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NuAgape - #088 - 4 November 2005 - The Message of Unselfish Unconditional Love - Are you prepared?

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  • JagGY 10QZ
    AWARENESS AWAKENS and ADVANCES ALL AWARENESS AWAKENS and ADVANCES ALL Today s Music is: As I Roved on Morning ... Choices determine Consequences, This is a
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      Today's Music is:  As I Roved on Morning

      Choices determine Consequences,
      This is a mechanism that is really impersonal and operates automatically
      because energy fields are invited in as a consequence of choice  

      From khoo kheng-hor. in Malaysia I receive:-
      Sun Tzu says: "To win without fighting is the supreme strategy."

      Sun Tzu says: "It is a principle of war that we do not assume the enemy will not come but instead we must be prepared for his coming; not to presume he will not attack but instead make our own position unassailable."

      Although written some 2,500 years ago, this principle is still as relevant today.
       My question to you: Are you prepared?
      2500 Years ago when Sun Tzu inspired "The Art of War" his definition and Mine were probably very different based on the Consciousness of the time (around 100) compared to Sun Tzu (375)
      (If you want to get some more Sun Tzu thoughts visit http://www.webpoint.com.sg/suntzu/ )
      Some Nations to "BE PREPARED" resort to tactics that repress everyone including their own citizens like the US Patriot Act or Australia's NEW Anti terror Laws
      which FOCUS ON TERROR as opposed to creating
      I am reminded that Mother Teresa never attended a Anti War Demonstration or March instead saying that the first
      PRO PEACE Demonstration, Rally or March held she would be at the Head of the Line
      The Head of Malaysia's GOVERNMENT YOUTH POLITICAL MOVEMENT (He is also the Nations Education Minister and that explains a lot)
      Created PEACE MALAYSIA
      and was even allowed to hold Rallies
      (normally Illegal in Malaysia)
      they were ANTI USA Rallies instead of PEACE RALLIES
      Today if we want to be prepared
      we have to
      Repel "NATURALLY" what does not serve our highest Good.
      The more we CHECK the more we "KNOW NATURALLY" what serves us and what does not serve us
      Then when we come across an opportunity we will be able to participate and share
      Now that the Tools of Consciousness are available to us all
      If we are willing to take the time to check everything for 90 days
      So that Naturally
      Yesterday after Sending NuAgape I received a Phone Call from Chela which had me "Over the Moon"
      After when we shared by E mail I was led to this
      I am now led to share with all today
      (Thanks to those who sent me a sms)

      Performing a Sword Ceremony


      In order to prepare for a "sword ceremony" to cut through the il­lusions in your own personal hall of mirrors, create a quiet, meditative environment—perhaps with candles, incense, music, and a mirror. Next, if you choose, look into the mirror for a long time. Then light a candle to symbolize your own personal sword of truth. Hold the can­dle in front of you. Relax your vision so that the flame becomes a double image, a symbolic "hall of mirrors " When your vision is unfocused, the larger vision comes into play, and a "crack" appears in the hall of mirrors. Mentally walk through it.


      After you have walked through the mirrors, you may desire to say the following: "I hold the jewelled handle of my sword, which turns my heart to pure gold and my consciousness to a diamond. Balanced within, both hands fixed firmly upon the handle of my luminous sword, I stand free from doubt, judgment, limitation, and fear. The balance is held within the sacred chambers of my heart, bathed in the pure white flame of heart-knowing. The blade aligns my heart and mind. Embodying my truth, I draw the energy of divine wisdom down through the blade of my sword.


      "The handle of my sword resides in the centre of my being, from which it draws its power. All actions are aligned within the integrity of this sword, connecting my heart with the infinite Source. I enter now into the centre of the hall of mirrors, into the all-knowing pervasiveness, into timelessness. I enter into the resting place of the sword in my heart. My sword is the divine circuit, made complete with the reunion of my heart and mind. Its solar blade bums with expanded vision. My sword is a key to unlocking the power in the present moment, a symbol for discrimination that honours my feelings as a spiritual warrior.


      "My sword represents truth and my living embodiment of the light. In this embodiment, I am a dear instrument through which the heart

      song of the light can dance. Present and empty in the moment, I stand knowing that the dance is divinely orchestrated with the larger pattern. I now draw the totality of who I am as an all-knowing presence into my sword of light, creating a pyramid of light in whose brilliant trans­parency worlds are created!"

      I share with all today my "Jewelled Sword"
      The only TRUE FREEDOM in the Universe is the freedom of Choice

      (c)JagGY (NuAgape)- 4 November 2005 
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please share NuAgape with all as you are guided in your heart·Who comes to mind as you read NuAgape? -They need the message and You are the messenger?


      SIX  LOVE  PETHRO  Occult Hidden Secrets Initiations Mystery


      Love is the Language in which God speaks. For when we listen with Love, it is the heart that hears. Receiving this rune is a simple reminder to listen – to your heart, to those you love and to the still small voice that always speaks with love.


      The ways of love are often hidden and secret. Yet once initiated into loves ways they become our ways. And when that happens, love is everywhere. Receiving this rune is a call to look upon your world through the understanding and accepting eyes of Love. It is said that our soul needs loves eyes in order to see.


      If you are just beginning to learn about love – learning to love yourself, or learning to love another – take time to find new ways to share what you are feeling.


      Loves presence is easily recognised in a world of praise, an act of acceptance or through the understanding forgiveness brings.


      So much is said of love, yet one thing is certain. Either love is present in our every act and word, our every thought, or it is not. And to the degree that love is absent or waning, so too our healing is diminished and postponed. For love heals people – the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.


