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      June 2005 - IN THIS ISSUE

      The Joy & Wonder of the Indigo Child
      by Keisha Freed-Tafari


      The CNE International Schools Directory is now up and running!

      Listening to the Wisdom of Autism by Marci Lebowitz

      Intuitive Kids...Alternative Dentistry...Indigo & Crystal Parenting...The CNE YAHOO Groups are growing!

      Rainbow Planet Connection Programmes & Training Sessions in the UK & USA

      Cosmikids & Neale Donald Walsch’s Humanity’s Team – A Groundbreaking Conference

      Do You Have Something to tell the World About the New Kids?

      CNE Online Free Prize Giveaway

      Listening to Indigo... New Zealand

      A Virtual School for California's Kids?

      By International Contributing Editor, Carmel Standen

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      Do You Have Something to tell the World About the New Kids?

      Do you feel there's a lot of confusion and mis-information circulating about the new kids? Do you feel it's time mainstream society started paying attention to what they are showing us? Would you like to see an end to the way society is currently pressurizing parents to abuse their children with prescription drugs, vaccinations, out-dated educational models, and the plethora of other methods it has perfected of enforcing conformity and control?

      Then here's your chance to speak out! Emissary Productions, the team behind the Indigo Movie, is filming a documentary to be released early next year.

      Last week, CNE was invited to put forward its philosophies and views, and report on what you've been telling us about the incredible joys and gifts and unique challenges the new kids (and you!) are having to contend with.

      We've had our say... but no one could possibly speak more eloquently or authentically than you, the parents, educators, caregivers, healers, counselors and therapists who daily face the reality of having to break down old paradigms and create new ways of raising, loving, feeding, nurturing, supporting, educating, healing and helping these incredibly gifted young souls. So now it's your turn to have YOUR say!

      The producers are urging YOU to send YOUR own stories, comments and messages, along with your name, age and contact information to messages@....

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      We have six copies of Crystal Kids Balance the World by Lori Cooper, Chris Parker, and Michelle Pylar. This easy-to-read 17-page book employs fun characters to teach children about chakras and energy. This is a wonderful book for adults as well as children and will definitely help you teach them about their energy centers. To find out more about this book and their other innovative products, visit the Crystal Kids website at www.crystalkids.net.

      Also this month, six copies of the CD Dream Child: A Magical Bedtime Story with Inspiring Songs by Joyfilled Music. Bedtime is a wonderful time for giving children positive, loving affirmations through songs and stories. Listened to regularly, at any time of the day, this CD will help children to relax, sleep better, reduce anxiety, build self esteem, and connect to their Self and universal love. To find out more about this children's relaxation CD, visit www.joyfilledmusic.com.

      Here's how to enter:

      SUBSCRIBER'S COMPETITION: If you're a paying subscriber to the newly expanded monthly CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH ONLINE MAGAZINE you could win one of six Crystal Kids Balance the World books or one of six copies of the CD Dream Child this month, absolutely FREE! All you have to do is send an email with your full name, address, and username to competitions@... by June 29, 2005. On June 30th, we shall open 12 emails at random from all those submitted to award the prizes to. If you are a paying subscriber to the new CNE Online Magazine, and your email is opened, you'll be sent one of these products at our discretion.

      Listening to Indigo... New Zealand

      From our International Contributing Editor for New Zealand, Nicola Vitasovich, comes this message from Connor, a wise young indigo of 9:

      "Hi, my name is Connor and I’m a 9 year old indigo. I see people’s aura. The best aura I have seen is a gold one round an old lady who came to me in my bedroom in spirit form. I also felt her energy, which was very nice, and she smiled at me. I have had much spirit around me, some scary but I know now I can get rid of them by walking around my room and holding my Negator asking them to go to the light.

      If you see spirit and are afraid, all I can say is to think friendly thoughts, because that is the only way you can connect and talk to them. I have seen loads of past soldiers for you guys that think war is so awesome. I saw them fall from a plane and crash through our glass table and I saw heaps of blood. It didn’t scare me, I think they were showing me how they died. I think there should be peace in the world so men like this don’t have to die. I guess I planned to be spiritual on my blueprint. For those who don’t know about your blueprint you plan your life on your blueprint before you come here. You plan what you want to experience in this life. I feel happy and honored to be here to share my thoughts and feelings about this with you."

