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    The Importance of not Sulking The sanskars that are created in the confluence age are those of staying with God and being in God s company. This experience
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2005

      The Importance of not Sulking

      The sanskars that are created in the confluence age are those of staying
      with God and being in God's company. This experience that we have of being
      close to God in the confluence age is such that it stays with us throughout
      the entire cycle. In the confluence age, we have both the connection and
      interaction with God. It is God who is getting things done. It
      is God I have to think of, not service. When it comes to service, I don't
      need to think about what needs to be done. If my intellect is still, I will
      catch what needs to be done.

      Some have the habit of always correcting others: 'it should be like this,
      not like that'. We must not use our intellect to correct others. Let
      me never say I don't know how to do something, or I don't have time to
      prepare. Let me be everready.

      Never have any complaints about anything. If I maintain my connection to
      God, others will have the experience that it is God getting things done.
      There will be such a feeling of pleasure. In God's home, we are doing
      service with a feeling of remembrance of God, with a lot of happiness.

      Becoming upset is a very dangerous defect. If someone has the nature of
      becoming upset, they don't have the strength to be corrected. Let me not
      compare myself with others. The habit of becoming upset, or sulking, is
      babyish. If you sulk, you will experience the punishment of that sulking.

      There is a real emphasis on how sulking actually brings
      punishment. God wants us to be cautious about this.

      The sorrow of being insulted is one of the greatest sorrows people
      experience. If you praise them, they'll carry on. Sometimes, they're not
      really insulted, but they take it that way anyway. When this happens, they
      first forget all the love they've received from the family. Then they forget
      all they've taken from God; and eventually they even forget all the comfort
      and love that they experienced while serving in God's home. It is important
      for the soul to be detached and to remain equal in praise and defamation -
      an incognito, true, honest effortmaker will internally practice just this.
      There will be the practice that I the soul, am detached from this body. They
      will see what is going on outside as an observer; they will have the
      feeling, "I am on the inside. Whatever else is happening is out there. I'm
      not going to get affected by this".

      Sustenance, study and attainment. If we stay in the awareness of these three
      things, we will never get upset. It is Sustenance that makes the heart say "God,
      thank you for taking me from the rubbish and bringing me to a clean place".
      Study makes us wise and sensible. The attainments are so vast that we have
      the feeling that they must become part of our form; we become the form of
      peace, love, power and bliss.

      There are three seats: the forehead, God's heart throne and service. The
      seat of the center of the forehead brings strength and enables you to sit on
      God's heart throne. Service is to extract the sorrow that has accumulated
      in the hearts of people and fill them with peace and happiness. The ones who
      inculcate knowledge are the ones who are fortunate. Whoever I make equal
      will also become fortunate.

      God's sustenance makes our foundation strong. Study creates a viceless

      Study is for the future but we also experience the benefit today. When we
      study well we can sit on God's heart throne. People worry about the
      immediate future, but if we study well now, we don't have to worry about
      that. Study and you will sing God's virtues. You will fly. and you will never

      become separated from God.

      Who is the one who becomes elevated? Follow the disciplines of the
      timetable, the code of conduct, and have manners from morning to night.
      Experience the joy of serving throughout the day. Go beyond. In order to
      make your stage stable, never let your eyes become mischievous. You need to
      be unshakeable to sit on God's heart throne. After all, we are the ones who
      have to help others to become unshakeable

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