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why can't people see you ??? a "real" short story

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    a conversation with God about how to solve earth problems kentstarchild01 A child of god (ACOG) had a conversation with God, one day, and it transpired in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2005
      a conversation with God about how to solve earth
      problems kentstarchild01

      A child of god (ACOG) had a conversation with God, one
      day, and it transpired in the following way:

      ACOG: There are so many problems on Earth. Why don't
      you do something to end all of those problems, and
      exactly where are you?
      Why can't people see you?

      God: My child, I am aware of all of the problems that
      exist on Earth, but I did not create any of those
      problems on Earth.
      All of you children of mine created those problems,
      and I will, thus, let you solve them on your own.

      If I step in to try to solve all of
      your problems, then you and my other children will
      never learn how to stop creating problems. You would,
      thus, continue to create the same problems over and
      over without end if I always stepped in to
      solve all or some or any of your problems.

      I will now answer your question of where am I. Well,
      my child, I am everywhere, but my central mind exists
      within the central sun that
      is in the middle of all universes.
      My spirit world body exists
      everywhere. My body is composed of pure energy.
      I must tell you a
      secret. I don't know everything like most of you
      children think.
      Heck, I don't even know who or what created me.

      Furthermore, I don't know everything that goes on with
      every life form on every planet in every universe, and
      that is why I have angels helping me.
      My angels give me regular reports of what goes
      on in all of the different universes. I have angels
      constantly watching and patrolling every area of every
      planet in all of the many universes, and that is how I
      am able to know what is going on
      everywhere in the cosmos.

      ACOG: God, I think that you need to stop just sitting
      back to let your children of Earth try to solve their
      many hellish problems on their own because they are
      really making a bigger and bigger mess of
      things on Earth. They really need someone that is very
      powerful to help them to solve some or all of their
      major Earth problems.

      God: What are your suggestions of what I should do to
      solve some or all of the major Earth problems of my
      children on Earth?

      ACHOD: First of all, I think that you should remove
      all of the evil people from Earth.

      God: If I did that, then there would hardly be anyone
      left on Earth because all of you children sometimes
      think, say, and do evil/negative things. Although all
      of my Earth children sometimes think, say, and do
      negative/evil things from time to time, some of
      you do them much more than others. Furthermore, some
      of you Earth children feel very bad and guilty
      whenever you think, say, and do
      evil/negative things, and some of you don't. If I
      remove any of my Earth children from Earth, then I
      think that I would remove the ones
      who have no guilts, or remorses about doing great
      evils to others.
      Since you are one of my favorite children on Earth, I
      greatly respect your thoughts, and just where do you
      suggest that I send those very evil children of mine
      after I remove them from Earth?

      ACOG: I think that you should send them to an empty
      planet that is far from Earth.

      God: Okay, my child, I think that that is what I will
      do. I will do that because there seems to be no better
      solutions for ending all of the terrible problems on
      your planet, and when do you want me to
      do that?

      ACOG: You can do that now if you want to.

      God: I think that I need to give all of them one more
      chance to turn their evil lives around for the better
      before I send them all
      to another planet that is far from Earth. I will tell
      all of my angels on Earth to personally send/give
      messages of warnings to all
      of my children who are constantly doing great evils to
      others on Earth, and who love doing those evils, and
      who also never have any
      guilts or remorses for doing great evils towards
      others. I want my angels to warn them that they all
      will be transported to that other planet if they don't
      stop their evil ways by August 30, 2005.

      ACOG: Okay, God, your plan sound good to me, and now
      we just have to wait to see if those very evil
      children of yours will soon stop
      doing all of their very great evils. Only time will

      God: Once again, my child, you are one of my best and
      most devoted children on Earth, and I will always
      listen to what you have to say,
      and I will always try my best to help you out whenever
      you ask me
      for help.
      I also want you to know that I will always have a
      legion of my best angels watching and protecting you
      at all times.
      Therefore, never worry about anything while you carry
      out your daily tasks upon Earth, but just make sure
      that you continue to try your very best to follow and
      obey my natural law, which is as follows:


      ACOG: Bye God, and thanks again for taking the time to
      listen to
      me. I will soon talk to you again.

      created and written by kentstarchild on August 1, 2005

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