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Mother Sekhmet's Portion of Thursday June 30th Conference Ca ll Along With White Light Meditation by Dianne Holcraft

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    NOTE, Angelsu has transcribed this portion of last nights conference call. Thank you Angelsu! Also, If you would like to receive conf call previews or
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      NOTE,  Angelsu has transcribed this portion of last nights conference call.  Thank you Angelsu!  Also, If you would like to receive conf call previews or updates in Plain Text, let me know. Please put clear subject line in your email! With love, Cynthia 


      Mother Sekhmet’s Portion of Thursday Conference Call Along With White Light Meditation by Dianne Holcraft  

      plus, Leon S.L. shares a dream from last night called ATOMS ARE ALIVE




      (The theme for Thursday's call was: Who Are The Loves Of Your Life? Several wonderful stories of Love had been shared throughout the call. The following was the lead into Mother Sekhmet speaking.

      Richard Reed had just shared his "Love of His Life" experience about his last conversation on September 22, 2001 with his terminally ill wife, Maureen, who was in Colorado while he was working in New York in order to support her and her doctors, the caregivers and everyone else. He played for the conference family a portion of the song from South Pacific, "This Was Nearly Mine" <http://www.lyricsondemand.com/soundtracks/s/southpacificlyrics/thisnearlywasminelyrics.html

      > -- just the same way he’d played it to his wife during his last phone call with her. Richard’s sharing was a very moving.)

      Richard: That was in effect our goodbye song to each other. I left about three days later and she was already in the hospital. They had to put her in the hospital.

      Carol: (Teary.) That was beautiful! God Bless You, Dear One!

      Richard: Thank You!

      Mrs. A: Oh, Thank You so much! I’m telling yah, that young lady is going to be BACK, Richard!!!

      Richard: (Laughing in a teary voice) Oh Thank You! That’s an order, Commander!

      Mrs. A: Alright! Real quick, Mother can just say a quick word and then we can do our meditation…

      Michael: Yes, let’s hear a quick word from Mother and we’ll end with the meditation.

      Mrs. A: Here’s Mother!

      Mother Sekhmet: GREETINGS!!!

      Mrs. A: In the Light of the Most Radiant One and in the Office of the Christ and only in the Office of the Christ we invoke the Loving Energies of Beloved St. Germain and the Violet Flame and we call ALL the Twin Flame energies of the Ascended Host and All in the Planet to come now and be with us in this moment and remember All of our One Love Together now! Thank You, Mother for who You are. For You’re responsible for getting all of us started. Hello Mother!

      Mother Sekhmet: High-llo!!! We would just say that We have to give it back to All of you, ‘cause, Hmmm, is this Pass The Buck or what???

      (Lots of laughter)

      We would say when All of you came forward and said, "We wish to participate in this Grand Experiment of Love … We would say that you all were eager and ready to do this knowing fully well that when you got here you would forget where you came from and your name and where you lived and what the mission was, but at the same time You Have Come Full Circle!

      Welcome and Well Met, Commanders!!!

      NOW THE REAL MISSION BEGINS when you teleform a world by your thoughts.

      That IS Already Happening!

      You have the ability to create matter from thought.

      USE IT!!! DO IT!!! YOU KNOW HOW!!!

      We would say that the Veil is very thin at these times where We are slipping in and, Hmmm, you might just say that there might be FIVE for dinner instead of FOUR! Hmmm. It would be an Honor to sit with you and share bread and wine!!!

      Michael: And So We Shall!

      Mother Sekhmet: Indeed, Commander! We have, Hmmm, some very old wine We wish to share. Hmmm. Has not been tasted by your world since, Hmmm, We would say 25,000 years ago. Still intact!!!

      Mrs. A: Where’d it come from, Mother?

      Mother Sekhmet: Hmmm, was bottled in Atlantis in the Last Days.

      Mrs. A: Oh my goodness! Did it get really preserved?

      Mother Sekhmet: It’s perfect!!!

      Mrs. A: So it got beamed up in that amphibious starship of Noah?

      Mother Sekhmet: Yesss!

      Mrs. A: Alright! Well on that note, Mother, can we go into a Cosmic Meditation by Dianne Holcraft?

      Mother Sekhmet: So Be It! Do It!!!

      Mrs. A: We Love You So Much! Thank You for such a beautiful message!

      Mother Sekhmet: Remember Who You Are!

      Mrs. A: As Mufasa (From the Lion King) said, too, huh, Mother?

      Mother Sekhmet: Yesss!

      Mrs. A: We will remember who we are with a little help from our friends!