      A Virtual School for California's Kids?

      Yes, you heard it right… now kids in Southern California can attend virtual school for free! To learn more, check out the Connections Academy expo taking place at National University, Spectrum Campus, 9388 Lightwave Ave. San Diego, California 92123 between 10am-1pm on June 15th.

      CA is a virtual K-8 (approval for 9th grade is now pending) public school serving families throughout Southern California. Free hands-on parent education expos currently are being held in San Diego County for families to learn more about this unique educational option for their children.

      At Connections Academy, students benefit from personalized attention, integrated technology, a flexible schedule and a challenging public school curriculum tailored to individual needs and abilities. Since Connections Academy is a public school, there is no tuition to attend.

      The expo will give families an opportunity to meet Connections Academy teachers and the principal, talk with parents of students who are currently enrolled in the program, participate in a demonstration of CA’s online technologies, and view CA’s print-rich curriculum.

      Refreshments will be served, and children are welcome to attend with their parents.
      Connections Academy® is a leading national provider of virtual public school programs and management services to charter schools and school districts. CA schools deliver a top-quality, personalized educational program for students that combines certified teachers; a proven, print-rich curriculum; technology tools; and community experiences to create a supportive and successful environment for children.

      By International Contributing Editor, Carmel Standen

      Kidz Alive is an Australian organization that has a great deal to offer parents, families, children and youth on that beautiful Continent.

      Established by Karen de Vos, its goal is to bring peace and aliveness back to our children, communities, schools, families and ourselves.

      Kidz Alive is dedicated to sharing simple ways to support kidz' wellbeing by providing innovative, fun, wholistic products, programs and services for kidz and carers that really Make a Difference in everyone’s life!

      To read the rest of this article, click here

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      Our answer: The CNE International Holistic Practitioners Directory! Now, wherever you live, you can consult the CNE Directory online and find someone who is not only familiar with the special gifts and unique challenges facing today's highly evolved new kids, but also has a proven modality that may just offer the solution you seek!

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      If you’re looking for advice, alternative treatments or suggestions for dealing with Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Food Allergies and Sensitivities, Visual Spatial Learners, Near Death Experiences, as well as nolistic information on nurturing, feeding, and educating the new kids, you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about the physical, mental, educational and spiritual needs of today’s children in our back issues of CHILDREN OF THE NEW EARTH PRINT MAGAZINE.

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      Children of the New Earth Magazine

      The Joy & Wonder of the Indigo Child
      by Keisha Freed-Tafari

      Since the nationwide premiere of the movie movie Indigo, a whole lot of buzz has been going around about the Indigo child. It is not simple to sum up in a page or two what an Indigo child is. However, if you are riddled with confusion about your child’s phenomenal but challenging character, chances are your riddle has been solved. You are the appointed guardian to an Indigo child.

      Want to know more? Read the rest of this article here...


      We've got another great line-up of exceptional articles in our June issue, which is live online now! And don't forget, when you click on the Send To A Friend link at the top of this page, you'll be helping all your friends, family and clients to stay on the cutting edge with all the latest information about our amazing children of the new earth.


      SPECIAL REPORT: Antiobiotics Weaken Immunity by Jane Sheppard

      A truly disturbing practice is the prescribing of antibiotics by some doctors to treat colds, coughs, runny noses or flu. Most upper respiratory infections are viral. Treating them with antibiotics is clear misuse, since the drugs kill only bacteria and are of no value at all in treating viral infections.

      Blend But Do Not Bend: Coaching Leadership Skills by Steven Richfield

      Leadership skills can make the difference between a child who thoughtlessly follows the arrogant will of the majority vs. the trailblazer who obeys their own moral principles and sensible convictions. Both children take markedly different paths in life; the former submerges aspects of their emerging identity while the latter flourishes with enhanced self esteem and opportunity.

      How to be an Effective Advocate for a Child in Need by Lisa Simmons

      Most advocates become advocates not because they feel they have natural talents that would make them a good advocate, but because they are "drafted". When your child, your student, or someone you care about is not being treated fairly you simply can't look the other way - someone has to be their voice. If you are one of these "drafted" advocates, don't despair. You can still be an extremely effective advocate.

