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Re: Thought for the day (16/05/05) To Ruchir & All

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  • Ambika
    Dear Ruchir, As I said, love is between two hearts...not bodies...Obtsacles are everywhere...to test you...not separate you. Overcoming obstacles is an
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2005
      Dear Ruchir,
      As I said, love is between two hearts...not bodies...Obtsacles are everywhere...to test you...not separate you. Overcoming obstacles is an achievement in participation of life, not for victory. Only material winners get rewards. Those who participate and accept failure and also failure as a stepping stone to success is the real winner. He will be rewarded with eternal bliss. He will get the promixity to God, He who created the ones you love. Once you have Him near you, it will be the same as you having the ones you love next to you.
      All of us wish to spend time with the one we love. If we can't, we don't blame anyone, for God decided that to happen. He put us here to accomplish duties that bring value to life. Loving is a value. But it "need" not be joint. Feeling is enough for a man to realise that he can fulfill that part of him as a mortal. I'm not discouraging you here. I'm making it seem, or trying to at least, make it seem that nothing is too heavy to carry unless and until you want to. It applies to me, you and everyone.
      Comparison of the following sort to ourselves, is most certainly impossible to even imagine, but have go. Arjun, the great warrior and archer practised during the night to attain his skills and to gain knowledge as a student, he quit playing with his fellow friends, brothers and cousins and attended the advanced lesson between Guru Dronacharya and his son Chiranjeevi Ashwatthama, on the topic of Chakravyuha. If this great prince could attain all that knowledge and apply it to aiming at the eye of the rotating fish on the ceiling from the reflection of oil on Draupadi's Swayamvar, doesn't it imply that anything concerning a duty is possible? If something does not happen or let you make it happen with reasons against your views, it doesn't mean you failed as a human being. It means that you made a mistake in the art of living. In the valuable lesson of living, the lesson that God himself is teaching you every moment of your life. Every breath you inhale has God in it...He is teaching you while you breathe.
      Same way, He is in your heart and is teaching you to love. He does not expect you to experiment with your breathing to extreme circumstances as to losing an asset to life or gaining as asset which has lost value, not matter how much it means to you. Same way, He does not expect you to love and experiment with you heart. He wants you to love purely. Love is not between bodies, but hearts. Love forever. But don't be possessive. For you it may later feel like your feelings of love for someone who you cannot let go of, was caged in your heart. The cage could often be called as guilt, pain, taunt, or pressure. I can love my brother forever, but I need not always be with him to do so. Or vise versa. It's in the heart.
      Minds travel faster than light. No matter where on earth you are, doesn't light shine as bright as you let it? Same way, love with all your heart. Your mind will tell you to, shining all the love you have towards the ones you love. This shining shimmer of love will reach the ones in the form you sent it in, additionally erasing their sins, and giving them and yourself a reward for completing your duty as a mortal. To love is to worship. Let yourself be as free as a wild bird, and as pure as water.
      Om Shantih

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