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  • Kristine
    Oh thanks for this!............. no wonder I have been attracted to green lately along with lapis and turquoise............earth and sky and sea colors ...
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      Oh thanks for this!............. no wonder I have been attracted to green lately along with lapis and turquoise............earth and sky and sea colors
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      June 2005 - IN THIS ISSUE












      Did something notable happen to you on 05/05/05? From everything we've heard, it seems like something was going on energetically that affected many people in a variety of different ways.

      We'd love to know if something momentous happened to you... because something momentous certainly happened for us.

      We don't know whether it was coincidence or not, but as you may recall on 05/05/05 PLW and Childrenofthenewearth.com were both knocked out of action for several days owing to a server failure.

      Thanks to the efforts of our hard-working Webmaster and Technical Director, Steve Hansen (who literally burned the midnight oil several nights running, bless him), it only took about four days to get us back online again. Sadly, however, we did not escape entirely unscathed.

      The good news is most of the things we're still working to resolve are technical aspects that only affect the way we produce the magazine, and not your actual experience of it.

      The bad news is there's one thing that does affect some of you... unfortunately, all of May's FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY entries got wiped out of the competitions email account in the big crash. For this reason we've decided to extend MAY'S FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY for another month. For details of how to enter see below.



      The Book of Life by Michael Sharp, Ph.D

      The Definitive Guide to the New Age.

      Do you want to understand the increasingly dramatic and revolutionary changes occurring all around you?

      Do you want to know the deeper meanings of karma and The Ascension?

      Do you want something to help bring all the disparate New Age Information (dimensions, channeled information, chakra activation, energy use, and the creative process) together in one place so that you might finally see the big picture?

      Then enter our FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY and yhou could win one of 6 FREE copies of The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order by PLW Contributor Michael Sharp, Ph.D.

      In The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, Michael Sharp brings all the right information together in one easy to understand introduction to spirituality and the New Age. Armed with this definitive guide, you will quickly and easily cast aside limited understandings, confusion, and darkness as you step with renewed confidence and vigor onto The Path.


      All you have to do is send an email containing your full name, address and e-mail address, plus the username with which you access your online copy of PLW each month.
      To be eligible for this month's prize you must be a paid subscriber to PLW, and your entry must be received by midnight (PST) on June 29th, 2005 at this email address: competitions@....
      Entries will be drawn at random on June 30th, 2005 and winners will be notified within 14 days.


      Ever since we first launched PLW back in 1999, our aim has been to encourage, support and promote new talent.

      Nothing gives us more pleasuere than to witness the joy a contributor feels when their work is selected for publication. We take great pride in the fact that over the years we have been able to encourage several new writers and artists to gain greater confidence and belief in themselves and their talents.

      We're especially thrilled to see that our VISION QUEST GLOBAL ART EXPERIMENT Experiment is proving to be such a runaway success.

      The brainchild of our Creative Director, Avenescent, who conceived this as a way for PLW to acknowledge, support and provide a platform for showcasing the prodigious talent that exists among the international online artist community today, our VISION QUEST GLOBAL ART GALLERY is attracting just as many visitors now as our articles are.

      If you're one of the few people who don't know what we're talking about, take it from us, the PLW VISION QUEST GALLERY is well worth checking out!

      Check out this month's edition


      As mentioned above, owing to the big crash of 05/05/05, some of our email accounts unfortunately got wiped out. Thus, if you are an artist who has been expecting to hear back from Avenescent about when we might be featuring your art, please note that, since all your details got deleted, please note, we urgently need you to contact us again - so please email Avenescent now at avenescent@....


      The FREE International Directory of Holistic Practitioners, Therapists, Counselors and Health Professionals at www.childrenofthenewearth.com is proving to be a huge success with entries covering over 30 US States and numerous other countries already! This unique database contains details of experts worldwide who are skilled at employing unique health, behavioral and educational solutions for this unique new quantum generation of children.

      So whether you're a parent seeking the best help for your child, or a practitioner with a modality or solution to offer, it's a FREE RESOURCE - so don't forget to check it out now!

      And while you are there, don’t forget to take a look at the terrific line-up of articles we have for you this month.

      Visit CNE's International Holistic Directory Now...


      At last! The FREE International Directory of Alternative Schools is now up and running over at www.childrenofthenewearth.com.If you're a teacher, principal or administrator looking to put your school on the map, enter your details now and make sure that the parents and children who need you know where to find you!

      Likewise, if you're a parent looking for a new-paradigm type of school in your area, check out the CNE International Directory of Alternative Schools.

