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The Galactic Times ~ The GC Gala

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    The Galactic Times The GC Gala ~ June 1, 2005 That subject line sounds a bit like a juicy gala, huh? That’s because it is. Over the next two weeks a parade
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      The Galactic Times

      The GC Gala ~ June 1, 2005

      That subject line sounds a bit like a juicy gala, huh? That’s because it is. Over the next two weeks a parade of planets proudly passes the reviewing stand of the core of our galaxy. Today it’s Venus. On the 8th, Mercury makes the march. Finally, on June 17th, the Sun opposes the Galactic Center (GC; or sometimes noted as Z).

      First, let’s cut to the core of Z’s influence and review that the general attributes are striving so actively to influence us now in a good way. The GC first seeks to clear out the subconscious mind of junk thoughts that impede receptivity to progress. Next, it activates the root chakra to clear the residual energy of negativity and most important, fear. Whether it manifests as fear of change, fear of being wrong or fear of one’s words causing someone an ill result, the blockage seeks to clear. These functions work like clearing Internet cookies from your computer, dumping temporary files, deleting the things you commanded the computer to delete in the first place and organizing and compressing the memory on the computer to decrease access time while increasing receptivity to new information.

      Probably the most significant starting point of GC realizations comes from clarifying that if one fails to also clear the energy of stuck situations, the undesired conditions likely return despite mental and emotional clearing. The energy represents the body- spirit charge assumed from negative conditions that will not depart by conversation nor catharsis regardless of how intense either process felt. The energy assumed by the system becomes a causal or anti-causal force until cleared. Infrared (IFR) energy causes the cleansing. IFR freely flows from the Galactic Center. Am I saying that if a person focused upon the GC it would clear their energy without the assistance of another person, a magic crystal wand and iambic pentameter incantations? Yes.

      Yes, if a person agrees to the doctrine of the Galactic Center. The doctrine of the Galactic Center can fail miserably in science. When setting a hypothesis for an experiment or study, according to GC rules, one must first create an agreement to be wrong about what the experiment might reveal. Attachment to an outcome smashes the possibility of objectivity to smithereens. The GC notes that it’s never really about being wrong. Progress comes when inspired information and insight yield options not yet applied that truly work for the betterment of all. There’s simply another way of doing it. To fear being wrong about one’s hypothesis of life blocks new information.

      Newton was not wrong. His famous equation of F = ma works in its own context. Beyond that, Einstein’s E = mc2 comes into play. Some claim Einstein might have been wrong. Well, it worked just fine in its own realm of application. Maybe a new equation seeks to define time and space and our position in it. Such revelations rarely occur if one tries to overlay insight on former modalities that lost effectiveness upon entry into new dimensions of humanity and consciousness.

      The last factor that potentially blocks Galactic Center insight comes from the “it ain’t natural” or “if God had intended” proclamations. The reply that defeats these defenses simply states, “how could God provide true and pure insight that was not intended for our betterment and failed to comply with his natural law?” “It must be Satan,” comes the response to the rebuttal. Argue that. You can’t because the root of belief overrides receptivity to insight. Here, the Galactic Center urges the clearing of fear, subjectivity and the resultant energy. It is true not all humans take kindly to this notion or the guiding impulses of the Galactic Center. Many of those will never seek it out.

      For those who will, consider that now Venus aligns opposite this potent core. She urges that one build a longing for something new, better or progressive. “Damn, if only someone would make something or come up with something that addresses my current need or the realization of a specific technical inability, I’d be all set.” Good. Now sit down with that to see what your consciousness can produce. Need feeds the motive for receptivity for the planetary gala interval.

      On the 8th, Mercury basks in the polar point of Z. Now the ideas start to come together. Former desires and needs require conscious coalescence. Thoughts that can be spoken and written down come to mind clearly in this window. Notice itchy palms, gurgles in the tummy and heat sensations at the top of the head. These reflect the importance of the Galactic Center considerations. Document everything allowing a plan to emerge and concepts to cultivate and products to make and insights to spread that offend no doctrine nor theology but contribute to all.

      This current train of consciousness reception wraps up on the 17th with the Sun’s annual trek opposing the GC. As the Sun reflects the conscious mind, manifestation within the ego and personality, and reflection in spirit, the suggestion offered is simply and painfully concise. All those lofty ideas, proclamations and pontificated doctrines of yours... you know the ones... good, now just “be” them. Act them out. Live as if you believe them. Have the courage to speak up and offer insight without imposition. Next thing you know, you might be worthy of emulation.

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