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      Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 11:02:23 -0700
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      Subject: Center of the Sun - JUNE 2005 Issue reg

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      Center of the Sun - JUNE 2005 Issue  reg
      Aluna Joy Yaxk'in,  PO Box 1988, Sedona, AZ 86339  Website http://www.1spirit.com/alunajoy
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      "There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, 
      beyond us all, beyond the heavens,
        beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. 
      This is the Light that shines in our heart."
        -- Chandogya Upanishad

      Do we have Faith in Religion, or Faith in Truth?
      Short notes from Jeshua (Jesus), the Star Elders, Lord Meru and Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
      It has taken me almost a year to gather these notes together, and also to muster up the courage to put these thoughts out into the world.  At first I thought Jeshua, the Star Elders, and Lord Meru were being a little tough on us.  Then I began to think . . .  maybe they were not being tough enough!  I guess I was a little concerned that some of you out there might take offense to these little notes on faith and religion from some of the most remarkable masters I have had the pleasure to work with. 
      Then I began to feel sad, as I began to realize that the ones who really need to read this probably won’t . . . and the ones who already know these things as truth, will.  I feel sad when I ask myself the question, “How can we come together to end war in all its forms, if we cannot bridge the gaps between us?”
      Then I read a little story by Mary Manin Morrissey. She wrote, When the boy David faced the giant Goliath, he could have said, “He's too big!  I can't go up against him!”  Instead he said, "He's too big to miss!"  Our attitude toward the giants we confront in life makes all the difference in whether or not we can conquer them.  Think about your biggest problem or concern.  Is it really bigger than the power of God?  
      Because I'm still a simple human being, I am not going to let my limited perceptions of the current world consciousness keep me from sharing these notes on faith in truth.  I know we can conquer our issues as a human race, and I truly believe the power of God will rise to its brilliant, full power in each and every one of us.  I sure hope you get as much out of reading these notes as I did receiving them. 

      Now they begin:
      I did not dedicate my life, to the truth of an all loving God, in order for you to idolize me now.  You focus more on how I died, then how I lived.  Please take me off the cross.  What I shared when I was alive is what I want to be remembered for.  I want to be remembered for being peace, for being love, for being compassion.  My path on this Earth was never about me personally, or my life.  What was important is what God the Father taught me.  It was my heart’s desire that you take what I shared, and build upon it to create even greater things. - Jeshua
      Religion or spirituality has never been about following Jeshua, Buddha, Allah or Mohamed etc . . .  It has always been about becoming an enlightened master.  It is about walking the same path as those masterful ones who have walked before us, but in our own way.  Jeshua said “What I have done, you can do also and greater things.”  He did not say follow ME blindly.  He was saying wake up and do as I did, so you can be free! … and I wonder what those greater things will be. - Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
      Why do you place your faith in what man created, and not the God within you.  Man created religion, the churches, the dogmas, the spiritual technique; not God.  Your church should be anywhere that you feel a deep connection with the Creator of all that is.  Your religion should be following the calling of your Heart Temple within.  It is as simple as that.  What I shared was never meant to group people, to control people, or to be funded by people.  It was simply shared from my heart in hopes that it would free you from any limitation. - Jeshua
      Any order or religion that actively recruits members is suspect.  Recruiting can only mean two things: First, that the organization is motivated by money and greed.  In other words, money is the main objective for the organization and is maintained by its members.  Second, there is power in numbers.  These religions know that if you get enough people believing the same thing, it can take over the collective consciousness.  Hmmm . . . Why would someone, or organization, want to take you over?  Do your world religions know this?  You bet they do!  If a religion, or order, actively recruits and enforces their views as the one and only truth . . . run away as fast as you can.  Cults ask members to have blind faith without question.  Faith is giving your personal power away to someone that you believe has the truth.  It's also saying to the Creator that you don't have the truth yourself.  And you wonder why you feel so disconn ected!  You disconnect yourself.  We are sorry to say that most organized religions have now fallen to this controlling level no matter how pure their beginnings. - Star Elders
      Sacred orders that have maintained purity and endured through the ages, you will not find in the local yellow pages; nor will they actively pursue or solicit you to join them.  These secret orders maintain a high level of integrity that one must rise up to be invited in for further teachings.  These orders may be physical or etheric like the sacred order in Mt Shasta, the Tetons, and the Brother/Sisterhood of the Andes and the Brother/Sisterhood of the Himalayas.  Other orders, as an example, are the I AM Church in its first years, and the Esscene Orders, and there a few others.  - Lord Meru Brotherhood of the Seven Ray - Sacred Valley Peru
      Blind faith in religion is ultimately insecurity in ones own personal truth that leads to a feeling of not being able to save oneself.  Religion is also a way to avoid responsibility for mis-creations.  Religious orders are made up of groups of people wanting to be exclusive or elite a.k.a. the chosen ones.  Elitism is an ego, but is also judgment of all other people outside their order.  Religion takes your personal power away, and gives it to an organization run by men, not God.  Religion is mass mind control that contributes to mass narrow mindedness.  World religions play upon your insecurities like your fear of death, or fear of hell.  You fear that you might miss out on the big rapture to paradise.  While you are blindly believing in these mass organizations, they take, or should I say guilt trip you out of 10% of your money.  Does the God the Father receive benefit from that money?   No, man does.  You can’t buy yo ur way into heaven. Heaven is not for sale. – Jeshua   
      Hell wasn't created by the great maker; it was created by humanity.  It is only your limiting dualistic beliefs and attachments to specific outcomes that cause you to live in hell.  Be open to the divinely diverse, unlimited creative force of which, you too, could become a master.  Heaven is only an attitude shift away - Lord Meru
      Jeshua, Buddha, Great Spirit didn't need, organize or incorporate a religion.  They just spoke their truth to those who had the ears to hear.  Religion is what came out of their teachings. Organized  religion attempts to control or own this truth, so they can control and own you.  You can't own truth, and no one can own you.  - Star Elders
      We assume that we must kneel before the Father to gain his favor.  But this is also assuming that the father has an ego and needs a display of admiration or recognition.  The Father of all that is does not want you to kneel before him/her… the Father wants you to be in the same image: Godlike.   I wonder . . . who do you think you are kneeling to? - Jeshua
      Jeshua and Buddha were the original Hippies.  They didn’t have a regular job.  They walked around, clad in robes and sandal footed, spouting off their truths to anyone that would listen. - A funny one from the Star Elders
      Every major religion has made human sacrifices in the name of righteousness, in the many names of God.  Yet the Mayan civilization was wiped out, because they didn't have the same name for God as the Spanish did.  The Maya (Star Elder descendents) didn't do human sacrifice, but the invaders did.  Your written history does not reflect this truth as it was written by those who did the destroying. Most of your history is distorted like this. - Star Elders
      A multitude of commonalities between religions exist.  Truth is truth no matter what name it goes under or what title we give it.  The idea that one is right and another is wrong is dualistic thinking.  This dualism is the catalyst for simple arguments all the way down to out right war.  There is nothing holy about arguing or imposing one’s ideas on another; nor is there anything holy or righteous about a war.  I don’t think God would be pleased at all with the arguing or judgments separating people by using his name.  Humanity seems to be just one big dysfunctional family having endless family dramas. When are we going to grow up!
      I remember when I was a little girl on Sunday going to church.  We passed many other churches along the way.  I could see people filling into all different kinds of churches.  They all looked like good people to me.  I didn’t understand the differences my parents told me about, even good intended .  The great Creator loves all life; not just the Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, etc…. Creator loves ALL life.  After all, Creator . . . created everything under the sun.   To think that our beliefs or individual faiths give us an “IN” with God, is not only blindly arrogant but absolutely not true.  We need to look beyond the superficial differences we seem to have and remember that in God’s eyes, all life, all people are precious.  We have so far to go, yet we are so close to realizing that everyone under the sun is on the same path.  When we can have unity in all our diversities, we will have peace.  We will hav e Heaven on Earth. - Aluna Joy Yaxk’in
      We all came from God, and we will all return to God one day.  I don't see how being exclusive to one religion or another could change this fact.  You cannot simply join a religion, become a member of one of the lost tribes of Israel, or become a chosen one to gain personal salvation.  Do you think God loves the lost tribes more than any other human being?  Have you ever wondered, if the lost tribes were truly lost, how could a religion find them again?  And if they were chosen, how could they have been lost in the first place?  Something to think about. – Jeshua
      Maintaining separations and superficial differences takes SO much of the energy the Father gives you.  No wonder you're all exhausted.  Humanity is a tree and each of us are a branch in which our fruit ripens in its own time, in its own way.  Our diversities are the gift we offer the world.   Let go and love all your brothers and sisters as you love yourself, no matter what race, or religion, or culture you were born into.  If you love God, you then must love as God loves . . .  with no judgments, without separations, without end.  Why do you choose to be an exhausted and separate dim light, when you could shine unified like the eternal Sun.  – Jeshua