      CNE International Directory of Alternative Schools


      PlanetLightworker.com is as a member of The Spiritual Cinema Circle, the world's leading provider of the most moving and inspirational movies ever. If you would like to spread the light along with us and enjoy some wonderfully uplifting movies too, you can find out how you too can become a member of this unique, fast-growing, spiritual cinema circle at www.spiritualcinemacircle.com

      And if you happen to have an email list of your own, then write us and we will tell you how you can spread the light even further AND generate funds for your own projects by becoming an affiliate too.


      Step into an enchanting journey of mind, body, spirit, where ancient wisdom meets modern biofeedback technology.

      Journey to Wild Divine is the first truly "inneractive" computer game adventure! When we first encountered it, we were blown away by this remarkable BIOFEEDBACK experience!! To read a fascinating review on this product by Kathleen Jacoby and find out why click on the Journey to Wild Divine Review link below... then click on the link at the bottom of the page to find out more.
      Journey to Wild Divine Review



      Keystone Card – Play
      Area of Responsibility Card – 3rd House
      Astrological Influence Card – Leo
      Color Therapy Card – Green
      Crystal Energies – Smoky Quartz, Aventurine, Unakite

      Crystal Star Oracle Interpretation for June 2005:

      Have you been tired, overwhelmed, shut down or just downright bla-a-h-h-h lately? Been working extra hard, taking on tasks that require more and more of your precious time? It looks as though most of us are not getting our fill of fun and frolic these days. We all need occasional breaks in the world of work, life and spiritual expansion so that we can get on with the business of living and growing and actually enjoy it more. The bottom line is that we get to find creative ways to put the fun back into being and still participate in this world of high stimulation and near constant motion.

      As spiritual beings experiencing a 3-Dimensional existence we were never intended simply to be workhorses, plodding along like a mule pulling a plow. Even the mule will stop to take care of itself, refusing to move until it is ready to go on. Yet we think that because we have bigger brains and opposing thumbs we have to be out there and into everything that is happening every minute to the point of exhaustion and anxiety which can lead to obesity, depression and physical illness.

      Part of this ‘gotta-go-gotta-do” mindset comes from our explosion in technological advancements. There’s a gadget for everything out there but the technology that was once thought to be the key to time saving has, for many, become the albatross that keeps them glued to a TV or game device or held captive by a computer or cell phone. We watch all of our potential leisure minutes trickle past while we busily interact with electronics. Our privacy is encroached upon to the point that we come to believe that actual privacy is just something we hear the celebrities complaining that THEY don’t get enough of.

      Technology and all the latest gadgets are great if they make life better. I am a big gadget person myself. If it is new, glitzy, beeps and entertains me I want it. However, I have discovered that many of my time-saving electronic wonders fall to the wayside when I either can’t learn how to use them fast enough, or I find out that they just add more work to my day instead of relieving me to do other things.

      Maybe you can’t escape the environment of technological advancement and responsibility, but you can find creative ways to put a feeling of fun back into the things you do. The Crystal Star Oracle cards, the Third House and Play, suggest that it is time to develop a personal environment that brings pleasure into the picture. Maybe it is time to create a corner of rest and rejuvenation in your home with all the things you love the best around you. Maybe your work area could use a bit of sprucing up as well. Even if you can’t bring in the monster crystals and the giant laughing Buddha you can look for other ways to make your work environment reflect just a bit of your inner playfulness, things that may be unobtrusive but that trigger a smile or a memory of something you truly enjoy.

      The Astrological Influence Card backs up the idea of fun and laughter. Leo energy is about enthusiasm and play and building of the life force energy of the Sun. So find time to do something fun or silly when the moment is appropriate. The other night I was with two friends who have been working very hard, just as I have. All of a sudden an ice cube appeared and there was quite an ice cube battle. Adults in their 50s, 40s and 30s running around throwing ice down each other’s clothing may be a bit much for some, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying this at work, but it is an example of how just a few moments of play can break through oppressive energy and lighten everything up. In our case we all ended up laughing very hard, releasing all the tensions of the day so that we could relax and enjoy each other’s company even more.

      The Color Therapy Card is Green, which is a card of unconditional love, inner healing and self-love. So now is the time to use Green energy to boost your love of self through laughter and play to heal your inner child that needs a break. Utilizing green energy will also assist you in forgiving those old hurts, and enabling you to see the humor in just about every situation from a standpoint of unconditional love. Bring some Green into your wardrobe and your home environment. Maybe a Green tablecloth would be great, or you could place some new Green plants on the porch this month? Toss a green scarf over a lampshade or put in a green bulb. Green will heal your heart and help you to choose to love yourself enough to take care of yourself by playing more.

