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I Am Affirmations

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  • Karen
    file:///C|/WINDOWS/TEMP/nscomm40/tmp/tmp6/edt1.htm A Practical American Spirituality by C. Alan Anderson and Deborah G. Whitehouse I am love. I am the great
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2002
      A Practical American Spirituality
      by C. Alan Anderson and Deborah G. Whitehouse

      I am love.
      I am the great givingness of God (or all reality) centered in myself.
      I am the awareness of generosity flowing forth to everyone and
      everything everywhere.
      I am the abundance of God bursting forth unreservedly in my life and
      in all those with whom I have any contact (and in some degree that is
      everyone and everything).
      I am a process through whom God enriches the universe.
      I am joy.
      I am the bubbling, laughing, smiling, charming spirit of all reality,
      coming forth through my awareness. I am God's playmate, a small but
      indispensable source of God's joy, God's satisfaction. Even when I
      may not feel that I am a source of joy to myself, I have some
      awareness that my often stumbling growth is a source of satisfaction
      to God, even as a child's first efforts at walking are occasions for
      joy to the parent, who knows that great strides are in the offing.
      I am God's unique project.
      I am the bursting forth of goodness, of strength, of beauty, of
      humor, of cussedness, of ordinariness, of almost angelic balance, of
      splendid uniqueness. I am an opportunity for God to accomplish
      something marvelous as me. I let God do it! I join wholeheartedly in
      the divine adventure of making something splendid that never has been
      before in the whole history of humanity. I hardly can wait to see
      what God and I shall make! I'm ready, God; let's go! You lead the way
      and I'll do my best to embody you in the fullness of beautiful
      accomplishment. I'll not waste time regretting that I didn't join in
      the fun more fully long ago. I let that past be past, as I relish the
      present, in which we happily co-create.
      I am abundance.
      I am the richness of the universe centered in myself, radiating forth
      to everyone.
      I am the security that only awareness of unity with God can give.
      I am that which cannot fade, that cannot disappear, that is ever new
      and abundant.
      I am the certainty of divine assurance, the confidence of perfect
      power, perfect repose.
      I am co-creator of my life.
      Never do I go it alone. Never do I lack guidance. Never am I without
      perfect companionshipþdivine and, in whatever degree I choose
      itþhuman. I have never created on my own; it has always been in
      cooperation with God, who gave the perfect ideas, the perfect
      possibilities even when I didn't listen. But now I KNOW; now I am
      open and aware that God and I work together; that neither God nor I
      can make this little bit of reality centered around me, without the
      contribution of the other.
      I am perfect peace.
      I am so unshakably confident of the presence of the God who is
      perfect love that I have no fear, no trembling, no uncertainty that
      could undermine my confidence.
      I am perfectly at ease. I know that I have given my life to God for
      perfect divine guidance and for uncritical acceptance.
      I allow the alchemy of love to work its wondrous way in my life.
      I give up all striving on my own, now that I know that God and I are
      partners, I the junior, happily cooperating with my Senior Partner.
      I am endless enthusiasm.
      I enthusiastically accept God's magnificent gift of fresh ideas every
      moment. I know that the whole universe is present to me and providing
      all that I ever could need or want, in the context of God's guidance.
      I am eager to see what loving gift God will give me this moment and
      every one after it.
      I am thankfulness unimaginable.
      I am so grateful for God that I could shout, and in my own quietþor
      boisterous, outrageousþway I do! I let my life shout my appreciation
      of God. I don't need to talk about it, and I'm wise enough not to,
      except when people in words or their other ways make it clear that
      they'd like to get more consciously into the divine act. Then I tell
      them what I can, but mostly I invite them to turn within and discover
      the glory that they have been hiding and maybe denying for decades.
      As they grow, we grow together in the company of the smiling ones who
      blossom forth in common joy, yet unique in each expression of it.
      I am free choice.
      I realize that the essence of my life is freedom of choice. I am not
      poured into anyone's mold. I am not determined by the past. I am free
      to choose from the alternatives provided by the pattern of the past
      and by the perfect possibilities, the enlightened ideas, that God
      offers to me.
      I am perfect paradox.
      I am the silence that hollers. I am the stillness that dances. I am
      the beginning that is the end. I am the newness that is ancient. I am
      the here that is everywhere. I am eloquence without words. I am human
      that is divine. I am the divine that is garbage. I am the trees that
      walk. I am the impossible possibilities. I am something so great that
      it is nothing. I am so fully that I scarcely care whether I am at
      all. I know without knowing. I weep with neither sadness not apparent
      joy. I am I AM, yet ever i.
      I am born anew.
      Not born again, for I have never been before. Yet I contain the ages.
      All wisdom is mine. But I know nothing other than the freshness of
      original birth. I have all that I could ever want, even when I forget
      it. Then I am new again in another first birth.

      I am me.
      I note my immediate surroundings, and they are not-me. I become aware
      of my body, and I allow it to relax. I become aware of my thoughts,
      and I allow them to slow, and then cease. I become still, and
      centered, waiting in the silence. I begin to expand. I become aware
      that I am one with the entire space I occupy. I expand still further,
      until I include the town, the state, the continent. I feel the oceans
      beating on my shores, the mountains rising in my midst, the sky
      overhead. I continue to expand, until I include the planet, light on
      one side, dark on the other. I am the solar system, the galaxy, the
      universe. I am one. The Love that made me, is me, as me. Somehow
      everything is as it should be. Disasters, wars, cruelty, waste,
      disappointment, loss, are all part of the same Whole as beauty, love,
      peace. Chaos resolves into higher order. The divine plan continues
      steadily, resolutely, dependably. The darkness drops away, and all
      that remains is light and love. All is well.

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