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    ... William Henry Interviews David Icke on Dreamland David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities in the world, and this week guest host William
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2005
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      David Icke

      William Henry Interviews David Icke on Dreamland

      David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities in the world, and this week guest host William Henry interviews him about his view of the hidden meaning of the human past.

      Armed with his own deep knowledge of secret societies and the hidden past, William delves deeper in to this remarkable man's ideas than any other interviewer ever has.

      Icke has come to believe that love is the key to defeating the forces that he believes are crushing mankind. But what are these forces? How do they work? Why are they here?

      You will learn more about David Icke and his ideas in this interview than you ever have anywhere else before. Do not miss William Henry penetrating the depths of this mysterious man and his highly unusual ideas.

      Learn more about Dreamland by clicking here.

      Brazilian UFO Disclosures

      The Urandir War has turned hot again as Linda Howe and Brazilian UFO expert A.J. Gevared battle over the authenticity of the Urandir story and, at the same time, a series of spectacular UFO disclosures are made by the Brazilian government.

      The Urandir case involves an infamous burned bedsheet from which Mr. Urandir was allegedly removed by aliens who gave him a long and complex message, and who have been in frequent contact with him. Witnesses have come forward who have seen lights in the area and also have made claims of contact. Unknowncountry offered to have both parts of the burned bedsheet and rocks from the area analyzed, but these were not delivered. Therefore, Unknowncountry cannot offer an opinion about whether or not the physical evidence for this case is valid.

      What, exactly, the Brazilian government disclosures will be remains to be seen, but Unknowncountry.com sources in Brazil have offered two credible but conflicting reasons about why they are suddenly being made. The first is that the Brazilian government is angry that the US broke its promise to share information gained from alien bodies and UFO debris collected at Varghina in 1996.

      The second is that US intelligence organizations concerned with the matter, for whatever reason, fear that some other UFO disclosure event may soon take place, perhaps on the part of the visitors themselves, and they are moving to paint them in the most terrifying possible light so that government will not lose control of the population in the context of such an event.

      Certainly, it is true that the Brazilian government is breaking UFO secrecy, and it is the first government in possession of major UFO secrets to do so. Both wonderful and terrible UFO events have happened in Brazil. In the Amazon in the 1970s, there were a series of horrific cases discovered by Jacques Vallee and discussed in his book Confrontationsthat detailed people in isolated areas of the Amazon being struck by beam weapons and badly injured.

      If this is the only sort of case that is released, then, almost certainly, American intelligence is actually behind the process. If a more balanced group of cases are released, such as the truth about what the living alien captured at Varghina actually expressed to the doctors who attempted to treat him, information of absolutely critical importance to the future of mankind, then perhaps Brazil is at last facing its responsibility to disclose, which is also the responsibility of every other country that keeps these secrets.

      The one person in command of this information is Dr. Roger Leir, who interviewed the doctors involved in the Varghina case with a unique combination of medical knowledge and understanding of UFO issues. He will be on Dreamland in a few weeks to discuss this important information in-depth and Unknowncountry.com subscribers will be able to email questions for him in advance. His book, UFO Crash in Brazil, is available for preorder from our store.

      You can preorder Dr. Leir's book by clicking here.

      For Our Subscribers, Whitley Joins the Discussion

      Whitley Strieber joins David Icke and William Henry for a private discussion that is frank, open and completely astonishing.

      What is David Icke really all about? How does he regard the 'repitilians' now? Who is the real enemy? Where is humanity headed?

      He and Whitley and William address all of these questions and more.

      Is David for real? Give his sophisticated ideas on so many subjects, why does he consider that shape-shifting aliens play such a large role in our lives?

      Whitley asks the hard, penetrating question, and gets answers that will haunt you for years to come.

      Click here to subscribe today!

      Linda Howe Uncovers Bird Flu Mystery

      This week on Dreamland, Linda Moulton Howe covers the bird flu story as no other reporter can or will. Is it much worse than they are saying? Find out on Dreamland!

      Click here to go to Linda Howe's Earthfiles.com

      Prophet Yahweh Disappears, and So Do UFOs

      June 1 was the day that Las Vegas contactee Prophet Yahweh was supposed to call in UFOs on command on live TV. First, according to his statements, the local ABC affiliate backed out at the last minute, but Los Angeles stations were supposed to fill the gap. Now his website is down for unexplained reasons for the next 45 days. There is no mention of any UFOs appearing over Las Vegas today.

      And yet, the footage produced by Las Vegas KXNT-TV cameras on May 30 was impressive. The UFO that appeared was a daylight sphere, glowing brightly enough with internal light to be visible as a lighted object despite full sun. This means that it was not a balloon or a blimp, because the amount of energy necessary to produce that much illumination during daylight means that the weight in batteries necessary to produce it would be greater than such a small gas-filled object could carry. It also maneuvered far too quickly to be a lighter than air craft.

      However, that does not mean that it was not man made, and it should be noted that, when it disappeared, it moved off in the direction of Nellis Air Force Base, which did not respond to reporters questions. When Unknowncountry.com called the base for information, we were told that “it was not one of our aircraft.” Given its maneuvers, that would have to be true. But it might have been something similar to the UFOs that the Iranian government was complaining about last winter—rapidly moving balls of light seen coming from the direction of Afghanistan.

      The Prophet has claimed that Las Vegas will see a massive wave of UFOs between now and July 15.

      Unknowncountry.com's report on the Iranian UFOs appeared December 27, 2004.

      To read it, click here.

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