      There are some great stones for you to carry in June. Smoky Quartz is a form of Quartz much like Amethyst and Rose Quartz. All crystals from this family are powerful amplifiers and transformers of energy, thought, sound and light. Keeping a piece of Smoky Quartz handy in your pocket is a wonderful way to set the energy for finding bits of playtime this month. You may wish to invest in several small pieces of Smoky Quartz so that you can keep one on you, one on your desk and one by your bed. Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone to help you balance your energy and your activities and at the same time draw away feelings of heaviness or negativity. Smoky Quartz will surround you with a powerful force field of positive energy and assist you in your quest for some fun.

      It is interesting that two of the stones this month are Green, just like the Color Therapy Card. Green stones are usually about self love and joy, and lovely Green Aventurine is no exception. Find a piece to carry on your body if possible as a pocket stone or a piece of jewelry. Aventurine has a soft energy that will wrap around you and surround you with healing love energy and strong protection. It will also help you to balance your male and female energies and boost your ability to make the highest choices from a place of love, for self and for others. If you are in a position of leadership Aventurine will help you to find ways to creatively lead others on a lighter and brighter path with a bit of laughter along the way. Don’t leave home without it.

      Green and pink Unakite is also a perfect stone to have on hand this month. Reminiscent of green gardens and pink flowers, Unakite is a stone with soft loving energy. Find a nice piece to carry in your pocket or to keep on your desk at work to remind you to stop and take some time for yourself; enjoy the garden and the flowers. Unakite will assist you in balancing your emotional body and will help you to gently release behaviors and self-limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Your Unakite can help you see yourself in a much more positive way and support you in achieving a healthy state of self-awareness and self-love. Its rebirthing qualities can also help you to achieve that childlike wonder and playfulness that we all could use a good dose of right now.

      Have you been operating with the belief that you are you were tool old to play and have fun? Maybe you are waiting for a grandchild to come along so you can have an excuse to play. Don’t wait for some future event to happen for you to have a reason to enjoy life more. If we can play and laugh and have fun and still perform our jobs well and take care of out other responsibilities, why shouldn’t we do so? Get creative and find ways to sneak the giggles back into your day. You’ll only feel better for it.

      Prescription for June: Take one half-ounce of Laughter and one half-ounce of Fun. Mix thoroughly and ingest with gusto. Share concoction with those around you who want to lighten up, too. An ounce of Laughter and Fun is worth a pound of Antacid and Antidepressants.

      Crystal Star Oracle Reading © 2005 by Carol Holaday

      If you want to see the Crystal Star Oracle Overview for 2005 you can view it at my website www.wisdomcrystals.com where you will also find links to past Crystal Star Oracle Readings, articles on crystals and minerals, and a link to purchase your own set of the healing stones used in the Crystal Star Oracle and other crystal items. You may also contact me directly at Joysprite@....


      PLANETLIGHTWORKER’S JUNE CONTENTS are to be found below. Click on the web address of the article (or cut and paste the URL into your browser address window) to first log in, and then go to that article. Or you can click here for the cover page or copy and paste the following into your browser: http://www.planetlightworker.com. And don't forget... introduce a friend to PLW, then send us a note with their name and address after they have subscribed and we will add an extra month to your own subscription FREE.

      Here’s what you will find in the JUNE 2005 edition of PLW…


      Moonstruck - June by Yvonne Hanson
      “The New Moon occurring June 6th at 3:56pm MDT in Gemini is a potent time when the energy is tender, bright and uplifting, and we can start work on fresh projects. It stresses the importance of clear communication when stating our case.”

      Perspective on 2005 & Beyondby Jelaila Starr
      “This morning I awoke with a tremendous feeling of joy. A packet of information had been downloaded to me in the night and upon opening it I discovered a reason for hope. It was this message, the one I am writing now.”

      The Movie Mystic: Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith by Stephen Simon
      “This final film in the series takes us full circle and reveals how Annakin Skywalker actually transformed into Darth Vader and also sets up the entire underpinning of the original STAR WARS.”

      Simple Magic by Athene Raefiel
      “When we discover that we and all else are energy, we discover that all energy can be easily moved or changed if one knows how to do it. Everyone knows how and is doing it all of the time, they are simply not being conscious of it.”

      Candle in the Dark by Paula Picard
      “I have an aversion to mirrors. Not for reasons of vanity, but of utter confusion. Gazing into the reflection of my eyes, I see another being, another life. A life of love and beauty of unlimited possibility lies beyond the hazel coloring that the world sees. When can this mask be taken off and my true self revealed?”


