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Help the ACLU pick and place the strongest ad

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  • constance kosuda
    Help the ACLU pick and place the strongest ad! Click here to view a printable version of this message.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2005

      A Thing of the Past
      A Thing of the Past
      Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye
      Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye
      Secret Warrants
      Secret Warrants

      Dear Friend,

      Our freedoms and our constitutional rights are in danger. The Patriot Act gives the FBI the power to snoop on our library and bookstore records, conduct "sneak and peek" searches without even telling us, and do other unconstitutional activities that violate our civil liberties without making us any safer.

      Now the President and his allies in Congress want to make every one of the Patriot Act's dangerous and unconstitutional powers permanent.

      This month, as the House and Senate prepare to vote on possible expansions of the Patriot Act, the ACLU and its affiliates are placing ads around the country and on the Web to alert the public about serious dangers to our freedoms and our constitutional rights. They are soliciting opinions on the strongest ads. If you believe in liberty, take a moment to look at these ads and help the ACLU choose the most effective one:

      And please consider making a donation to the ACLU to finance these efforts to get the message out and win the fight to bring the Patriot Act back in line with the Constitution:

      Thanks for listening!

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