      Whatever is troubling you, challenging you or awaiting resolution, this rune invites you to claim what is yours and let love in. See no faults, no disharmonies, no reasons to despair; instead, see only the evidence of Loves presence.


      For love is our true heritage, declared so in the innocence of our birth, ours before the beginning. We are the inheritors of what God is – PURE LOVE.


      Feel the warmth and radiance of Divine Love filling your heart and streaming forth into the world to touch all creatures great and small.

    • prakki surya
      Speciality Of Lord Datta & His Best Devotee Generally we do some service to the Lord and expect something good in return from the Lord. This is the norm of
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 4, 2005

        Speciality Of Lord Datta & His Best Devotee

        Generally we do some service to the Lord and expect something good in return from the Lord.  This is the norm of the general worldly business.  The specialty of Lord Datta is that He announces His policy in the beginning itself.  His policy is one-way traffic.  You have to do service to Him but He will not do any thing good in return.  Thus the business completely disappears.  At this stage itself majority of the devotees drop out.  Some devotees come to Him prepared for doing the service without any good fruit in return.  After some time He opens His second policy.  This policy is two-way traffic but it is different from our two-way traffic.  He starts doing bad for our service.  As the devotees press His feet He will be beating them with His stick.  This is the true love. 


        The devotee must have the divine knowledge to understand Lord Datta.  By giving such troubles He is clearing all the sins.  In clearing the sins He pays ninety-nine percent and the doer must pay one percent according to the rule of minimum justice.  He appears to be giving troubles but actually He is clearing the sins. Then why He is not opening this truth.  If the truth is not opened then only the true love exists.  In the true love, one loves in spite of troubles from the other side.  If the truth is opened this true love disappears.  We will realize that these troubles are for his benefit only.  Then we will tolerate the troubles from that angle.  In such case it cannot be true love.  Therefore Lord Datta maintains the secrecy. 


        After clearing the sins, He will give boons.  Without curing the fever, strong food should not be given.  If it is given the patient dies.  The demons were destroyed by such boons.  There are three types of devotees.  The low-level devotee asks for a boon like a demon.  He does not give any freedom to the Lord.  He decides that something is good for him and asks the Lord to give it. 


        The devotee acts like a master and is indirectly treating the Lord as his servant.  The Master asks the servant to do a particular thing without any comment.  The middle class devotees ask the Lord to do whatever is good for them.  They give some freedom to the Lord in deciding, which is good and which is bad for them.  Upto this point they give freedom to the Lord.  After this point the Lord has no freedom and He has to do good only.  Thus these devotees give 50 percent freedom to the Lord. The best devotee gives 100 percent freedom to the Lord.  He asks the Lord to do whatever the Lord likes.  This devotee is prepared to receive the bad also if it can please the Lord.  His only aim is that the Lord should be pleased by doing whatever He likes.  This devotee feels that he is only an inert means for the play of the Lord by which the Lord is entertained.  A player beats the ball by foot and is entertained.  The devotee also likes to receive continuous sufferings, if such sufferings can entertain the Lord. 


        When Jesus was doing the last prayer, He tried to avoid the future agony of death.  For a moment He was vibrated with the forthcoming agony of crucification.  But immediately He regained His originality and ended the prayer by saying “Let Thy will will be done”.  He said finally that He is prepared to suffer if that is the will of the Lord.  This is the best devotion. Lord Datta starts giving small troubles, which means that He is clearing the small sins.  If the devotee is firm in his faith, then Datta starts clearing big sins.  That means the small troubles will be slowly magnified into big troubles.  When He clears your pronote of Rs. 100/-, He pays ninety-nine rupees and you will have to pay Re. 1/-. Then He starts clearing your pronote of one thousand rupees and then you have to pay Rs.10/-. 


        You have to pay one percent of your sin according to the least expectation of the Justice.  In the first stage Lord Datta keeps silent without doing any good for your service.  This is the test of Brahma.  This is a sort of initial training for the further tests.  Then Datta starts troubling you for your service.  The clearance of small sins is the test of Vishnu.  In the third stage big sins are cleared and your troubles are intensified. This is the third test of Rudra.  From one angle these are the tests to find out the strength of your faith and truthness in your love.  In another angle these tests are secret clearance of your sins and your purification to make you eligible for His grace.  Only the best devotee can stand before the special Lord Datta.  Datta is true God and His preachings are true.  The benefit you get also is true.  The real Sun can remove the real darkness by his real light and imaginary Sun cannot remove the real darkness. 


        You are spending lot of your time and energy in analyzing these worldly affairs.  You are egoistic and you think that you are intelligent to solve the worldly affairs.  By your intelligence and intensified analysis through long discussions, you will find that the worldly affair about which, you have taken so much care utterly flops at the end. If you spend even one-tenth of that time and that energy in the service and devotion on Lord Datta, your worldly issue succeeds beyond your imagination.  In fact the servants of Lord Datta attend your worldly affairs.  These worldly matters are below His level.  His level of work starts when you go to the hell after the death.  He will speak to Lord of the hell not to enquire about you and close the file since you are in His service.  Thus you are blessed in this world and also in the upper world.  Your faith is not 100 percent.  To practice this if you are in His constant devotion all your duties will be also discharged by the power of Lord Datta in a fraction of second and in an excellent manner.  One can test this concept in the case of one worldly affair and see whether what I say is correct or not? 

        You can test this in one case and you will experience the truth of My preachings.


        at the lotus feet of shri datta swami




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        Today's Music is:  As I Roved on Morning

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