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Blue Diamond Workers Need our Help

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  • constance kosuda
    Dear Friend, Blue Diamond runs the world s largest almond processing plant and produces almonds for our snacks, cereal, and candy. They re also running a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
      Dear Friend,

      Blue Diamond runs the world's largest almond processing plant
      and produces almonds for our snacks, cereal, and candy. They're
      also running a self-described "aggressive union-avoidance
      campaign" against their workers who are simply trying to form a
      union to improve their wages and working conditions. Already
      three pro-union workers have been fired!! Blue Diamond workers
      need our help to urge the company to play fair and rehire the
      fired workers. I just wrote a letter to Blue Diamond's CEO to
      protest the firings. Will you join me?

      Just go to
      and tell Blue Diamond that its workers deserve a fair to chance
      to have a voice at work. More information is included below!

      ----- Message from Liz Cattaneo, American Rights at Work ----

      It's scary to think about getting threatened, interrogated, or
      pressured on the job. Or even worse - fired. Yet that's exactly
      what the federal government is charging happened to men and
      women employed by one of the top producers of almonds when they
      tried to join a union.

      Blue Diamond Growers runs the world's largest almond process
      plant and has run - in its own words - "an aggressive union
      avoidance campaign." According to federal charges, workers have
      been threatened, disciplined, and intimidated, and three
      pro-union workers were fired.

      Urge Blue Diamond to stop cracking down on union supporters!

      For years, packers and mechanics at the Blue Diamond plant in
      Sacramento, CA, say their employer has denied them respect,
      raises, and benefits. So last summer, they began trying to join
      the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. But when
      workers stood up to exercise their rights, Blue Diamond came
      down hard on them.

      This Halloween, tell Blue Diamond to quit its tricks & treat its
      workers right!

      In its "aggressive" campaign carried out by at least 12
      managerial staff, the NLRB complaint against Blue Diamond
      charges the company:

      - Threatened workers would lose their benefits and their jobs
      - Repeatedly threatened the plant would close down
      - Interrogated workers about their support for the union
      - Fired three pro-union workers

      Blue Diamond produces nearly a third of California's
      billion-dollar almond crop and can surely afford to treat its
      workers right. Transport operator James Bizallion, a 17-year
      veteran of the company supports a union because "We need a
      change there. The morale is gone. We need a voice."*

      Write Blue Diamond's CEO today to urge him to give workers like
      James a fair chance at having a voice at work and to rehire the
      fired workers.

      Thanks for taking action!

      Liz Cattaneo
      American Rights at Work

      *Quotes from: Osterman, Rachel, "Blue Diamond Tries to Avoid
      Union Organization," SacBee, 14 May 05.

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