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Fwd: (DEF) Spiritual Peace Activist Opportunity (11.2.05)

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      To: "A:   World Peace Line List" <TheWorldPeaceLine@...>

      To survive, a country must have the
      Power of LOVE, not the Love of power.
                                           II Corinthians 4:7

      I received the following from one of our members, Christopher Gruener of Truth Will Prevail.  The video will pull at your heart ... but watch it anyway.  Then, take action.  Click on the American Friends Service Committee link and add your voice to end the Iraq war and to utilize peaceful means to promote peaceful ends.  Don't forget to bless All involved ... send them love and light.   
      In Peace, Adele @ The WPL
      Not ONE more DEATH.
      Not One more DOLLAR.
      We are the majority.
      We can end this war NOW.
      Hello friends. You will find below a link to the new AFSC flash video.  It is brief but powerful.  It nearly brought me to tears.  I kept wanting to stop myself from feeling anything all the way through  with thoughts of "I have heard this all before"  and "I don't want to see any more of this."  But I was glad I stuck with it to the end and then took the requested action step (a 30 second effort).  I hope you will do the same.
      How many more kids (not to mention grown ups!) will we feed to this insane war machine? Meanwhile our planet is going down the drain.   Some days I fear I am going nuts with despair and the pain of it all.  But then I think of how very grateful I am to have people like you as my allies!    I know in my heart this is all about realizing our Oneness and that what none of us can do alone, we will surely accomplish together! Thank-you for your every thought and word and action for peace and justice. -
                                                                                                                         - Christopher Gruener
                                                                                                                            Truth Will Prevail

      Please View the Video and sign The Petition.

       Powerful Video clip from the American Friends Service Committee

      Tell Congress how we feel.  Tell them To End The War Now!

      Please view and sign.
      Powerful Video clip from the American Friends Service Committee re: a sad anniversary in Iraq.
      Tell Congress how we feel.  Demand action. https://secure2.convio.net/afsc/site/SPageServer?pagename=NotOneMorePledge

      Sign-up For World Peace
      Join:  "World Peace Line" Click On the Link Below
      Put Sign Me Up in the Subject Space.
      Truth Will Prevail                                                             chris.gruener@...
      World Peace Flame                                                            http://worldpeaceflame.com
      Care 2    (Peace Promoting)                                            www.care2.com
      National Resource Defense Council                             www.nrdc.org/naturesvoice/
      Act for Change (Working Assests)                             
      Bruderhof Communities  (Pacifists)                             www.bruderhof.com                                     
      U.S. Department of Peace                                             
      Visit 'The Hunger Project'                                             www.thp.org
      Feed the Children                                                             www.feedthechildren.org
      Habitat for Humanity                                                        www.habitat.org
      The Hunger Site                                                               
      MoveOn                                                                               www.moveon.org
      Truth Out                                                                           
      Truth Will Prevail                                                             chris.gruener@...
      World Peace Line (WPL) is a by-subscription only E-Mail Peace Line.
      We are not affiliated with any group or government.  Our only
      affiliation and commitment is with the promotion of Love, Peace,
      Compassion & Healing.
      If you have not subscribed to WPL, then someone forwarded this to
      you.  You are not on the World Peace Line list.
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