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In honor of those affected by Katrina

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  • Rachelle Hava
    From: Geoff B Date: Wed Aug 31, 2005 12:37 pm Subject: In honor of those affected by Katrina As we go about our daily routines, let us
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
      From: "Geoff B" <jefftorchholder@...>
      Date: Wed Aug 31, 2005  12:37 pm
      Subject: In honor of those affected by Katrina

      As we go about our daily routines, let us take time to pause and
      reflect on those who have died, or rather left their bodies behind,
      in the wake of Katrina, and other events.

      There had been prophesies for millenia that foretold of the end of
      the world around the beginning of our new millenieum. Based on the
      spiritual progress of the people of Earth, this was what was to be.

      But a new thing began to happen within the past couple of decades.
      Humanity began to make a positive shift toward the light. Enough
      people opened up to the unseen realm of spirit, or at least it
      possibilities, that it was no longer necessary for the world to end.
      Earth has gone thru this process before. She has shifted and shaken
      and rearranged the elements, detoxifying what had been left behind.

      A forrest that is grossly overgrown is out of balance. Sometimes a
      fire clears thru the area. At first it looks like the area is
      destroyed. But in short time, new sprouts of life begin to appear
      and the forrest begins to regrow, this time in a state of balance.
      This was again the plan for Earth, until humanity reached within,
      and began to find the light.

      As a result, Earth doesnt have to hit the reset button again. Now
      things have changed, things have shifted. The eyes of many of our
      extra terrestrial friends are watching. Watching in awe of the
      major change that has happened and is in the process of happening
      for humanity and earth.

      Earth still has some changes to make, releasing energies that need
      to be released. And instead of worldwide destruction and
      devastation, the events will be more localized. There will only be
      pockets of people and other earth life affected at any given time,
      instead of on a global scale. As these life forces leave Earth,they
      are helping to balance the energies needed to keep Earth on the new

      As part of the preparation for the original plan of destruction, the
      old guard institutions grew into place. Systems that no longer
      work. Local governments, world governments, large corporations,
      economic systems, major industries no longer serve the highest good
      of humanity. These systems are filled with greed, graft, corruption,
      and self promotion to the point of injuring large groups of people.

      These old guard energies and systems will begin to fall and fail,
      but again, not all at once. As each of the old systems, that were
      appropriate for the old plan, begin to fail, new systems will
      replace them. Systems that work. Systems that work for the common
      good of everyone.

      When you hear of natural or man made disasters or calamaties or
      circumstances that take groups of human or other life from this
      planet, realize what is happening. The continuing exit of life
      energies from this planet are not a signal that things are out of
      control. It is rather a confirmation that Earth and her members are
      on the new track. As each new wave of beings exit, it helps
      rebalance the energies of this greatly out of balance system.

      Old systems will fail. Calamaties and disasters will continue. But
      they do so to make room for the new. New ideas and energies that
      cant be supported, or even get started, within the current

      When you hear of a hundred people dying in one place and thousands
      dying somewhere else, be aware that these individuals have chosen to
      participate in this way, at their higher levels of awareness. Take
      the time to stop for a few moments. Take the time to say 'Thank You
      For Your Sacrafice'. Let a genuine warm glow of compassion and
      gratitude begin to swell up inside you for all those who have left
      and will be leaving. Acknowledge their participation in this grand
      new plan for Humanity and Earth. As you do this, you will feel
      their gratitude to you for acknowledging the important role they are
      playing, a role that few will understand.

      And for the flood waters in the Gulf Coast areas, send love to the
      water. Send the waters love and compassion for their role in life.
      Visualize that as the waters recede, there is no biologic
      contamination, no diseases being spread thru the waters. Many
      groups of people around the world did this after the tsunami in
      December. And the expected breakouts of disease from the waters
      left behind, didnt happen. There is much power in sending love and
      light to the waters, and to the people affected by the hurricaine.

      To those who have left as a result of Katrina, to the hundreds who
      were trampled to death yesterday in Iraq, to those who have died in
      the recent plane crashes, and to all who are waiting for their
      chance to help balance the energies for the new path of Earth, we
      say from our heart, Namaste'. We say Thank You.


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