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    Here s a simple explanation of right brain. Love, Polly Article: Whole Brain Thinking Do we still have unimaginable potential just waiting to be unlocked? When
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      Here's a simple explanation of right brain.
      Love, Polly

      Article: Whole Brain Thinking

      Do we still have unimaginable potential just waiting to be

      When you examine the functioning of the human brain, the
      answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

      The human brain includes right and left hemispheres. These
      operate in different contexts as they perform different
      functions. In most people, the left hemisphere is primarily
      detail-oriented, while the right hemisphere is visually
      oriented and recognizes patterns.

      The right hemisphere recognizes the picture, the overview or
      the context, while the left brain translates that image into
      words. When you look at a person who seems to be someone you
      knew a long time ago, you recognize the pattern of that
      person’s face long before their name catches up. You move in
      for a closer look, while trying not to stare, and your left
      brain is thinking, “Oh, that’s um, oh… I’ll never forget, um,

      The detail-oriented, left-brain hemisphere provides these

      Sequential perception.
      Rational analysis.
      The sense of time passing at a fixed speed.
      The translation of visual images from the right side of the
      brain into words.

      The pattern-recognizing, right-brain hemisphere provides these

      Spatial awareness - the ability to imagine, and operate
      within, three-dimensional space.
      Whole picture overview - the recognition of patterns of light,
      sound or thought.
      Dealing with thoughts in their natural, symbolic form.
      Artistic ability - visual imagery.
      Musical ability.
      The experience of emotions.
      The dream state.
      The reception of intuitive impressions.

      In education, the left side of the brain is promoted much
      more than the right. Much attention is paid to arithmetic
      and word skills, while art and music receive little, and
      intuitive development doesn’t get any.

      When you drive at a constant speed, your right brain, with
      its spatial awareness, monitors the road ahead for pattern
      changes. If you engage in a conversation while driving,
      using left-brain word skills, and something in the traffic
      pattern requires your attention, you have to switch your
      primary focus over to your right brain in order to deal with
      it. This explains why conversation stops as you attend to
      making a turn. The turn doesn’t require that much attention,
      but it does require a whole switch of brain sides, so the
      conversation stops for that short time.

      Music naturally resonates with the right side of the mind. Did
      you ever sing along with a Golden Oldies song, one that you
      hadn’t heard for years? Weren’t you amazed at how many of the
      lyrics you remembered? How could you possibly roll out, from
      memory, line after line of lyrics that you hadn’t heard in
      years? The answer lies in the right brain, where music is
      experienced and, also, memories are stored. You never had to
      use your left brain to laboriously remember the lyrics. When
      you heard the songs, they played into your right brain and
      were automatically stored in your right-brain memory,
      waiting to be recalled, sometimes decades later.

      Right-brain development can include artistic and musical
      ability, which can be used to make your immediate
      surroundings look and sound beautiful.

      To see how art skills turn on the right side of the brain,
      try drawing a picture of your left hand, only without looking
      at the paper you’re drawing on. As your right hand draws the
      outline of your left hand on paper, there will be a point at
      which your thinking flips over to the right brain. You’ll
      probably start the drawing in a linear style that prefers
      simple, straight lines, then suddenly switch to a more
      complex style that sees all the slight curves and details,
      appreciates their beauty, and starts to include them.

      Quality of life can be enhanced enormously with more
      right-brain attention. Imagine, the luxury of living in
      a world where communities are designed to calm your senses
      and inspire you with the sights, sounds and smells of a
      beautiful environment.

      Your spiritual connection is developed through the right side
      of the brain. Meditation provides inner peace and the
      development of intuition, which, in turn, provides necessary
      insights into your life’s path.

      As right-brain activity is enhanced, your normal functioning
      becomes more whole-brain, and both hemispheres begin to be
      used in balance. The two hemispheres of the brain are
      connected by a large band of nervous tissue called the
      corpus collosum. This connecting band of tissue is larger
      in women than in men, raising the question,

      “What are women known for having more of than men?”

      Now, there could be many light-hearted answers to this
      question – abilities like shopping skills, holding long
      conversations and being able to ask directions when lost.
      However, the biggest difference is women’s intuition.
      It’s not that men don’t have intuition, it’s just that
      women tend to have more of it.

      In order to develop our latent abilities, and our spiritual
      potential, we need to feel our way into a deeper experience
      of that feeling-oriented, right side of the brain, just as
      we have thought our way into developing the word-oriented
      left side of the brain.

      We need to become more accustomed to using the language of the
      right side of the brain. The right brain uses symbols and
      pictures, not words. Symbols can be visual, and they can be
      complete information packets - thought balls, which are whole
      pictures containing thoughts and feelings.

      To operate in the right brain means to grasp concepts without
      words, feeling them, knowing them, letting the left-brain
      logic wait until our sense knowingness has had the chance to
      become more than it was before.

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