      Mother Sekhmet: We would also just say on this Live 8 Event, be aware there are Ones that may have the ability to do what they know how to do to look you in the eye across time and space and say, Hmmm, It Is Done!!!

      Mrs. A: NESARA NOW!

      Michael: Thank You, Mother!

      Mrs. A: Thank You so much, Mother! Dianne, are you there?

      Dianne: Yes, I am here.

      Mrs. A: (Chuckle) Go!!

      Michael: Take it.



      Dianne: Thank You. The Veils are thin, yes! I would like to at this time take us into that Cosmic Meditation and finish with 4 statements that balance us in all dimensions – in our bodies, minds and hearts. There are 4 statements that I will finish with that if you remember and use often, it can make those connections.

      Balance and Harmony I Am. And you repeat that until you feel that coming in your center and then you say to the Universe Thank You and it answers back.

      And then you say, Joy I Am. Joy I Am. Joy I Am, until you feel it and the Universe answers back when you say Thank You and feel that energy in your center – up your center again.

      And that is Light breaking into mass. Like the Realm of Cause.

      Then you say Harmony I Am. Harmony I Am. Harmony I Am, and feel that energy flow through your center and you say Thank You and the Universe will answer back with another flow through your center.

      And then you say Love I Am. Love I Am. Love I Am, and you repeat it until you feel that and then you say Thank You to the Universe.

      · Now you can use this for your body.

      · You can use this for those beautiful relationships that are just on the other side of that veil.

      · You can ask for the healing of any old feelings of separation or loss or any old veil to be removed.

      So I’m going to begin this meditation. I’ll have to run through it quickly. We won’t have time to sink into it, because I believe we go off at the pumpkin time. Is that correct, Michael?

      Mrs. A: Yes.

      Michael: Right.

      Dianne: So. Very quickly. This can be used, this White Light Meditation, often in any way you wish.

      · So though your center is "The Now Moment" -- connect it to the core of Mother Earth. Breathe it up. Connect it to Source.

      · Now on the right side is a Column of Light down by your shoulder. All the way up and down. There’s a Column of Light on your left. All the way up and down.

      · Put your hand – right hand – palm up in your center and into that hand you’re going to pour all the past memories that need to be awakened into the moment – especially for the Child Wwithin us – so you’re going to pour all those old memories that need to be released back into Love into that hand.

      · And when it’s all poured in there you reduce it to a few pebbles and you slowly move your right hand – consciously focusing on it – across the right side of the body into that Column of Light.

      · You fill with the Light.

      · You turn your palm over and you pour all those old third-dimensional memories of loss, or lack, or non connection, what ever you need to pour into that and you’ve transmuted it in that Column of White Light on your right. All the past of all lifetimes,

      · And then you slowly turn your palm over, fill it with the Light and gently focus on your hand pulling that Light into every cell of your body.

      · Then your hand rests in the center palm up again.

      · You pour now any future that would have been ramifications of those thought forms or experiences - any of the future - you pour into that hand again. It may feel heavy, you may want to cry, put your grief in there, what ever it is. You pour it in, you pour it in until it is complete and you reduce it to a few pebbles.

      · Then you very slowly, focusing on your hand, move than right hand over to the left side of the body, into the Column of Light and you fill with the Light, turn your hand over and you pour it into the White Light. You pour it, pour it, pour it like a milk pitcher -- completely pour it out.

      · Transmute it, transform, transcend it in that Light.

      · Turn your palm over and fill with the Light and you gently, slowly focusing, bring the left hand across the left side of the body back to center.

      · You connect again, pouring the Light into the core of Mother Earth, up now breathing into the Source and you say, Balance and Harmony I Am. Balance and Harmony I Am. Balance and Harmony I Am.

      · You feel it and you say, Thank You. And the Universe answers back with another gentle rush up your center bringing the Cause into the Realm of Effect.

      · Then you say, Joy I Am. Joy I Am. Joy I Am.

      · Thank You.

      · Then you say, Harmony I Am. Harmony I Am. Harmony I Am. Feel it up in your center.

      · Say, Thank You! to the Universe and again it replies back with that gentle Love right up your center.

      · Then you say, Love I Am. Love I Am. Love I Am.

      · And you say, "Thank You!" and you give it back!

      … And may I just say then again that the Balance and Harmony and the Joy is Light breaking into mass -- the Realms of Cause – so you can put your Beloveds in there.

      You can clear any past or future and you can be so connected that you will feel them. You will know them. You may even see them. You can clear that much and then Harmony and Love is the Realm of Effect! You materialize it!

      So we manifest in the Realms of Cause by our thought and in the Realms of Effect we bring it into form and Time is the lapse between thought and experience. So when we’re clearing past or future, then our thought of being with them or in every dimension or what ever seeing them, the experience can come instantaneously!

