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The New World Consciousness

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  • stev485
    The New World Consciousness As Mankind approaches the newage there is a new vibration entering the world, older than time but yet new in all that it creates,
    Message 1 of 36 , Apr 8, 2001
      The New World Consciousness

      As Mankind approaches the newage there is a new vibration entering the world, older than time but yet new in all that it creates, it is the awareness of unity and the comprehending of a collective consciousness,  in the human collective and is a hierarchical order that is not of this world.
      Each person feeling this, and becoming aligned with its truth, will note that its focus is not on the self but of the heart that gives itself in service, if what is understood with regards to love truth and wisdom is not shared with others along the way, then it benefits nothing and no one.

       The new vibration of collective awareness or unity consciousness, exists within the more subtle sensory perceptions, just beyond the usual feeling spectrum we are all used to. It is the silent voice that does not raise its tone above the emotions, and mind chatter, of the individual and world ego, but instead asks that we be quiet enough within so as to hear its call and truth, within its energy field there is a signature, an impression of vastness, both in number and wisdom, and united in love, and a lover of the  eternal truth. The urge or impulse that passes through the heart of any that see past themselves enough to know it, is one of giving, to the point of frustration if no recipients are found, as love seeks not for itself to please…

      For countless ages life on earth has revolved around separation through the misuse of the personality vehicles, which instead of being used to express the divine in men, has been used to express fear and the desire for personal survival. Over identification with this aspect of self (the personality) perpetuates the isolation of humanity, from the source of life. The personality is only a tool for expression, which has been mistaken for the true self. Thoughts are constructive and build great matrices within the energy field of the one that thinks them, placing its signature into the collective field of human unconsciousness, which at the present time is chaotic and unorganized, it is noisy with billions of individual hopes, dreams and desires and filled with illusions of both past and present thought activity, all brought about through the over identification of the personality vehicle, to the sensitive the collective consciousness of humanity, is a very busy and unbearably noisy place, an assortment of billions of shouting voices, that carry a vibration that speaks of fear, doubt and isolation, and asks the question ‘what about me ?’

      As we move more completely into the newage on earth, we begin to hear a new voice permeating through the collective pool of human thoughts, emotions and mind chatter, new to those that are beginning to hear it, but ancient to those that knows it. For a long time it has been inaudible in the face of such physic noise, unable to be heard, as it speaks gently below the noise of self. As more people begin to identify themselves with its truth, hearts are united, and souls become silenced… ever more listening to the one voice that speaks throughout the world from within the hearts and minds of all those that are able to listen to its great truth, and wisdom, that is beyond all words and ideas.

      This great voice is Divinity, and it is like the inevitable flow of a river, and no dam can ever stop it from following its well chosen route, even if attempts are made to hold it back, it begins to pour through the smallest of cracks, until its greatness is to irresistible for any man, it bursts through all boundaries into a torrent that dissolves and overcomes all suffering, as each person slowly forgets themselves they enter into its eternal flow, and the life that pours anew from it into the suffering world.

      As this transition takes place each person develops a natural love and affinity with others who are linking in to the same unified consciousness, other servers of the divine plan, and all those souls willing to embrace a new way, forgetting there earthly identity for a divine one. In this way groups of people are able to engage the Divine flow in united service to the one goal. The core essence of the new world consciousness resonates completely in harmony with divine law, and when there are two or more people who have aligned themselves as much as possible with the right attitude towards it, then they are fused together through the heart center, into a collective effort, The new vibration held within the awakened heart wants only to share itself with anyone that has begun to see and feel the truth of life’s unfolding eternal rhythm, which is the homeward flow. And  is also like a fire that leaps from one being to another igniting the divine spark held within the willing candidate.

      So this divine light that is moving into the world at this time, is the force that unites all those that allow its truth to bind and unite them. It is the return of heaven on earth, as promised from ages old. And as divine love moves ever closer to the earth, a new world consciousness must result and be born from it, one that unites all hearts in service to the divine reality, honoring the God in man, as it begins to activate the dormant divine spark within the human being. This is the call that sounds out from the lowest to the highest place, from within the hidden worlds that are unseen by selfish eyes, and all those that are able, shall turn and face the direction from where it sounds it clarion call, a call that will if allowed, align all hearts in united truth without a care or a worry in the world, through eternally vigilance helpfulness and the ability to inspiring through its selflessness.