      Ayurveda and Relationships by Lissa Coffey
      “There are many ways of looking at our compatibility with other people – such as the Mars/Venus theories, and the Love Signs system based on astrology, among others. But long before any of these formulas were even a twinkle in the cosmos, philosophers and scientists in Ancient India devised a system of health care called “Ayurveda” – or “the science of life.” Within this holistic system lies everything we need to know about love.”

      The Celtic Cross of Australia by Christan Hummel
      “Consider what has happened to the planet’s “gateways” since 9-11. Since that time, most of the planetary “gateways” (airports, customs, harbors) have been increasingly dominated by fear and control for “security” reasons. Energetically, when the gateways are shut, the land or region cannot benefit from the inflow of higher vibrational frequencies coming in.”

      A Call from Africa - A Short Story that Took a Lifetime by Jari Holland Buck
      “I am a white girl with a black girl’s heart. For those of you who are confounded that a 55-year-old Caucasian female could use these terms in reference to herself, be prepared to be surprised.”

      When Business Leaders Crack Wide Open by Denis Campbell
      “Alex Roberts and Julienne Prozesky are not your average company leaders. Enthusiastic, caring and motivated to develop their staff along with themselves to be the best they can be – they give a new meaning to the term “spirit at work” in South Africa.”

      Life Without Lisa by Jill Lawrence
      “Regardless of how rock-ribbed a person’s belief in life after death is, when a loved one dies, the loss is very real and emotionally devastating. The loss of physical contact, the inability to have meaningful, fulfilling conversation is often overwhelming.”


      Diving into the Bliss by Roy Whenary
      “t is possible to maintain a lifelong interest in Advaita and the philosophy of non-duality without ever really being touched by it, without feeling it at a deep level.”

      Gilding the Chalice - Gratitude by Marianne Weidlein
      “Remember that giving and receiving are an exchange of energy as you read: Someone takes much time and some money to help you with something you desperately need, then when it’s done, you say, “thanks”, and continue on your way. Compare the energy that was given to you with the energy you returned. Big thud... ”

      NEW!Looking for Love in all the Right Places - Part 1 by Ron McCray & Cindy Ferguson
      Yes, folks, he’s back! And this time round our old friend and former PLW Associate Editor, Ron McCray is not alone… If you thought he'd been taking it easy these past few years, this daringly honest new series, written with his life partner, Cindy Ferguson, will reveal many of the dangers, details and discoveries of the real journey they embarked upon.”

      Radical Dreaming: Dreams & Reincarnation - What are we Really Experiencing? by John D. Goldhammer
      “So many people have had dreams of being a famous historical figure: Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Mozart, a famous artist, or a certain religious figure. How many people can be the same Queen of Egypt? What is the purpose of these remarkable dreams?.”

      NEW SERIES: The Song of Creation - Part 2 by Michael Sharp, Ph.D.
      “As Spirit had intended, things were different in this world. Now, Spirit would work from within the created universe...”

      Truth is a Pathless Land Robert Rabbin
      “I do not know whether or not certain members of the U.S. government had foreknowledge of, or were complicit in, the events of 9/11. I admit my own incredulity at such a thing.”

      Starting a Holistic Business Part 3 - Financing Your Holistic Business by Jennifer Hoffman
      “More than fifty percent of small business fail within the first two years of operations. Those that can get past the critical two year mark often go on to do quite well. Small business failures happen despite the founders’ best intentions, hard work, skill or knowledge.”

      Heaven Letters by Gloria Wendroff
      “God said: Although you are to give without thought of return, you are not to give too much of yourself away. You are not to make yourself a slave to others' needs and wants. This is a pitfall. Over-giving does not serve another well.”

      Adventures of a Palmist - Part 2 by T. Stokes
      “This is the handprint of a young British celebrity in a well known girl’s singing group. She came to me because she desperately wants children.”

      Feel Good Guide to Prosperity: Part 3 - Developing an Attractive Attitude by Eva Gregory
      “Before we talk about an attractive attitude, here’s an idea of what I mean by having an un-attractive attitude: I give up! This sort of thing never works out for me! Why does the luck always happen to someone else?”

      The Key to Light: Da Vinci Code Madness by Judy Beebe
      “Are you one of those people who are having questions about the DaVinci code? Could this possibly be true? What would this mean if Jesus was, indeed, intimate with Mary Magdalene? What if they truly had a child?”

