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IGLOO - #057 - 4 JULY 2005 - Inner Glow Lovingly Opens Opportunities - I know I am being called to greater purification

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  • Jophiel JagGY
    Seeking Truth wherever it may lead Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities on the Path to Personal Enlightenment Today s Music is: 5-21-03 Rita (Stop in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2005
      Seeking Truth
      wherever it may lead

      Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities
      on the Path to Personal Enlightenment
      Today's Music is:  5-21-03 Rita (Stop in the name of Love)

      The True Teacher Is One With Universal Will. One With the Universal Consciousness.
       And the Servant of All

      Well, I'm sure Kuan Yin is guiding you to this new and successful path. Let Her walk in front of you and everything will develop the right way.
      I am happy for you!
      The feeling from these words from my Friend Claudia in Brasil meant more than I can ever put into words
      Starting all over does mean that we trust
      and rely  that everything we need will come
      We were ALONE and Naked on the track as we started anew
      We are clothed
      we are not alone
      Because we trusted
      then before we know it
      We have a team dancing with us
      However we must remain vigilant where we get our support .
      (I let someone bind my feet with banana leaf and found out it was "wrong" for me)
      I saw a channelled message from Mohamed (Prophet of Islam)
      WOW, I thought
      This I have to share
      I calibrated it at 500
      so I did not share
      as 500 means there are many distortions in the document and message
      rather that go into detail I left it.
      (As I write these words I receive news that Malaysian Muslim Religious Authorities in an East Cost State have arrested some "Muslims" who are teaching Universal love across all religions)
      As we seek to bring Love and Peace to the world we will get a myriad of information
      all of which is coloured to some extent by the LIFE VIEW of the Recipient of the channelled Data
      and it is easy to press "FORWARD" because the information supports our "belief system"
      Yet all the Great masters did not seek to create a BELIEF SYSTEM
      I was empowered with these words
      In order to perform an empowerment, a single Lama will spend months
      preparing himself to be a clear channel of the force to be called. A
      group of Dharma (lit. 'truth') students then come together to be given
      the 'introduction' (my own term) to that deity.
      How much do we PREPARE
      before we introduce others to any form of spiritual progress?
      Many of us can attune others to a form of growth and healing
      Do we take the time to CLEANSE OURSELF
      before we attune anyone to anything
      no matter how many times we may have done it before?
      I know I am being called to greater purification and Learning
      I have asked for it
      I know it will be challenging
      I know I have more of SELF to let go
      I know it will take me to places not  even dreamed of
      I have answered
      Are you also called?????????????
      Boldly Go where only the enlightened have gone before?
      God Falls hardest on those SHe loves and needs the Most

      People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness.
      Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost.

      (c) Jophiel JagGY (IGLOO)-  4 July 2005
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please forward IGLOO to all who are open to receive it·

      75 Achievement

      The card’s interpretation:

      A well groomed young woman sits at the window conversing with a pink Galah. The scene outside the window is of

      the Pilbara. The Pilbara exists as challenging terrain in the remote north west ofAustralia . It’s beauty doesn’t make it

      liveable except for a few very brave people who may deal with the daily hardships of nature. The message from our

      pink Galah is one of ‘detachment of mind”, allowing for complete freedom through focused thinking.

      Galah also symbolizes the cultural and social change which we all are experiencing in these beginning days

      of the 21st century. 2040 will show us a society not previously known in history. The delicate frame of the fairy wren

      allows us to see that change is subtle as it arrives through communication systems not previously explored by

      humankind. One translation of the Hebrew word ‘galah’ as mentioned in the Torah, is that it means ‘will reveal’.

      Galah is promising our blonde lady that through her own stillness all will be revealed. Both birds offer the message of a

      liberty within the freedom of choices we make for our everyday life. They are practical birds – accepting of life as it is for

      them. They symbolize the four character virtues as outlined by Plato and Aristotle – Courage, Moderation,

      Justice, and practical intelligence. These virtues allow for a fundamental security of being.

      The turquoise jewellery worn by our lady allows for the healing within ourselves as a solace to spirit as well as

      promoting communication between the physical and spiritual worlds of our being.

      This card is meant to show us that we all have the ability to visualize and accept in faith the dreams

      our minds do hold for us. There are no shortcuts within this style of communication –

      the dreams are the goal and step by step life allows us the achievement as the reality for the soul’s journey.


      The divinatory meaning:

      You are being given the gift of knowledge. Knowledge that you can achieve anything you desire to do.

      This knowledge comes also with an attitude of mature wisdom – that there are no shortcuts –

      patient stepping with the longer view in mind. There is no need to wallow in wishful thinking as you know

      that it is possible to climb to the top of the mountain as well as live in terrain disdained by others.

      The conditions you face today are the changes of yesterday which allows you to reset the goals of the future.

      Allow these changes to be the innovation for the conviction of bold new ventures.

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