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Become gold of the highest quality - Words of Wisdom

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    Become gold of the highest quality - Words of Wisdom Having become God s, we have become gold . The One who is the Truth is the One who has made us true
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2005
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      Become gold of the highest quality - Words of Wisdom

      Having become God's, we have become 'gold'.  The One who is the Truth is
      the One who has made us true gold.  Not only is He a goldsmith, He is also
      an alchemist ; the One who knows how to change something into gold simply by
      touching it.  His blessing for us is; may you be divine.  When someone is
      divine, whatever they touch becomes divine.  In this way they colour others.

      The task of a goldsmith is to remove alloy. He does this by melting down the
      gold. When we receive knowledge we melt. It takes hard work and effort from
      the Goldsmith. The fire has to be kept hot so the impurity can be removed.
      It shouldn't be that truth stays with you but falsehood also stays.  In that
      way you would be left as gold which still has alloy mixed.  Such a type of
      gold is not as bright or beautiful, neither does it hold as much value as
      pure gold.  In order to become true gold, carelessness and laziness have to
      be removed and replaced with honesty and a sensible nature.

      Some do become gold but not the highest quality 24 carat gold.  They still
      keep a little falsehood left as if that is something they can keep to use in
      the world or to show  people.  If you reveal yourself to people as someone
       who still has alloy mixed, they would become confused.  How
      could they believe that God is your teacher?  God then remains as the
      observer.  He sometimes tells us that He does not know everything.  Why?
      Because He wants you to tell Him honestly what you are up to.  If your
      behaviour is just so-so or if you are influenced by the good and bad
      behaviour of others, there will be more rust.   In fact layer upon layer of
      rust will accumulate and it then becomes difficult to remember God - as if
      He is a million miles away.

      Our connection with God is just like a telephone.  If you love someone you
      will keep wanting to just dial their number.  It takes just a few seconds to
      connect.  With us it is not a matter of coming into sound - we silently dial
      and silently speak.  If you come into sound to complain, He really won't
      want to listen.  He will say 'Ok, I have told you what to do and how to do
      it.  If you don't want to do it, then do whatever you want'. 

      To be influenced by the dictates of your own
      mind or the dictates of others is sin.  We have to pay attention not to come
      under anyone else's influence and not to influence anyone else negatively

      If you choose to listen and let it in one ear and out the other, or if you
      know everything inside and then continue with your old ways, He becomes the
      observer..  Everyone knows their own self.  There is really no point in
      being dishonest with yourself.  You, and no-one else, are responsible for your own karma.  People who don't have gyan (Knowledge) may not  know what they are
      doing but as we do.  We can see the task that God has undertaken.
      In fact, He cares for you like no-one else in the world can but really what
      can He do if He speaks and you don't listen?

      To listen to the defamation of others or to speak defamatory things yourself
      is really not the right thing for God's children to be doing.  This is
      actually a sign of the impurity that still remains in the soul.  To finish
      this we have to show a stern eye to our own selves. 

      If we were to sit in a bhatti(Remembrance of God) for one day we would understand what it means to incinerate sins from the past. Now put yourself in a bhatti and destroy
      all types of impure thoughts.  To create such a stage you will really need
      to remember God.  Why?  Because you will then feel God's power and you
      will get the strength to destroy your weaknesses.  Make taking power in this
      way a hobby and see how much you enjoy your new hobby.

      Time is telling us to make our lives happy and to share that happiness with
      others.  The past has gone.  Whatever will happen will be drama. Be silent -
      be subtle.  Now is the time to live the way God has taught us, to die the
      way God has taught us.  He teaches us and then watches us.  He serves and
      then remains beyond; learn to become this way yourself.

      To go to the Treasure house of Wisdom, Truth, please visit



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