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See only specialities – Words of Wisdom

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  • B K
    See only specialities – Words of Wisdom God has given us the knowledge of both coming and going. One who comes has to go. The knowledge of the whole cycle
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005

      See only specialities – Words of Wisdom

      God has given us the knowledge of both coming and going.  One who comes
      has to go.  The knowledge of the whole cycle can be given in two words; to
      come and to go.  This is what we are making effort for isn't it?  The iron
      age will go and the golden age will come.

      To be within the gathering of the family is a great fortune.  Of course
      God is with us but He tells us that we have to fulfil the responsibility
      to the family.  God says that some children say it is very nice to be with
      God, that they like gyan (Knowledge), but that it is difficult to move along with the
      family.  You have God and gyan but do you want to rule in the kingdom? If
      so, there needs to be a connection with everyone.

      When there is conflict with someone in the family, understand it as the
      settling of karma.  But then also see how much love you receive from the
      family.  The rosary is a memorial of the family. Seeing the family we should
      feel that this is the family I have come into after 5,000 years.  No-matter
      what someone may be like, he is still a member of the family.  We have to
      fulfil our responsibility to the family as much as we do to God.  God
      tells us to remain like a lotus; detached and lovely.  You cannot leave the
      gathering;  by remaining like a lotus learn to be in the family and be
      happy.  Be loving to the father and keep the image of yourself as a lotus
      flower in front of you.  It is not difficult, a lotus lives in dirty water
      but remains lovely.  Learn to merge what you see.

      God says that even if someone has a defect, just look at their
      specialities.  There definitely is some speciality or they would not belong
      to God.  The difference comes in using the speciality. Some use their
      intellect to make plans, some do karma yoga but all are moving along with
      their specialities.  By increasing your speciality you will remain happy.
      Use it in a worthwhile way and see how it increases.  If you don't use it,
      it will finish.  It will be as if you use it all up.

      Remember  that each one is one out of multi-millions.  To recognise God
      is not a small thing; even religious souls and presidents cannot recognise
      God.  This is not small the sign of a small intellect. God has accepted
      each one as His child.  Look at others in this way and you will enjoy
      yourself a great deal.  Then you will never have any waste thoughts.  Waste
      thoughts come when you interact with others and see or hear something.  We
      really have to learn to look only at specialities.  If you see something
      that is not right, indicate to the seniors then remain free. If something
      does happen we should  simply find the solution for it and not hold it in
      our mind.
       God is responsible and the seniors are responsible.  You don't need to
      follow it up.  Have good wishes that  that they will move forward.  Don't
      get caught up in thinking about them, just keep yourself busy taking from
      God because you have to serve the whole world .  How can you serve if you
      are caught up?

      God gives us the third eye of knowledge and sits us on the beautiful throne
      of the self sovereign in the centre of the forehead.  God give us this
      throne and yet we get off it and sit on a chair.  Which chair?  The chair of
      being a judge and a lawyer.  Who does a judge or lawyer judge? Others!  Now
      don't go after the chair of a lawyer or a judge.  Don't run after the chair
      of position.  In the world people are willing to kill each other for this
      chair.  God has given us such beautiful thrones; God's heart throne and the
      throne of self sovereignty.  Do you really want to sit on a chair when these
      sparkling thrones are available?

      If you maintain the consciousness of being an instrument while doing service
      you will never feel tired because you will not carry any burden of the
      service.  You will experience that it is God who is responsible for
      everything.  In this state of instrument consciousness you will never have
      an 'off mood'. Your feeling will be that you are simply a trustee carrying
      out the task.  God is responsible.  He is everyone's 'Head of  Department'.

      Some say that God is incorporeal so how can they hold His hand.  In fact,
      God's hand is His shrimat (God’s Words). If you want to feel that you are holding His
      hand, simply follow shrimat. There is not a single action for which God
      hasn't given shrimat.  How to speak, sit, walk, how to smile.  To follow
      shrimat means to hold on to God's hand very tightly.  Check yourself in
      every action from morning till night; this is all you have to do.  You have
      God's hand, God's company - is there anything else you need?

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