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Words from one of the 10 Keepers of Wisdom - Eliminate Sorrow, Sadness and Tiredness

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  • B K
    Eliminate Sorrow, Sadness and Tiredness Are you observing that the quality and sound of your voice is changing as each day goes by? Although God says forget
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005
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      Eliminate Sorrow, Sadness and Tiredness

      Are you observing that the quality and sound of your voice is changing as
      each day goes by?  Although God says forget the past, but just for a
      moment, emerge the memory of how I used to sound, how my voice has changed
      from the beginning, through the middle and how I will sound in the future.
      The sound of those on the pilgrimage of remembrance will be that we're going
      home.  They feel happy that the pilgrimage is finishing and that their
      fellow pilgrims are with them.  There's the feeling for whomever we meet
      that they should come along too, that everyone should join us-the feeling of
      being an agent for others.

      God has a lot of love for flowers.  His drishti (vision) makes souls rose flowers-as
      soon as His drishti falls on us we change.  A flower doesn't look at anyone
      else, it just gets on with what it has to do. Every single word of God's
      contains so much power.  Even by just emerging one word of God's, the heart
      blossoms and everything else dissolves.  Who has this experience? Our
      happiness now has to increase so much that the sorrow of the world finishes.
      It shouldn't be just that I alone am happy, but that everyone else is happy

      This is why my stage now has to be so still, stable, immoveable, and free
      from obstacles; it should be so constant and consistent.  God has given us
      this homework for this season.

      We never used to give God excuses for why our stage got disturbed. Nowadays
      people think up reasons, they speak about them and they listen to others'
      reasons. The solution for all these 'reasons' is to stay in the stage of the

      Maya (negative thoughts) wants to try her power, to test us. She comes to get us

      at Amrit Vela, she comes in terms of nature and different circumstances and

      even in terms of food (food prepared without GodÂ’s remembrance).She tries

      all the yuktis she can. But the days of our exams are coming close

      and we have to claim our certificate.

      We have to eliminate three things: sorrow, sadness and tiredness. We must
      not have the slightest drop of sorrow inside of us. God is remembered as
      the Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness and Peace-so how can His
      children have sorrow? Any sorrow we still have sitting within is old and
      accumulated; and sometimes we become like children and adopt a sensitive
      nature. We need to give ourselves the training not to take sorrow and not to
      give it, because we must become royal.  If you don't take sorrow then the
      one who is trying to give it will eventually give up; if you take it, then
      the one giving will continue to give it. If Maya sees you're a good customer
      she'll come back again and again.

      The second aspect is sadness. You don't experience sorrow but you get sad
      sometimes and then the smile doesn't emerge on the face. God's smile is
      filled with blessings, love and power. We should check that our smile is the
      same. If I'm sad it means I'm subservient at some level. I might say yes to
      things externally but internally I'm discontent. So examine your own face.

      The third thing to check is tiredness. Who has become tireless, free from
      tiredness in the mind as well as in service and efforts? God is responsible
      for service, so I don't need to be concerned about that. We must never say
      "This is my student." Or "I've brought so and so." Our attitude should be
      free from these things. God is pulling the souls.

      Any tiredness I experience in effort is due to being subservient to Maya
      over a long period of time. Sometimes I get tired of the nature of others
      also. People can't see what the Bestower is giving us if there's the
      slightest vibration of tiredness. As we become conquerors of Maya that
      tiredness disappears.

      When we eliminate sorrow, sadness and tiredness we'll feel that the
      karmateet (separate from action) stage is just ahead and there'll be a feeling of humility and of being an instrument. Then we won't even need to come into

      words-our faces will reveal everything. With our powerful stage we'll

      create a powerful atmosphere. A stage that is free from obstacles, that is unshakeable

      and immoveable, takes us higher. Then when I look down below everything looks
      very good.

      We've come here to become perfect. We have this blessing from God. When I
      am contented from the heart then I'm using each moment in a worthwhile way.
      Then God is also pleased to see His jewels of contentment.

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