      Dyslexia - The Perceptual Talent by Ronald Davis

      The perceptual talent that is the gift of dyslexia can be described in many ways: It is the ability to see, hear, feel, and sense what one is imagining as though it were real. It is the ability to view and interpret the world in creative and innovative ways. It is the ability to shift your point of perception in order to create mental images, make recognitions and resolve confusions.

      Ibrahim - Where in the Spectrum Does He Belong? Chapter 5: A New Member of the Family by Shahidun Rahman
      In May 1997, Ibrahim’s brother, Imran, was born. Knowing how difficult Ibrahim could be, I worried about the effect a new member of the family would have on his behaviour. His mood swings continually affected our lives and he was difficult to keep amused, thinking the world revolved around him. We didn’t want the situation to worsen because Ibrahim was struggling enough already.

      The Living Wisdom School by Lisa Holliman
      Living Wisdom Preschool is an independent Education For Life school that seeks to lay the foundation for lifelong success as a happy human being. The school strives to offer an alternative to children, parents, educators, and concerned citizens, that is both compassionate and practical.



      Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism by Dr. Temple Grandin

      Many people with autism are visual thinkers. I think in pictures. I do not think in language. All my thoughts are like videotapes running in my imagination. Pictures are my first language, and words are my second language. Nouns were the easiest words to learn because I could make a picture in my mind of the word.

      INDIGO OUTLAWS: "My Kid is Out of Control... Help!" by GW Hardin
      Over the last year, I’ve been swamped with phone calls from parents (usually mothers) who have begged, “What am I going to do with my X-year-old Indigo? She (or he) is out of control. Can you help?” Normally, I get called in to try and assist these shining lights, what I like to call the “Quantum Generation,” to find out the source of the problem.

      The Invitation: Facing an Unpleasant and Painful Past by Denis Campbell
      The envelope was plain, white and seeing the name and address handwritten across the top left corner brought a wellspring of conflicting emotions. When I opened up the contents and saw the word “Dad” hand-written across the inner envelope, I knew the contents meant only one thing; my little girl whom I had not seen in almost eight years was graduating from high school in about three week’s time.

      Starting a Holistic Business - Part 1 - The Basics by Jennifer Hoffman

      If you are considering starting a holistic business, there are many decisions that you will have to make, starting with ‘what does your business do’? And while that appears to be an easy question, it is one that is not so easy to answer in a quick, efficient way that allows an uneducated audience to understand you.

      Preparing Children for Life by Nicolette Groeneveld

      Anyone who interacts with children can tell you that provided their original sense of being powerful is not damaged; children are highly functional just as they are! They are naturally capable problem-solvers, honest and skilled communicators and brilliant, creative thinkers. They are also highly self-motivated, adventurous and fully desirous of learning, challenging themselves and stretching into more of what they can be.


      The 10 Commitments -10 Ways to Make Yourself Dispensable by Thomas Haller and Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller

      Raising a responsible young adult who can function effectively in the world does not happen by luck, coincidence, or magic. It occurs when parents set out to make it happen by working diligently throughout a child's life to make themselves dispensable.

      Indigo Parenting According to the Universal Laws in the Edgar Cayce Readings- Part 1: The Law of Manifestation by Susan Gale
      Children are not born with “baby minds.” While they are relatively helpless physically (although usually perfectly capable of letting others know they need something, as many a weary parent on the “night shift” knows), babies are having an internal dialogue similar to our own from the very beginning. The main difference is that there is often a lack of understanding of how the physical world works.

      Truth, Nature, Feng Shui, and the New Children by Pam Saari
      In the last months, we have experienced an acceleration of changes like no other time. Relationships, careers, homes, health, thoughts, beliefs, and false egos are dismantling and shifting. As illusions of the human dream-state fall away, many people are scrambling for something new to grasp onto.


      Parenting the Vedic Way by Lissa Coffey When you know your child’s dominant dosha, you are better able to handle the myriad things that come up at any given moment. You are better able to parent from a place of love rather than expectation. You know, for example, that your Vata child may have some anxiety about a friend’s sleepover. Or that your Kapha child may need two different alarm clocks to get up in the morning.

      When You Can't Be There: 20 Ways to Stay Connected to Children by Susan Newman, Ph.D.

      It is a dilemma most working parents face: How do you fulfill your job commitments without cheating your children? Spending so much time at work can make you feel out of touch with your children. The feeling is compounded if you travel for business as well. Instead of worrying, use the time you have to reconnect in these simple, yet meaningful ways. Strong connections can be made when you are at the office, out of town, or simply crunched for time at home.


