible
      Love and Light on every breath. Let this Light reveal any tensions
      and simply breathe them out and release them on the out breath.

      Let any nagging thoughts be placed in a box beside your chair that
      an angel is holding, and tell them you will review them later.
      Breathe in Love, and let it amplify around you.

      You are sitting at the Pool of Oneness. Across the shore is a new
      pathway. Across the shore is the Land of Your Highest Potential NOW.
      All your life you have waited for this NOW moment, to see the lands
      of your dreams, and here it is, across from you, waiting for your
      feet to make it real.

      This is the Land of Someday. The place and space and actions you
      always wanted to be doing and living and being. Across the shore the
      Colors seem more vibrant, brilliant. There is a sensation of Higher
      Love here. It almost seems to glow. You want to cross the shore and
      go here, but you are hesitating. It seems too good to be true!

      You hesitate because the sensations of the old and familiar feel
      comfortable. Across the shores where Love is pulsing and vibrating
      in every molecule it feels almost too holy, too perfect. You are
      afraid you may have to change in order to be there. As you are
      sitting across the shore, looking in, debating this in your mind, a
      tiny Fairy of Light flits from across the shore and hovers near you.

      The Fairy's presence seems to magnify, and grow. You know she was
      but a wee thing just a moment ago, but now she is grand, filled with
      Light, and seems as big as you are. Her essence is that of Play and
      Joy. Her skirt has a tear in it, and her shoe laces are untied, but
      she seems happy anyway. "You don't have to be perfect to cross the
      shore," she smiles at you, wiping crumbs from her face.

      You don't quite know what to say. You are still adjusting to the
      fact that a Fairy of Light could possibly manifest herself beside
      you, but now you are beginning to feel the Higher Love vibration she
      emanates. She is so beautiful, and yet she makes you instantly feel
      comfortable. Like you could really be yourself in her
      presence. "Will I have to change?" you ask her.

      She laughs. "If you want. It's up to you. Come see." She walks over
      to a large polished stone in the Pool, and you follow her. "Over
      time, the water smoothed and polished this stone," she says. "But at
      first the stone didn't want to change. It was a co-creation with the
      water that made the stone change. Just like you, when you choose to
      be in your Joy, then you will co-create that Joy with spirit, just
      as the spirit of the water changed the stone. All you have to do is
      intend your Highest Potential NOW, and the water will show you how
      to do that."

      "But I don't know what my Highest Potential NOW is!" you say. You
      are afraid you are about to manipulate yourself into another false
      dance of low self-esteem and drudgery and promises that will fall
      through. You aren't sure you are up to walking the lands of your
      Highest Potential NOW. Maybe that will require more than you are
      willing to give.

      The Fairy sits beside you and begins drawing a picture in the sand.
      She draws a map and shows both sides of the shore of the Pool of
      Oneness. "All that is missing from one side to the other is
      Willingness," she says. "What is in-between you and your Willingness
      to be in your Highest Potential NOW? And what does that mean for
      YOU? Your Highest Potential is more a Feeling Tone. Once you are in
      the sensations of that Higher Vibration, it effortlessly manifests
      to you.

      "Once you begin walking the lands of your Highest Potential NOW, you
      will automatically feel what changes need to happen, and you will
      naturally have the ability and power to create that Highest
      Potential NOW! All you need is Intent and Willingness. It is all
      your own choosing. You are the paint and the paintbrush and the
      canvas of your Life. I am only here because you asked me to show you
      the doorway to your Highest Potential NOW. I can leave right now,"
      she begins to move but you ask her to stay. You aren't willing to
      dismiss this so easily. Besides, you like her vibration.

      "Your Highest Potential NOW does not have to be a perfect vision,"
      the Fairy continues. "You can start by thinking how that would feel
      to you. Sometimes when we begin to feel that Higher Love, all that
      is NOT Love within us starts balking and squawking about change.
      Maybe we think we need to stop eating a certain food, or quit
      smoking, or cut back on other habits. Maybe we think other people
      need to treat us a certain way. Love all that you are, for all the
      experiences you have chosen to have. No action has been wrong, and
      no one is going to judge you other than you.

      "You control the High Volume monitor. Just as you are the one that
      turned on the Higher Power, you also control the frequency and
      dosage. Your Highest Potential NOW is only good for the NOW moment.
      The next moment will contain the Highest Potential NOW of that

      "Know that change will happen, and that's okay. Remember the rock in
      the Pool was polished slowly. But also know you do not have to be
      perfect in order to walk with Higher Love. All you need is
      Willingness. Whatever you need, ask for it and it shall be available
      for you. Even if you desire to have more desire to be willing, ask
      for that!"

      "Can I see what the other shore is like?" you ask. "I thought you
      would never ask! Come on," and the Fairy grabs your hand and the
      next thing you know you have flown across the Pool of Oneness and
      are standing on the other shore. Your body feels more crystalline,
      and you can feel Love vibrating up your calves, knees, hips and up
      through the crown of your head as you stand here on the shores of
      your Highest Potential NOW. The Fairy holds onto your arm to keep a
      steady flow of Higher Love vibrating into you, and it is easy to
      stand here.

      You gasp with delight. All that you dared to dream is manifested
      here as energy. You see the place you want to live, the Beloved you
      want to walk beside, the joys that you call your work. You breathe
      in the Feeling Tones of this place, letting every molecule and cell
      and ion of yourself know what your Highest Potential feels like. You
      become ONE with your Highest Potential NOW within your Heart.

      As you look about this place, you see that some ideas are in the
      forms of symbols and colors and energy. Some actually look like
      their manifested forms. You see the people that bring you the most
      Love and Joy, and they seem clear and almost crystalline. Then you
      realize you are seeing their Higher Selves!

      You begin to relax, and breathe deeper, because you realize this
      place is not that much different than Who You Are now. The only
      difference seems to be in the vibration. There is a child-like
      quality here that surprises you, and you smile. It feels wonderful
      to feel this good!

      You look about and see that all your needs are met in this NOW
      moment. The people that are most benefited by you are here, and the
      people that benefit you the most are here. It may or may not
      surprise you to see who is here. The cycle of give and receive is
      balanced. All is in Harmony….you are able to give and receive
      Love….able to Play….able to Create….all is in Divine Order.

      "If you feel uncomfortable here, you simply need to spend more time
      visualizing your Highest Potential," the Fairy says. "And if you
      already feel comfortable, you are very much in line with that
      already!" She takes your arm, and you find you have left the shore
      and are now standing upon a bridge over the Pool of Oneness.

      "I will leave you here now," she winks and smiles. "You have seen
      the shores of your Highest Potential NOW and you are free to return
      at any time. You need never stay on the shores of your old story,
      but you may as long as you feel comfortable. I will return any time
      you wish to speak," she winks. You are sure you have met her before,
      somewhere in Time.

      She leaves, and you find yourself momentarily in-between two worlds.
      Bridging the past and the future NOW moments. "I Am willing to let
      go of the shores of the familiar," you say out loud. The Light in
      your Heart pulses brightly as you firmly Light the way to your
      future, which starts at the end of your toes. Welcome home, and
      thank you for sharing.


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