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June 2005 Nightlight Newsletter from Psychology of Vision

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  • Azamayra'EL
    June 2005 Nightlight Newsletter Listen to the Newsletter as MP3 download Duration: 8 Minutes ( 1mb) Large File Listen to the Newsletter as streaming Real
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005

      June 2005 Nightlight Newsletter

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      Key Issue

      Distraction or opening the door to Great Good Fortune.

      Our ego will be like a child throwing, or threatening to throw, a tantrum, demanding all of our attention. It wants to distract us from what is available to us this month. Things are getting desperate for the ego with the amount of grace abounding. It is fighting pitched battles for control every day and every moment to keep us from experiencing what is available. Every time you get irritated or stressed, it wins, closing down the channel of your mind in judgment and sacrifice. When this occurs, things get rapidly worse. There is a turf fight going on for who is in charge only the higher mind does not bother to fight back, it just asserts the truth. The ego is getting desperate to finally have its own way. It lost significant ground in May, so that openings, not usually in our awareness, are present. Wisdom is seeing and using the opening for guidance. Answers are here if we accept them. Let us be tired of the ego. It brings only greed or world weariness. What does it matter if we win one more battle for the ego in this dream? How long will gloating or being right make us happy?

      Wisdom stands out in June. It is wisdom in action that comes through us to ameliorate all situations and uplift them. This is the wisdom of the Holy Spirit or Universal Inspiration, the light that extends from the Mind of God in Eternity to us, lost and bound in time. For those who are not believers, it works just as easy to use the word inspiration instead to account for June’s experience.

      We are being offered such amazing gifts this month: Heaven on Earth, Redemption, Great Good Fortune, and Wild Joy to name a few. No wonder the ego is at the point of strongest opposition and greatest irascibility.

      Heaven on Earth speaks of the rare moments when we feel the oneness and peace of God. It brings Wild Joy melting walls of the ego as we are brought to our being. All being is within our being, as we are within Being Itself. Realizing this brings such profound joy. Sharing and helping others, moments of transcendence in nature, relationships and healing all can bring about this Wild Joy that makes us want to dance, sing or reach out to the person next to us.

      This peace, is also the basis of Redemption – we value everyone, recognizing how God is present within and loves every single being. In our eyes then, they are raised up, made precious, beloved, and saved from self-attack. They are brought back to a more original state of peace. Which returns them to their innocence and loveableness.

      In June, we approach the door of Great Good Fortune. This is a trump against any problem. Will we open that door? How many times are we willing to open that door a day until there is a stream of Great Good Fortune in our lives. Hmmmmm? Do we want the problem before us now or do we want to not be distracted and in so doing recognize that the door to Great Good Fortune is available to be opened. How about opening it now?! And now a moment later how about opening it once again, because here is another door to Great Good Fortune. Will you open this one also?

      There are moments of profound fulfillment, and deepening friendship. Peace and Enchantment are available this month. Remembrance of whom we are, Remembrance of Heaven, Remembrance that we are in a dream that we could wake up from and find ourselves in Heaven. Heaven does not come about through death, which is a form of sleep; it comes by Remembrance and Realization of Oneness.

      Changes may be coming this month for some in order to make our lives better and truer. Trust the process whether you or someone else initiated the change. It will move life into a much more positive place, which will make it easier to recognize the door to Great Good Fortune in front of you.

      So, conflicts, stress, and distraction are meant to divert us and consume our attention daring us to act before it’s necessary and not letting grace undo the situations it needs to undo. Beware of the temptation to make yourself someone’s victim as an excuse to not show up or even to do what you always wanted to do – some form of independence or indulgence.

      Be aware of the willingness that desires to contest with others. This willfulness attempts to have things our way and projects what we do not like in ourselves, all the while avoiding things like miracles and the door to Great Good Fortune.

      You can use your awareness to wake up. You are the dreamer. You are the one who wants to keep dreaming. You will be the one to choose awakening. So, this month, there are both lots of opportunities and all the tricks of an ego fighting for its life. Hmmmmm? Should I invest some more in the ego or where’s that door to Great Good Fortune? Oh, yeah, right in front of me. Hmmmmm? Which do I want? Hmmmmm?

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