      Organizational Skills for Visual Spatial Learners by Alexander Shires Golon
      Organization for many VSLs is a stumbling block. If your visual-spatial children find that they are losing important paperwork (like homework!), or toys or money, they need to start developing and implementing some system of organization. The new method must be their own, though. It simply will not work to try to become organized under somebody else’s (like a parent’s) system.

      Information Overload by Lorna Ann Knox
      If the right information (at least what seems to be helpful) fails to prepare our children for the world and the deluge of wrong information keeps coming at us, what is a parent to do? We are left with filtering what our families are exposed to. Trying to present what we think they need in a way they can understand and use to their advantage is not an easy job—but there is a great deal parents can do.


      Life Long Learning, Transforming Learning - Part 1: What Life Long Learning is, and What it is Not by Patti Diamond
      While unschooling tends to lend itself to providing children with a non-traditional, noncompulsory “schooling” environment or the simple act of not “doing school at home”, I believe this concept that John Holt pioneered, the essence of what is termed unschooling, is really Life Long Learning.

      Kidz Keys to Nature: The Lesson of Blossoming Trees by Laura Scott
      It is time we stopped waiting for the next times in life, especially when it comes to our children. I am already past those next times with my daughter now in college. She was never taken to the Cherry Blossom Festival as a child. I was not tuned into nature and its importance when she was growing up.


      What if our Kids Behaved Like Albert? by Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS

      Einstein famously was not an obedient pupil, leading his school Greek teacher to utter the now immortal words, “nothing would ever become of you”. From all accounts Einstein had a problem with authority, was disruptive and was not even achieving good grades.

      Authenticity and the Operations of Spirit by Daniel Jacob
      The word “authenticity” means knowing what you want, and letting go of your fear and/or denial about going after it. Many who say they are out to “protect” our kids are, in some cases, the very ones who wish most to take advantage of them. They use virtuous words, but their energy is off. These New Kids read energy, before they read words. They walk right past our philosophical arguments and they look into our hearts. If the heart is good, they tend to listen. If it isn’t, we might as well be speaking a foreign language for all they care.

      Today's Children: The Indigos and Crystals by Jennifer Hoffman
      Since 1978 a new generation of children has introduced a different vibrational energy to the earth. These children are different from any generation that we have ever seen. They are more evolved and spiritually aware. They are more demanding, more critical and less accepting of the status quo. These children demand that we change and they are very capable of carrying out their mission, to carry the earth and humanity through the Shift in Consciousness, with or without our help, permission or support.

      Los Ninos De Hoy: Los Indios y cristales by Jennifer Hoffman
      Desde 1978 una nueva generación de niños ha introducido una energía vibratoria diferente a la Tierra. Estos niños son diferentes de cualquier generación que nosotros hayamos visto. Ellos son más evolucionados y espiritualmente concientes. Ellos son más demandantes, más críticos y toleran menos el status quo (situación actual). Estos niños demandan que nosotros cambiemos y ellos son muy capaces de llevar a cabo su misión, para llevar a la humanidad y a la Tierra a través del cambio en la conciencia, con o sin nuestra ayuda, permiso o apoyo.


      Detoxing Your Home by Vida Evenson
      In today’s health-conscious home you are likely to find plenty of fruits and vegetables, raw dairy, grains and legumes – all preservative, pesticide and GMO free – but if you look under the kitchen sink you are also likely to find enough chemicals to wipe out the entire family.

      Bugs: The Natural Way to Keep Them at Bay by Andrea Candee

      Bugs! Do I respect them as part of Nature’s miraculous design? Yes. Do I like them? Not really. Despite a daily intake of supplements reputed to be bug deterrents (i.e. garlic, B vitamins), many of us are still sweet meat for the little critters.


      Children, Meditation & Growth - Teaching Meditation to Children using the Satya Method by Sarah Wood

      The rewards children gain from meditation are many. Meditation gives the child a chance to practice just about anything, promotes the mind/body connection, creates paths to various parts of her consciousness, and offers grounding. Also children who practice meditation do better on schoolwork and are likely to turn to meditation for peace of mind when they become adults.

