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June 2nd Thursday nights visioning call, Holding fast to our vision of Heaven on Earth

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    Thurs Theme: Holding fast to our vision of Heaven on Earth . (Thurs night visioning
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      Thurs' Theme: " Holding fast to our vision of Heaven on Earth ."

      (Thurs night visioning conf call 8 -11 PM EST)

      212-990-8000 pin 5454#, (same as always)

      In this update:

      Thurs. theme: "  Passing the test, holding fast to our vision of spiritual perfection through all illusion."

      Mayan Calendar - Ending DOMINANCE

      Information on emotional healing.



      Dear Family of Light and Love,

       I quote from Cyrus the Astrologer's words for  this June 1st and 2nd:   

        " Wise choice becomes self consecration in the name of cause, enabling the seeker to love through adversity and respond to the needs of others. A heart awakened enough to love the world can refuel a hopeless situation with a positive outlook. Wisdom moves hearts so that the visionary idea may become suddenly attractive, urging towards manifestation.


      We are urged to exercise our fledgling wings on every possible occasion. Growth happens when the seeker chooses to take personal advantage of every new situation in experience that arises. We remember that everything passes, everything changes and we are called upon to speak out to life our deepest aspirations. This is where personality is refined as it risks its very being to fulfil its destiny.


      The strength of our intentions and purity of motives may be tested now.


      Periods of solitude may be needed for emotional work and to restore energies. We are likely to work better behind the scenes in tasks that require subtlety and intuitive sensitivity. Artistic and musical expression are favoured.


      Suggests a deep seated need to transform the limitations of personal reality and individual identity.

      Personal energy needs to be channelled and linked to relevant activity in order for this transformation to take place in a positive way. This can cause the pathwalker to ponder cosmological or philosophical questions concerning the nature of existence in an effort to understand the self. The desire to eliminate limitations reflects the need to discover who we are at core.


      Mars may be seen to instinctively act to fulfil desire originating in the soul. The conflict of dual desire centred in the personality expresses as the will to remain separate and at the same time to return to the source. As the wave returns to the sea, so must we, in our evolutionary journey, return to the source. The illusion of separateness from the universal whole or source is just that, an illusion.


      The trine to Saturn confers patience and willingness to do difficult and exacting work. The energy that comes with this transit can be very controlled and directed. The impulsive and erratic qualities are minimsed by the trine aspect and gives the strength to cope no matter how difficult things become


      The transit can help us know ourselves better through a facility for actual and conscious co-operation with the potentials of an immortal reality. The pathwalker holds a clear picture of the end results that are desired, shaping every immediate aspect of life to a personal aspiration for Unity.  " 


      Feel free to share whenever inner guidance speaks  on the call  We will have very special guided meditation.   From the deep silence within come the gifts of the spirit that heal us all.

      This Thursday night we again join in sacred council.  We are all ONE!

      In the Light and the Love of the One we embrace you -

      Cynthia and Michael

      Y Y Y Y

      Y Y Y

       Remember ! We have added another hour to the call for open mic sharing. Join us from 8 to 9 PM each Thursday for general family sharing before the main event at 9 PM. Be sure to keep your phones muted when you are not speaking so that sound quality will be good during this new hour of sharing, as the moderator's mute will hopefully not be used. Thanks to all the good feedback on how to improve our conference calls, we decided to add this hour so more people would have time to share and meet with our spiritual family. 



       From Maritza <http://graphics.hotmail.com/i.p.emrose.gif>

      Mayan Calendar - Ending DOMINANCE

      ***A 'forward' from Edith Cole

      Mayan Calendar - ENDING DOMINANCE

      For those of you who have been following the work of Carl Johan Calleman on the Mayan Calendar there are two days coming up on June 1st and June 2nd when the cosmic energies will fully support the process of enlightenment and the end of dominance.

      June 1st is called 13 Anu in the Mayan calendar. It carries the vibration of enlightenment.

      June 2nd is called 1 Imix. Together June 1st and June 2nd are a perfect time to focus on the end of division and dominance globally.

      According to Calleman and the Mayan Calendar the world has been suffering from 5000 years of the energy of dominance, which initially resulted in the emergence of social hierarchies, patriarchal religions, monarchies and organized warfare with metal weapons.

      Over the same period of time we also had the emergence of writing which Calleman says reflected left-brain dominance. Calleman relates that all these factors together brought an end to humanity’s previous connection with the divine feminine.

      According to Calleman’s understanding of the Mayan calendar the new frame of consciousness connected with the intuitive right brain emerged in 1947 predominantly shown in the new paths and forms of healing and the increased equality in private relationships.

      Calleman states that the external advances in human life, which came with brilliant technological achievements from left-brain thinking, were paid for by a price, which was the loss of internal happiness.

      The polarized frame of mind that is behind the collective existence of division and dominance that has been with us for 5000 years has been reflected in the economic and political relations we see today with power and wealth in the controlling and dominating hands of the few.

      Calleman shares that the widespread use of drugs, alcohol and other escapist habits that prevent people from being their divine enlightened selves is also just another form and experience of dominance.

      But seeing is freeing:

      In whatever ways the cosmic energies of division and dominance have been internalized, expressed or hidden within the psyche of each one of us, these 2 special days will offer us the opportunity to see and to free any fear-based internal mechanism within us which keeps division and dominance alive.

      By becoming aware of this mechanism operating in our psyche, we may free ourselves so that we no longer need to project this Polarized Mind outwardly onto the world and her peoples. It is this projection of our shadow or ‘ugly self’ onto others that continues the divisiveness and separation that deadens our heart.



       Information on emotional healing.


      FEELINGS MUST FLOW TO HEAL, IN A SAFE AND NON-DESTRUCTIVE WAY, WITH AN ATTITUDE OF COMPASSION AND VALIDATION FOR THE WOUNDED CHILD WITHIN. When buried or repressed emotions are given a voice and embraced with divine love, they begin to undergo profound transformation and healing.


      This emotional maturity translates directly into harmlessness because the triggered person who claims all feelings as indwelling within self is no longer at risk of acting out destructively toward others by projecting his/her own bad feelings onto others. If the emotionally responsible seeker ‘takes it one step further’ to the point of learning how to love all his/her feelings equally, having compassion for and validating the inner wounded self, then he/she heals and is not a threat to self either.


      Negative feelings are harmful to self any time they are ONLY contained but not transmuted all the way through to resolution (complete expression with a healing image, etc.).


      Because negative emotions and beliefs that are suppressed continue to attract unwanted situations on an unconscious level, true harmlessness to self and others can only be attained by going within and healing painful emotions and their accompanying negative beliefs.


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