      NEW!Living Soulfully: Part 2 - Finding IT, My Journey by Mary Allen
      “Throughout my life I always felt an underlying uneasiness. I suspect it's what other human beings may feel everyday that causes them to seek relief, strive for the eluded happiness, check out with TV, alcohol or busyness. For me, it was a constant angst, although deeply hidden to most everyone I knew, including myself.”

      NEW!The Invisible Garment: Part 1 - The Principle of Love by Connie Kaplan
      “The unique weave that you wear constitutes the gift that you came to life to deliver. In other words, even though much of the world would have you believe in your worthlessness (your innate sinfulness and need for repentance), the deeper truth is that you came here to bring a specific spiritual gift into form.”


      Wisdom of the Rainbow Serpent Nakia as channeled by Maria Yraceburu
      “According to Bik’egubigjedidii – guardian of the four-leggeds - everything of which we consist comes and goes and changes in us, but this force, this energy we create, of currents of vision which are projected, will never be lost, for every energy remains.”

      Music Box by Tony Tolin
      This month Tony reviews Barbara Markay’s Shambhala Dance, Shadrach
      Weathersby’s new release Chomp Chomp and Julie Lavender's Never Felt the Sun.

      From the Heart - Stay out of the Frozone by Alan Cohen
      “If you do something that gets you into the Zone and you cling to that behavior beyond the time it is ripe, you end up frozen in the Zone, trapped, we might say, in “the Frozone”.”


      Numbers by Design June Numerology by Kathleen Jacoby
      Check your number for the year in the Numbers By Design column for insights and suggestions to assist you in making the most of the possibilities presented throughout June.

      Planetary Cycles: June 05 Astrology by Carolina Eastwood-Parkyn
      “In the first few days of June the sun is conjunct Mercury in Gemini, increasing communication and connections with others, but it is also in a difficult angle with Uranus, which can bring sudden surprising or upsetting circumstances that challenge the status quo.”


      Amara Multidimensional Symbols - Io by Omar and Nichole Antila
      “When you work with these symbols, draw them in whatever way is the most comfortable for you. They can also be simply visualized or imagined and then “sent” to wherever they are needed. Saying the name alone as a mantra works as well. Intent is the most important factor here.”

      New Power by Soleira Green
      “There’s a new power surging through us right now, men and women alike...and that new power isn't like anything we've experienced before. It isn't masculine and it isn't feminine. It's creative, collaborative, straight shooting, irreverent, playful and even raucous by times.”

      Walking With the Power of Love by Amy Jin Schmelzer
      “Each of us exists at a certain level of vibration. Depending on whom we are and where we are along our soul’s journey, we may be a better vibratory match for one form of “healing” work than another, thereby increasing its effectiveness for us at that time.”


      PAINTINGS: Love Warrior of the Eternal One by Vivianne Nantel
      “The role of a true artist in society in the 21st century is infinite. It has evolved to one of ambassador of light, love warrior of the eternal one, and a gentle teacher of the soul — a reflection of global social consciousness.”

      PHOTOGRAPHY: Walk This Way by Constantine Volo
      “In the middle of the road I sit reflecting back upon my young life's journey. And in the process of my unraveling, my desire to be anywhere other than where I am,or to be anyone other than my authentic self, it all vanishes.This peace I cannot put to word. If you've never stared off into the distance, then your life is a sham. ”

      DIGITAL ART: Mandalas - The Chrysalis Drops by Iryne Cummings
      “P E A C E... hushhh my love, and listen within... for butterflies are the great messengers of our universe.”


      Bushman Shaman: Awakening the Spirit through Ecstatic Dance by Bradford Keeney
      “In Bushman Shaman, Bradford Keeney details his initiation into the shamanic tradition of the Kalahari Bushmen, regarded by some scholars as the oldest living culture on Earth. Keeney sought out the Bushmen while in South Africa as a visiting professor of psychotherapy. He had known of the Kalahari “trance dance,” wherein the dancers’ bodies shake uncontrollably as part of the healing ceremony. Keeney was drawn to this tradition in the hope that it might explain and provide a forum for his own ecstatic “shaking,” which he had first experienced at the age of 19 and had tried to suppress and hide throughout his adult life.”

      Divine Blossom by Vivianne Nantel
      The Divine (whatever that might be for us) is manifested in every cell and atom of this universe. Just the fact of its existence, is the proof. Let's just take a good look around us, and then go deep inside us. We would discover such a marvelous beauty- a precious lotus in full-blown under the sunlight.

      EDITOR’S LETTER by Sandie Sedgbeer
      “Dying to Rediscover our Joy.”

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