      Beneath Wings of an Angel - Chapter 20: Gifts of the Soul by Janice Farnsworth
      In time, everything was changing about me, including my physical appearance, my moods, how I felt and my priorities. Step by step, the healing process was bringing mind, body and spirit in harmony and I felt divinely guided - intuitively an inner knowing let me know what my emotional and physical needs were. This Love was bringing my life into balance both spiritually and physically.


      Isolated Indigos by Laurel Chaisson
      You would think that with the number of higher-vibrational children born each year rising indigos would always find themselves in psychically and mentally nurturing environments. If this were true the world would be an amazing place, but unfortunately it is not the case. Although we are common on Earth nowadays we are still born dispersed and often alone in small communities. Because our nature is to prepare the way for more sensitive children, a single indigo child often chooses to enter unaccompanied or with a friend who is also higher-vibrational, though usually a lower colour such as violet or blue


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      If you are an administrator, principal or member of staff of any kind of alternative or independent school anywhere in the world that offers a more progressive and supportive style of education better suited to today's amazing new children, then visit our Alternative Schools section and enter the details of your school so that parents in your locality know exactly where to find you.

      This service is TOTALLY FREE to schools and parents alike. It was created especially for YOU as another great FREE RESOURCE from CNE, so don't delay, put your school on the map NOW!

      CNE Alternative Schools Directory

      Listening to the Wisdom of Autism by Marci Lebowitz

      It all begins with love. In the simplicity of loving these amazingly special children, profound changes can occur.

      Parents who have autistic children often find that people distance themselves or withdraw from their children. Professionals are often limited in the solutions they have to offer and find themselves at a loss for knowing how to help. Teachers often resort to focusing on behavioral management, rather than offering long-term solutions. Parents become frustrated with their own sense of helplessness and uncertainty. As a result, people slowly move away from connection with these difficult to reach children.

      People often comment on the "sadness" of autism and autistic-related disorders. From this place of sadness, loss, or lack, little healing or hope is offered. Instead, SOLUTIONS COME FROM A RECOGNITION OF THE CHILD'S TRUEST AND PUREST IDENTITY AND OF THE SOURCE FROM WHICH THIS ORIGINATES.

      I've been graced with the ability to see the beauty in these special children, to connect with them, and, in so doing, to offer them a way to connect more with those around them.

      I allow myself to be drawn into these children regardless of their challenges, behaviors, and problems. As I do this, I find that the children are able to teach and guide me. They have revealed to me a new way of seeing them, including the recognition that they, first and foremost, work energetically in this world. As a result, as I work with them, they also work with me -- reprogramming and refining my ability to work with them. I am awed by what they know and are able to communicate, including information that is often quite scientific or technical and of which I have no prior knowledge.

      I've come to recognize the tremendous energetic capacities of these children and their ability to see and know what is happening around them.
      Frequently, they have difficulties communicating with the people in their lives. Rather than be able to discuss what is going on or find a way to interact with people around a topic, their "knowledge" and "knowing" gets behaviorally acted out in ways that are often viewed as disruptive. Their behaviors may make it even more difficult for parents and professionals to approach and embrace these children. My gift to them is to approach, to be fully present, to hear, to embrace, and to let them know that they are loved, lovable, and loving. With this known, they can open up and trust me, and share with me what they know. Being heard, they calm, shift, and settle. Their disruptive behaviors lessen, sometimes quite dramatically.

      I see myself as a voice, a partner and a catalyst for the shifts that these children are bringing our world. I do work regularly with lots of these children, but I also teach parents, teachers and professionals how to open up to and be with these amazing beings. I recognize the need for these special children to be heard and connected and I love showing others how to increase their innate understanding of these children and their capacity to connect with them.

      NOTE: Marci normally works in Illinois, USA, but she will be in Ireland the week of May 23rd as well as in the UK May 28th & 29th. In addition to co-hosting the workshop on Saturday the 28th (see below for details), she will be available for one on one work on Sunday May 29th for any who'd like to work with her. To set up a session, contact Marci at jewelmarci@...

      Intuitive Kids...Alternative Dentistry...Indigo & Crystal Parenting...The CNE YAHOO Groups are growing!

      Are You a Parent of an Intuitive Child? Are You Interested in Safe, Alternative Dentistry For Your Kids? Are You Looking for Like-Minded Parents to Connect With? Then why not join one of the growing number of Yahoo Groups that CNE is sponsoring.