      I love you, gentlest of Ways,
      Who ripened us as we wrestled with you.
      You, the greatest homesickness we could never shake off,
      You, the forest that always surrounded us,
      You, the song we sang in every silence,
      You, the luminous net threading through us,
      On the day you made us you created yourself,
      And we grew up in your sunlight...
      Let your hand rest on the rim of Heaven now
      And lovingly bear witness to our fragile human hearts.
      -- Rainer Maria Rilke

      Love wants to reach out and manhandle us,
      break all our teacup talk of god.
       If you had the courage and could give the beloved his choice,
      some nights, he would just drag you around the room by your hair,
      ripping from your grip all those toys in the world that bring you no joy.
       Love sometimes gets tired of speaking sweetly
      and wants to rip to shreds all your erroneous notions of truth
      that make you fight within yourself, dear ones, and with others
      causing the world to weep on too many fine days.
       God wants to manhandle us,
      lock us inside of a tiny room with himself and practice his dropkick.
      The beloved sometimes wants to do us a great favor:
      hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.
      But when we hear, he is in such a "playful drunken mood"
      most everyone I know quickly
      packs their bags and hightails it out of town.
      Hafiz, The Gift


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      *** Casa de Milagros is a Non-profit, Very Loving children's community that houses, heals and educates
      beautiful abandoned Peruvian children.  They are always in need of tax deductible donations.
      Recently hit hard by mud slides, and lost their water supply.   Help if you can.  http://www.chandlersky.org

      ****  House of the Children is dedicated to supporting the indigenous children and families in context to their cultural and environmental needs in the Manu Rain Forest of the Southeastern Peruvian Amazon.  Current projects include: secure drinking water, multilingual health & hygiene education, and secondary educational scholarships. http://www.houseofthechildren.org

      *** Help preserve Maya Tradition for the future of our planet A message from Rigoberto Itzep of
      Momostenango, Guatemala of Mission Maya Wajshakib Batz  http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/rigokids.html

      100% of your donation to above organizations goes to the children; not charity bureaucracy.


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