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Weekly Conference Call Schedule October 2nd to Oct 8th 2005

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    Angel sharing while Dorianna s CD Memories of Michael plays on screen at Memorial. Contact Dorianna Peterson for transforming photos into a family video
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       Angel sharing while Dorianna's CD  'Memories of Michael' plays on screen at  Memorial.
      Contact Dorianna Peterson for transforming photos into a family video heirloom.  520-319-1818
      Weekly Conference Call Schedule
      October 2nd  to Oct 8th 2005


      Thursday: Inspirational / Meditative -
      * From 8pm to 11pm EST.     
                               Ph: 212-990-8000, Pin: 5454#

      Saturday: Information and Teaching Call,

      (Health, Technology, Law, etc.) -
      * From 11:00 am to 4:30pm EST.
                                      Ph: 212-990-8000- Pin: 7446#

      Sunday: Gratitude Call - 1st Sunday of each month -
      * From 6:45pm to 10pm EST.
                                   Ph: 212-461-5800, Pin: 6467#



      Thursday, Sept 29th: Weekly Inspirational and Meditative Call.
       This is our weekly "Family" call. The usual format is visiting by everyone on the call during the first hour. The second hour is for meditations, reading of poetry, interesting items, etc., and the third hour is more of the second hour and/or with Tara and Rama with a session from Mother Sekhmet.
      "Spirit" often leads this call. Sometimes we will plan a special guest that is appropriate for this call, but more often than not, this call is loosely structured, so we can enjoy the flow of spirit. Please join us. This is a call on which we get to know each other better.
      Looking forward to meeting you here.
      2 to 5pm Hawaii, 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern Conference phone number (212) 990-8000 pin 5454#
       This Thursday's call, we will have 2 presenters during the 2nd hour.
      #1 will be Richard Reid who wnt to the Washington D.C. march. He will share his wonderful experience.
      #2~ Karen Stewart recently attended a "Sustainable Living Expo", and will be sharing exciting ideas she came home with. Do you want to live in a "sustainable living community"? Or, do you want to do your "own thing", but would like to know these wonderful methods to incorporate into your own living space?
      Our 3rd hour of Thursday's call, Tara and Rama will again be interviewed, so our "Phone Family" can get to know them better. Don't miss these interviews. They are sharing much information you will never get anywhere else.
      Thank you, Richard and Karen!
      2 to 5pm Hawaii, 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern Conference phone number (212) 990-8000 pin 5454#

      Saturday, October 8th:
       Information and Teaching Call
      ( Health, Technology, Law, etc. )

      This call is designed to keep our family current on information from many fronts. We enjoy presentations from health professionals, product information, intuitive counselors, etc.

      Each week we have an hour of info on our national and worldwide current events--Breaking News, if you will.

      Often, Cynthia will bless us with a Trauma Clearing session. This is a process Michael developed during his years working with combat vets with PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] Cynthia knows that Michael wished to teach this method far and wide, since it is a self empowering technique that is simple enough for almost anyone to learn. These are "don't miss" events, folks. You won't find this wonderfu information in a book, as Michael has left that behind for Cynthia to carry on with.

      Once a month, the last Saturday of each month, we enjoy "JOKE DAY". We laugh the old month out! Bring your favorite jokes, you can share with mixed comany, and join the FUN!!!


      11:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST

      #1)12 to 1 PM EST: Kathy Scogna

      Kathy Scogna is a publisher. She is the wife of Joseph Scagna who wrote over 200 books in his lifetime.

      Joseph was way ahead of his time in understanding and connecting the many different disciplines.

      Kathy will be speaking about how he was able to peer down the time track of humanity looking for the energetic solutions to the troubles of man, his symptoms, his imbalances.

      He was able to bring together an understanding of cosmic and atomic energy and he applied this to the studies of the past, specifically synptomatology as found in homeopathy, the humors of the Greeks and the balance of the I Ching. He used philosophical reflection and various modern machines, including computers and infrared to define the electroplasmic field around living beings, Life Energy, and to codify the metabolic connections of body, mind and spirit. He dismissed the word "patient" , brought back the word "balance", and has given mankind a modern day natural philosophy that incorporates the visible and the invisible.

      #2] Nicole La Voie: 1 to 2 PM 

      Nicole LaVoie will be sharing the lastest information on the Ascension frequencies she has been given and how they complete what the Sound Wave Energy CD's have begun.