      As this great voice sweeps a calling across the inner landscapes and plains of mankind’s reality, it draws all those souls that have thirsted long and hard for the truth. Like moths to a flame, and also brings beings from all corners of cosmos and beyond in service to humanity, and the dawning of the newage on earth, With but one desire, to help! And share their knowledge and wisdom freely. This is the uniting factor of loves nature, once one heart knows of loves greatness there remains only the wish, to share it with others! This is true service, and however it is rendered, it is the greatest thing one can offer another, to be willing to take the love from ones own heart and place it into the heart of another is selfless enough to ensure that they themselves are given in equal measure, and is a loving statement that leaves little doubt as to the power of the divine, but this love can only be known and seen by those that are able to see its truth, and so is only available to the few that are able to look beyond life’s illusions, as the divine only has business with those who are able to receive it, although its light is available to all.

      From this focus it is easy to see why so many beings have taken up embodiment at this great and vital moment in world history. As we gather in the new spirit let us find clarity from what comes of group unity and the quality and abilities that are offered into the one work, through those that are apart of it, allowing it to flow through a united expression. And know that as we do so we gain ever more strength and joy in our oneness, for nothing can ever be lost in unity only gained through greater number…and in the blending of each souls energy into the work.

      The coming times are unlike any other in the history of earth. Those that are able to choose with their freewill to know Unity, will walk the path and lead the way to achieving a collective consciousness on earth, and this has indeed already begun…The result of all spiritual work must be unity. Such is the law. There is only one place to move towards, and that is Oneness, and a blending of the essence of the inner divine nature that is held within each person into the larger life.

      It has long been known that the only way to end mankind’s isolation is to replace it with something else, unity. This is a process that is normally learnt through many lifetimes and different experiences, not until mankind has been both the attacker and the victim of his own creations, through many incarnations and lessons can he have stood in the shoes of all men, and so see them as he sees himself. Without separation from his own experience, but rather a part of himself, but now at this time there are those that have incarnated into life that have knowledge to share with humanity as time is running out and mankind left alone cannot see clarity.

      Through such beings of great experience, can humanity at last realize that there is no separation from each other, and all at some point have been all things to one another.
      Once this understanding has been reached the next stage is achievable, Unity.  There is no longer any need to take up an opposing view, as all have been known and experienced by everyone at some point, all that remains is the blending of life patterns and experiences, combining all understanding into the one mind and group heart. enabling those in the world who are willing to move as one life wave into the next reality, with a heart united.

      Few people alive today have reached this level of understanding, and some that have are locked in fierce battles within themselves or the collective illusions of the material plain,  few people are able to surrender the need for a separate experience of life, in favor of a united expression, the first is an in-take of life and the latter is an out pouring of love, ready or not the times are changing. No longer can mankind sustain neither himself or the world he lives upon, when selfish intention and ignorance to the truth are the ruling factor, so it is now in these times and through divine will, that such understanding of collective consciousness or unity be brought to earth, for all who are able to surrender themselves in loves name, creating one world heart dedicated to dissolving all illusions from both the inner plains of life and its outer expressions, the call of the new age is also a call to unity, a joining and sharing of the life wave known as humanity, with divine love, truth and wisdom, this is the only way to step forward into the new world that is already a living reality for some, and is soon to been known by the masses on earth, as divine will brings the world back into alignment regardless of humanity or the unaligned personality.

      Upon correct understanding of what is required in these times, right actions must follow, brining about the most noble and purest of manifestations, which will be the signature of the New World Consciousness. This begins within our own lives by becoming an example to all people, through our willingness to walk the path in loving service to others, forsaking all else but God! In this hearts are united in harmonious fellowship. For in these times there is no room for the old outmoded and separate ways of life, to begin with it does not work ! And also it does not vibrate in truth and so will come to and end, as surly as it begun, and as Gods will calls us ever onward into the next chapter of life, we know that the pages shall only be turned by the willing of heart, and all those that would be moved into action through the embracing of the divine kingdom that is now being born on earth, through the crumbling of the old.

      Born of chaos shall mankind step forward with a new heart, that offers itself in loves name. Having walked all possible paths and moved through the raging fires of dualistic experience, thus giving birth to a new divine man, from out of the useless yet necessary ashes of the old fires, into an unfolding of his true nature regardless of himself, shall he step forward. All that would hold him back for another eternity will be overcome by those that are dedicated to answering the call, in unity and accordance with divine law. Through countless distractions shall he come forward to claim what is his, in alignment with Gods will and in collective cooperation with other group members, dedicated to the same.

    • ilive4ugod
      I want to begin by saying that I feel very blessed to have happened upon this place. This month, in particular, I have been led in various directions in my
      Message 36 of 36 , May 17, 2008
        I want to begin by saying that I feel very blessed to have happened
        upon this place. This month, in particular, I have been led in
        various directions in my spiritual path and have had some incredible
        experiences. This seemed to fit right in at the perfect time.

        So, I say hello and I look forward to what will enter my mail box!!!
        Blessings to all of you!
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