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Thought for the day (16/05/05)

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  • Ambika
    Dear All, Pure love is between two hearts...not two bodies...a very valuable phrase, that one. God sent us here to fulfill tasks that require stable values.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2005
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      Dear All,
      Pure love is between two hearts...not two bodies...a very valuable phrase, that one.
      God sent us here to fulfill tasks that require stable values. Education is prime at this time of era. Then parents for the needs and wants they give us. For all that we deserve from the good deeds of our previous and current lives, and as a reward of how far we've come having learnt some things, He gifts us with siblings, or more to key - friends. Then He lets us play with our friends. If we play safe, He allows us to bond well. If we play slightly different afterwards, with taht bond or without even, He shines a few rules. Through our mortal parents - "Don't go out for longer than 5pm" or "You're spending too much time with friends/ on entertainment". If we listen, it'll be for our own benefit.
      No matter how many mistakes we commit, our parents own us. Only they have the holy right to correct us. And from the mother of us, no matter what we get up to, she forgives us. Having done something so bad, she can easily forgive us. Physically alone. No talking. Grounded. That's our mortal punishment. She will gain good points to erase her sins away by forgiving us and forgetting the events. That disability to erase that incident from the heart, will be soul punishment. That will die with us.
      But for a true child, he/she will repent for the rest of their life, for having to put the mother in that state of heart and mind in the first place. A true child looks upon preventing rather than causing and erasing. A true child, will be the one to fulfill his/her mortal parents as happy as he would keep the immortal mother and father, assuming they are God. God doesn't let us do perfect things, such as keep "everyone" happy. If the world would be so perfect, what will there be to learn? Of course. God will make things perfect, when everyone has learnt everything.
      How do we repent?
      If the mother's arms never seize before her child runs into them, doesn't it imply that it's never too late? Once you are in those arms, you are locked in them. Safe from depression, anger, anxiety, fear and disbelief. Relatively, once we are locked into the service of God, we will have a conscience to keep ourselves binded to our sacred oath to remain in those arms. The firmer the arms hug us, the more protected we are. The deeper in devotion we serve Him, the closer we are to Him.
      Our devotion are those arms. Our belief. Our love. We don't see these hugs, but we sense it. We feel it. We feel ourselves held so safely in our devotion. That is when you know, that you will be forgiven. Think not, of being forgiven, for we will be noticed to attend Him to erase our sins, and nothing else. If the entire ocean can be seized into a small, pure and sweet trickling stream, then we can also be seized into those arms of our mothers. And also into devotion.
      If God gave birth to many living creatures including ourselves, it doesn't mean He doesn't care about one particular individual because He doens't think that one is important or special as any other. It doesn't mean that He is too busy to attend you. He who calls with the most love, will be attended. Do not fear Him. He is our father, mother and friend. That is why He took so many forms. So that we feel He has so many forms of himself to give each of us to! We have only found a certain million forms, maybe...but what do we know of those that haven't been discovered?
      Remember: He will wait forever. Not with pride, but for our conformity. Our approval to love Him and accept Him as the Supreme. But if we wait, He will let us wait. As we have not the Supreme to wait for approval or acceptance. Or His conformity. We have pride. Ego. Desire - for money, lust, possession. We have more wants than needs. He decided what our needs will be, but as we grow in this Kali Yuga, we have detached His right to decide for us any more. That is how "wants" interfered with the purity of reliance on God. He teaches us, but for those who refuse to accept conformity, surrenderance, purity, love and belief, it will seem as punishment.
      Just the way we all reproduce to gain a few extra members to make a family with intention to love us, God has done the same. He has given birth to all of us just to love Him. If love is such a big factor of all of our lives, then should it not be for Him? He created love, He created our love, and He created us - for love. Let us all join hearts to serve Him with this love, with the grace remaining in our souls, and with the belief that the mother's arms will always be open for an honest protection.
      Om Shantih

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