      Nicole has been with us before and is returning to share with us the new frequencies she has been given that have the potential to assist in raising us to Ascension.

      Quantum physics teaches us that everything in the universe, even the most solid-seeming matter, is a whirling mass of molecules vibrating at a certain frequency. Nicole has explored sound frequencies and resonance as they apply to the human body, mind, emotions and spirit. In her book, "Return to Harmony", Nicole shares her life and the spiritual journey which led her to the development of the Sound Wave Energy CD's. This profound body of work has as its purpose: bringing each of us into a state of harmony and balance within ourselves, our world and the universe.

      1-888-267-2309 website www.harmonyera.com

      #3) "Dan's Time"~ From 2 PM -3 PM EST
      Dan should be back from his triip and hopefully will share his information with us.

      Welcome home, Dan!

      #4] Scott, Tara, and Rama; 3 PM to 4:30 PM EST
      Scott, Tara and Rama [Mr. and Mrs. A] will be using the last 1 and a half hours to talk about what's happening that's hot! They have agreed to share this time each Saturday, thru the month of October. Their time, on last Saturday's call, was extremely popular with a lot of you. I had more postive response to their segment, than any other call. It pays to call me and let me know what you like!  Thanks to all who did so.
      Thank you Tara, Rama, and Scott!
      Joke Day is the last Saturday of each month. Everyone is to bring at least one joke, so we can enjoy some laughter together and get to share with each other. Laughter is healing. Thank you for joining us and participating. Let's lighten things up, the end of each month!!!!
      * The 1st 30 minutes of this call is for the callers to visit
      with each other.
      * The next 1/2 hour is for the day's schedule,
      teasers for  upcoming events and other information                     
      important for the group.
      Presentations begin at 12 noon EST
       * From 11:00 am to 4:30pm EST.
                                        Ph: 212-990-8000, Pin: 7446#

      Sunday, November 6th:
      Our once-a-month "Gratitude Call"
       "How we Met" will be our theme for November. Come prepared to share how you met your loved one.
      This is usually an interactive call, with all those wishing to share doing so.
      Last Sunday, Oct 2nd, Angel Terrazas shared with us his wonderful friendship with Michael. There were many laughts and also tears, during this delightful time. Sophia newsome shared a very poignant and thoughtful devotion at the beginning of our call.
      Thank you Sophia and Angel!!!!
      Thanks for joining our special "Gratitude" Family. This is a very special call. [Just once a month.]

      * From 6:45pm to 10pm EST.       
                                    Ph: 212-461-5800, Pin: 6467#


      For Questions and/or
      Suggestions For Future Calls,
       Please  Contact
      Carol Davis at: 760-367-7718
      God bless you all!
      Here is another page scanned from Michael's workbook on Healing Emotions. 
       Print this portion out to put in your hard copy Trauma Clearing notebook.



      Trauma Clearing (TC)   vs  Venting, [More "Traditional" Therapy]

      Teaching patient how to do therapy, versus [vs] no teaching. 

      3 hour session (to resolution), vs time limited, usually one hour with part resolution at best. 

      Trauma Clearing Method has clear steps in structured format. Frequent SUDS ratings to guide process. Rules govern exceptions. vs Ever variable format. Typically no SUDS ratings taken during therapy. The exception is often the rule.

      Psychologist as teacher/supervisor. vs Psychologist as therapist.

      Client as both patient and facilitator / therapist (depending on SUDS being high or low respectively). vs Client as patient only.

      Systematic 1D of exactly which trauma to clear. (Only 1) infected wound. vs Much less sytematic. Often shot gun venting. No sure way to know which trauma to work on.

      Trauma permanently resolved in one session. vs Partial resolution. Much less attention to complete resolution.

      Very few interventions by listener once process going. vs Back and forth exchanges ongoing between therapist and patient.

      Even in large group (16-20), half of patients clear a trauma. vs Small percentage of patient's "work" each group.

      Emotional, releaseful music is played. vs Typically no music.

      Average SUDS entering group is 4 - 8.-

      Average SUDS leaving group is 1 - 3. Typically every patient lowers SUDS. Very few nightmares after clearing. vs Unknown[SUDS not measured]. In PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder] groups, typically either average group SUDS increases or patients numb out with subsequent nightmares.

      Patients seen as healing selves.  vs  Therapist usually gets the credit.


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