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Nesara note print from Alan Martin

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    _____ From: Alan Martin [mailto:am014l1732@blueyonder.co.uk] Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:51 PM Subject: Nesara note print Dearest Lightworkers and NESARA
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      From: Alan Martin [mailto:am014l1732@...]
      Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:51 PM

      Subject: Nesara note print

      Dearest Lightworkers and NESARA members,

      We must all join together and manifest NESARA happening as soon as possible.  We have designed these commemorative keepsakes to assist us all in this manifestation which is so vitally urgent and important.  These NESARA bank note prints will also be wonderful collector’s items to pass down for generations marking the day in history when our World peace and unity was returned to us.

      Please join us in this group manifestation and become an owner of this treasure and this purpose of being together as one.

      God bless!!!!

      Alan Martin

      AJ Maimbourg




      The prints measure 8"x5" aprox.


      They come in three denominations £10 - £20 - £50.  

      There is a choice of two finishes : Glossy or Matt.

      Please state your preference.

       Please note that if no preference is made, the finish will be Matt.

      The word "SAMPLE" will not appear on the print(s) you order.


      The cost is $15.00 each or buy a set of  three prints for $40.00... a savings of $5.00 on each set.


      Tell us you are a member ofCynthia & Michael 's group and there will be no charge for postage and handling.


      Preferred payment is by Paypal to Account:  ar.martin@...


      Please place your order in the memo box along with your mailing address.   


      IE: "set of 3" ........  "Nesara10"....... "Nesara20"........ "Nesara50"


      followed by your address to where you desire the prints sent.


      If you do not have a PayPal account or prefer to remit by check, please make checks payable to:


      Quest International Marketing


      Checks should be mailed to :  Quest International Marketing

                                                     61 Alerion Street  

                                                     LAS VEGAS NV 89138


      Please indicate on your orders which method of payment you will be using.  Also, be sure to included your:



      Phone number

      (Orders placed by checks will not be filled until the check has cleared the bank).


      Postage is by Airmail / small package,  from theUnited Kingdom , and could take up to 10 days to arrive after mailing.  Thanks for helping us all manifest and bring NESARA NOW!!  Enjoy your commemorative piece of this history!

      If you have any questions please contact me at  ar.martin@... .

      Thank you and God bless!!!

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