      It’s … our experiences -- between thought and experience are becoming so connected because we’re losing our density and this little White Light Meditation is very effective to do that … and through this a great deal of healing happens.

      I just honor everyone here who listens through the Heart, because as we share our stories - we heal!

      … I Thank You for this opportunity to share this little tool … So I Bless You. I Thank You and don’t forget daily and often, when ever you’re feeling low or sad, you can put that into the White Light Meditation, bring it over into the column on the right – using the left hand, because we’re moving the physical body now, our spirits are very clear and we are connected into our cause, but it’s the effect of the body we’re shifting and then you can breathe anything from the future into that column on the right, pour it out, bring back the Light into your DNA, mitochondria, DNA, every cell, every electron of your body and we will connect in all dimensions consciously, seeing, feeling and hearing in our fullness.

      Michael: Thank You!!!

      Mrs. A: Sat Nam!!!

      Diane: Anyway, Thank You Dear Ones! We Thank Carol, Michael, Marybeth, and Cynthia, and Marietta and everybody else who helps to bring forth this incredible Power of United Healing!

      Mrs. A: Thank You! Thank You!

      Dan: Thank You, Lady Dianne!

      Mrs. A: Thank You, Dan!

      Mr. A: Namaste!

      Dorothy: God Bless You All! Have A Nice 4th!

      (Many voices saying Good Bye.)

      Mrs. A: God Bless Us All! This is a day coming up of our Second Declaration of Independence! NESARA YES WE ARE!

      (Many voices)

      Unknown: And Canada Day tomorrow!

      Mrs. A: Oh my Gosh! Thank You for sharing … I’ll look that up! Thank You!

      ~transcribed by angelsu

       Michael and I had very vivid important dreams last night. Dan also called us and shared a wonderful dream he had last night . Here is another dream....

      Date: June 30, 2005 at 17:14:04

      From: Leon S. L.

      Atoms are Alive!

      A few nights ago, I dreamt I was in a cloud of pink mist or fog. The fog permeated everything from my own body to the air and everything in the environment.

      As I looked at the mist out in front of me, my vision magnified on to the molecular particles that made up the air. My vision magnified even further on to one single atom that made up the air.

      I continued to look at the air atom out in from of me. It represented all atoms. I could see the orbiting particles, flickering in and out of our dimension. I looked inside the core of the atom and could see a pink fleshing organic liquid. Within that liquid was DNA and the various chemical compounds within constituted the building blocks of the super-universe. The strings in "String Theory" are really organic, genetic compounds.

      A single atom is alive and intelligent; much like a single human T-cell is alive and intelligent.

      Each living atom is part of a greater organism, all connected; much the same way billions of human cells compose one living human being.

      The pink mist told me that this is what people call Great Spirit or the Creator.

      This pink mist in the air was alive, intelligent, compassionate and wise. It communicated not with words, but with "knowingness". As the pink mist permeated my body, it felt loving, healing and euphoric. I could feel my own sub-atomic particles raising their vibration into alignment with New Earth and in preparation for the time my body would step thought the door of Rapture.

      I could see that the Rapture was a paranormal/multidimensional event and it would require pre-rapture sub-atomic tuning to prepare the body for the shift.

      There were side affects:

      * tingling within the body

      * nausea

      * dizziness and lightheadedness

      * fatigue and extra need for sleep

      * disassociation - "real world" not looking real

      * depression and fear of loss or death - temporary

      * euphoria and feelings of joy

      * dreams, visions, and direct communication with Great Spirit

      (this will get stronger)

      This will intensify when the earthquakes get started and many people will experience this.

      I continued to look at the atom before me. I could see that at any time, Great Spirit could fold space or open a dimensional doorway for people. Someone sitting alone in a room could suddenly see a doorway of light open through the sub-atomic particles in the middle of the room.

      The one thing the pink fog said with emphasis, that up to 90% of the human population on earth in the final days could be taken in Rapture. 50% are already guaranteed. 10% will never go because they are too dark like Hitler. The remaining 40% have not decided yet, they are still addicted to this reality; however, the earth changes will take many of the things they are addicted to and then they will soon choose love or darkness.

      It's another message of hope to help during the coming times of change.

      Leon S. L.

      ~~~~~~ * >>oOo<< * ~~~~~~

      Stuart Wilde has an article on his website about this very thing, but he didn't recognize it as Intelligence. And he saw the cloud more of an orange color. It is probably peach color like Don Juan talked about in the Carlos Casteneda books.

      God is the Ultimate Group Spirit of All That Is.



      shared by Gaele Arnott
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