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IGLOO - #055 - 2 JULY 2005 - Inner Glow Lovingly Opens Opportunities - Watch the flames BURN the Paper visualise the Issue being burn away

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  • Jophiel JagGY
    Seeking Truth wherever it may lead Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities on the Path to Personal Enlightenment Today s Music is: Eternal Flame ... The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2005
      Seeking Truth
      wherever it may lead

      Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities
      on the Path to Personal Enlightenment
      Today's Music is:  Eternal Flame

      The True Teacher Is One With Universal Will. One With the Universal Consciousness.
       And the Servant of All

      It is said that the one single thing that changed the course of Human Kind was the discovery of and use of FIRE
      Before Man learnt how to use fire
      there was very little progress in Human Evolution for thousands and thousands of years.
      Fire provided
      Warmth against the elements
      Made it possible to stay in one place longer than would otherwise have been feasible in colder climates
      Fire allowed food to be
      Fire Transformed
      In the earliest of Holy Writings we read of
      Purifying Fire
      but also
      Punishing Fire
      The Peruvian Shamans believe that a True shaman is one who has survived the FIRE of a Lightening Strike
      (That's one of the reasons I was led to stand exposed in a Lightening Storm in the middle of a field)
      We are Told that the HOLY SPIRIT appears as FIRE
      One of the ways I use myself and guide others in Clearing and Healing the Past
      is to write the issue of a piece of Paper and
      BURN IT
      and as you watch the flames BURN the Paper visualise the Issue being burn away into ashes that are carried on the wind out of your life FOREVER.
      When you learn how to harness the POWER of the FIRE IN YOU
      you will perpetually
      Then you will be programming yourself to BURN AWAY all outmoded beliefs and actions
      Your Mindset will leave the Lower Dimensions and Ascend to
      It is only at the Higher Dimensions that
      Takes Priority over Falsehoods
      of every kind
      Then we find that we are UNITED
      through the
      LOVE and TRUTH
      Remember GOD first showed Himself to Man
      As we allow the FIRE inside us we become
      ONE with IT
      and we are
      People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness.
      Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost.

      (c) Jophiel JagGY (IGLOO)-  2 July 2005
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please forward IGLOO to all who are open to receive it·

      70 Lady Fyre

      The Interpretation:

      Three women symbolic of the knowledge gained and earned are represented here. Two of the women carry three yellow roses. Yellow roses symbolise the celebration of new beginnings – they mark a new life as well as friendship and freedom. Yellow is associated with joy, happiness and freshness. It is also the colour of the intellect and all matters of the ‘left brain”. The number three is for creativity, growth, completion, manifestation and fertility. Two of the women wear the red robes of a graduand – the highest accolade any University can award –a PhD. Red is the colour of fire. It is associated with the energy of war and danger as well as passion, creativity, and love. Red show us intensity of the moment for it represents vigour, willpower and leadership. Here in this picture it has been used to show the courage and determination required to complete the learning needed to bring the women to this point. The position of the women reflect how they came to this part of their lives. A long path of learning. The woman in white has guarded them and protected them along the way – a chaperon in the old traditions of thought. Our White lady is at the window overlooking a bridge still draped in parts of the mist – which shows that which is clearing from the mind. It seems to tell us that the bridge has been crossed – the hills and mountains are behind. A card for Leo could not be without a Lion. He brings to us the balance which yellow rose represents in vibrational and energy medicine. He is the masculine aspect of our card – the life energy, protection, courage and strength which we all carry within us. Our ladies let us know that all knowledge gained is ready to be shared.


      The Divinatory meaning:

      It is time to share your knowledge with the world. The world waits for you to assume to role you were meant to play – the cultural oracle. Wisdom is yours. You have the power to create anything you wish to do. An inner energy impatiently waits to guide you into new and fresh paths. The passions of your youth have the potential to propel you into a new way of life – just begin to use your imagination which you have kept hidden as the shadow side of yourself. Step out into the spotlight and find your place in society. You have stamina and the strength of spirit to bring change to all a round you. Your gift of determination and although not usually as adaptable to change as some others may be – now is the time to use your energy in creating change

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