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  • Polly
    Nachi, dear soul, this sharing you ve given about love being exposed through the souls of others, and their loves, joys, and sorrows, brings me a bundle of
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      Nachi, dear soul, this sharing you've given about love being exposed through the souls of others, and their loves, joys, and sorrows, brings me a bundle of love and understanding in the reading.  Each of us knows of the magic you speak, within us, at least I hope people experience love in this way.  Love allows us to extend to one another as if we are only one stream.  It but requires a release from ourselves to born of the all of It.  How nice having you in the flow of it all.
      Love, Polly
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      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Room With a View of Heart~Soul full Sharing by me~

      I have always felt that there is a love story of a different kind. In every person young and old there is a room for love..one just have to tap on the door. open the door and look around, feel the air, make it cozy, comfortable for that person..and in doing so..you also make the room within you look, feel brim with light and love.
      One of the first person that I meet this way on this path as a child..was my friends grandmother. She was so full of light and love..She was educated, could talk in English, really smart..and in some ways she was trapped..all of this made her a strange mix of beauty, pain..she was abused, hurt by her own daughter and grandson..who happened to be my close friend then..
      In that woman..I saw a great potential..and I saw so much room inside her heart...it felt so good at heart just to be nice to her..give her respect and love..it was like for ages she didn't mean anything to anybody..like a book written in foreign language and I just read the pages..and understood her.
      How much fun it is to love a person..not in relation with a context, relationship, want..just loving him and her..heart to heart..
      It doesn't have to be person whom we know..even a strangers face, can feel, look beautiful(not in physical beauty)but in beauty of soul..some sort of revelation...to you..and so many times I just feel like going to that person and shake hands with him/her or give him/her a hug..or to say that I love the 'being' that you are..(offcourse it would sound so weird..but I used to do that as a child...cant afford to do that now..lol) 
      I think when we become adults or as children grow..we prepare them to the adult reality/world..and something is beautiful is lost in this..to explore people..like sea..and find out things like personal truth, dreams, way of love and life..
      There is so much in this journey..that cant be explained in words..it cant be shown..now that I have started to write on it..it feels so mundane..How I wish I could show you all the magic that I have felt, experienced finding stream of water, cool shade of a tree, blooming flowers  inside  and through people.
      In this way one doesn't have to love another person for any reason..you can take out everything off..labels, wants..and play in the field of magnetic probability of love..
      Bring the best in everyone you meet, be enthusiastic, find out the symbol, appearance inside in that person..it is a such a exciting journey..because our body matter might age or differ yet inside our body,, maybe in soul or heart there is this thing that still remains ageless..and you can connect to it at any level, age..sometimes even without the knowledge of that very person..
      Another interesting person was..Maria..an unwedded woman..who couldn't marry because no one saw the beauty in her..she always played , acted like a fool..but she was really wise, and in her was this beauty of unexplainable kind..although she was old..she was beautiful..in so many ways..there was room in her heart too..although it seemed that her room was untidy..unkept for..maybe she had forgotten looking at herself...and maybe she wore the face that everybody wanted her to wear on her body..yet to those who wanted to see the beauty in her..she had a gentle face of love..designed by God.
      You don't become a person just of body, heart and soul..there are several references with in you, fragrances, maybe seasons of spring, rain..maybe even animals..or flowers..and poems..that you live..a person then in being self is a world in itself.
      What you discover in a person in such journey..is not always understandable in words, sometimes you feel his/her truth of soul..and this revelation makes you feel so special, smile and in awe of this whole process...but you cant prove it or show it to the world..as and how one can show the usual love.
      I hope this doesn't sound all weird..I have always, always been fascinated by this..and wanted to extend this..put it in words..to share and/to make out what really it is..
      I am really glad that I have finally putting it words..you know..there are some truths that you live and they may not always sound real to others..or maybe they wont even look like dreams to others..its all so strange..
      Wishing Everyone A Wonderful Day Ahead,
      With Much Love & A Kiss on the Nose:-)

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