      In addition to our rapidly-growing Children of the New Earth group moderated by our International Contributing Editor from Australia, Carmel Standen, CNE is also now sponsoring an Alternative/Complementary Children’s Dentistry Group, moderated by our Homeschool Contributing Editor, Debbie Rose, as well as a brand new Parenting Intuitive Children Yahoo Group co-sponsored by CNE Online and A Place of Light (www.placeoflight.net). A Place of Light is a center dedicated to the support of intuitive children and their families. This new group offers a place where you can speak freely with your peers about your children's experiences, your frustrations with labels such as ADHD, ADD, dyslexic, autistic and other DSM labels, as well as your joys and concerns. Susan Gale, moderator of the group and co-author with Peggy Day of the book Edgar Cayce on the Indigo Children, invites you to join us as we learn together how to handle our children's intuitive abilities.

      And don't forget the CNE Forums where you can relax, chill out, and join in the dialogue going on in the CNE Cafe or our Indigos Unplugged Forum.

      CNE is providing places to meet all your needs and answer all your questions.

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      Rainbow Planet Connection Programmes & Training Sessions in the UK & USA

      The Rainbow Planet Connection are setting up training sessions in the UK & USA.

      If you are passionate about innovative, new ways to assist Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow and other children with expressing the creative, joyful being that is their birthright, then this is for you!


      Do you want to raise your children to be emotionally and physically healthy, to be good communicators and to have good sense of self-worth? Do you want to encourage them to reach their potential and to develop and express their own unique talents and abilities?

      The reality (or illusion!) is that they often come across challenging situations as they experience life. These may include bullying, friendship issues, changes and loss. These situations bring certain emotions into play such as anger, anxiety and sadness. You may not be able to protect them from encountering these situations, but you can support them in processing and releasing these emotions. Find out how at the Rainbow Planet Connection's nnovative ‘Funshops’ for Teachers, Parents, Caregivers and Healers of Children, coming to the UK in September, 2005.

      To read more about these events click here

      Cosmikids & Neale Donald Walsch’s Humanity’s Team – A Groundbreaking Conference

      A Message from Conversations with God author Neale Donald Walsch:

      “I am writing to you now to ask you to be in the vanguard of change in our world, to engage personally with me and with hundreds of other people from all over the world in the creation of an extraordinary event that could catalyze important change in individual and collective lives everywhere. We will be gathering this June 3, 4 and 5, to explore an emerging trend that is bending the collective path of humanity. Together we will explore, and experience firsthand, the undeniable fact that people around the world are increasingly opening their minds to the possibility that our current theologies may be limited in what they understand. These people are considering that there may be something they do not know about God, about Life and about themselves, the knowing of which could "change everything" - and create a brighter tomorrow. Will you be among this vanguard?” - Neale Donald Walsch

      Humanity’s Team is a grassroots spiritual movement started by Neale Donald Walsch in June 2003. It is anchored in the belief that We Are All One and in the thought that the underlying problem in our world today is a spiritual problem. It is what we believe about God and about each other that is killing us and keeping us from achieving lasting peace, harmony and joy. This “Civil Rights Movement for the Soul” has grown to include teammates in 90 countries. We invite you to a groundbreaking spiritual conference:

      Seeds of Transformation: Toward a Spiritual Renaissance in a time of Fundamental Change. A conference sponsored by Humanity’s Team and held at the prestigious Bard College Advanced Institute of Theology. This is an exciting partnering of an esteemed academic institute with Humanity’s Team. It speaks to the world that together all of us can Be the Change We Wish to See in the World. Become part of that vital change!

      During this Gathering for the Soul.

       You will network with spiritual leaders, authors, and visionaries from around the world.
       You will be inspired by spiritual authors, quantum physicists, visionary artists, spiritual and religious leaders, policymakers and American Native Elders.
       Among the many presenters are Neale Donald Walsch, Bruce Chilton, Huston Smith, Algonquin Elders, and visionary artist Alex Grey.
       Among the many performers will be Emmy award winning singer Faith Rivera, the outstanding musical group Bliss, and many others.
       The conference will also be the site of a special meeting of the Spiritual Caucus of the United Nations
       You will be able to experience a fantastic spiritual educational program for children called Cosmikids.

      GET 10% DISCOUNT! Enter the promotion key “cosmikids1” and you will automatically receive a 10% discount.

      To Register visit the conference website

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