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Latest update - for Taansen's Release Hearing, more on Luke Gatto's sacred geometry presentation on Sat. Conf. Call

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    Another update: [SAT CONF CALLS: 212-990-8000 pin 5454# 11Am-4:30 PM EST] Contents: Tripping Over Joy~Hafiz 12 to 1 PM EST Richard Reed will present more
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2005

      Another update:

      [SAT CONF CALLS: 212-990-8000 pin 5454# 11Am-4:30 PM EST]



      Tripping Over Joy~Hafiz

      12 to 1 PM EST Richard Reed will present more exciting information on UFO's, with open mic for sharing about ET's [Susan Mound will not be present as scheduled]

      More on sacred geometry presentation by Luke Gatto on Sat, 1 to 2 PM EST

      Latest on Taansen by Shirsha

      LETTERS FROM RACHELLE, her thoughts about last Thursday nights visioning conference call.



      Tripping Over Joy ~Hafiz

      What is the difference

      Between your experience of Existence

      And that of a saint?

      The saint knows

      That the spiritual path

      Is a sublime game with God

      And that the Beloved Has just made such a Fantastic Move That the saint is now continually Tripping over Joy And bursting out in Laughter And saying, "I surrender!"

      Whereas, my dear,

      I am afraid you still think

      You have a thousand serious moves.

      translated by Dan Ladinsky


      On 5/1/05 1:57 AM, "luke gatto" <lukegatto99@...> <

      > wrote:

       Dear Michael,

      Good to hear from Carol Davis that you are intrigued  with the "GENESA SYSTEM" geometry lore!

       The GENESA SYSTEM and the GENERIC FOUNDATION of the PLATONIC SOLIDS : The Genesa system , founded by Dr.Derald Langham , employs large {12 ft. by 12 ft.} constructed Spherical Vector Equilibrium Model "Crystal" Structures that people enter, standing in the center. These "crystal" forms surround the individual , displaying the synchronicities between the octaves of the color spectrum and musical chords , the hexagram dynamic of the I Ching and the universal Genetic code , nummber theory and mathematics , the 26 letters of the alphabet and their polarity patterns fitting on the key 13 dimensions of the Template Cube, and many,many other encoded living earth systems of cybernetic and fractal information....... The Platonic Solids are inherent in these structures , exemplifying the centredness and harmony of geometric patterns making up the GOLDEN MEAN of the Human Body from it's strategic navel center referencing to the surrounding {and corresponding} Microcosm and Macrocosm of the Universe, in all its Physical and Etheric manifestation. I look forward to the phone-conference call on May 14th at 1pm e.s.t. , that you will be hosting with many listeners and participants!

       James Shroads , an architect in Colorado with many years of Genesa Seminar teaching experience , and I , will be sharing for 1 hour the Genesa System of Sacred Geometry Empowerment. I am a Research Biologist and General Systems Theory student of Quantum Biology.

       Thank you, sincerely.

      Luke Gatto -{805}-640-7355

      From: omshanti@... [mailto:omshanti@...]
      Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 8:21 PM
      To: spiritus@...
      Subject: Latest update - for Taansen's Release Hearing

      NOTE  from Cynthia Taansen has written the entire fascinating suspense story behind his false arrest. It is available in a pdf. file, 163 KB,  upon request. If you wish to receive this historic first person account of dark agenda intrigue in the banking industry, email me at spiritus@... or Shirsha at omshanti@...  
      Taansen is presently teaching meditation to the other men in his compound. 

        ~ Love~Truth Always Prevails ~

      Beloved friends,


      Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and an endless Love . . .  You are very special beings ~ angels in disguise ~ assisting in Taansen's release.  May it all come back to you many thousand times . . . .

      We spoke today with the lawyer. In
      "navy blue" color is the update ~ and there is a better description to what is needed to help in Taansen's release.

      Trial date is September 20.

      The lawyer said that judge associate with Taansen's case has the reputation to be the worst
      = He needs extra Love!  Thank you for blazing him with your Love~Light.

      He wrote:
      "My release is of highest importance, urgency, and priority, even more important than the case itself; because with release, at home, I will be in an infinitely better position to prepare for the trial".
      There are so many false accusations that Taansen can correct and reverse.  He can prove he was falsely accused but to do that he needs to be released.  All he has in prison is a "part time" public defender who only ensures that he is represented in court and as she has told us "I only look at the evidence objectively".
      In order to prepare for release hearing, we need someone who would be willing to post bail of approximately $25K to $400K in property equity. Cash is not required.  It would involve a lien against property equity and would require some proof of the property value; copy of any outstanding mortgages against the property and a note saying that you trust Taansen and any other thing you want to say in his behalf.  This property lien will be cancelled after the case is closed.  We won't know the exact amount of the bail until the judge sets it at his release hearing. Taansen's lawyer just needs to be ready with the documents so she can tell the judge that the property liens are ready.  The specific details can be worked out with Marcia Brewer, his lawyer.  Her contact information is below. She is currently trying to get a judge who handles cases like Taansen's and has a reputation for pre-trial releases.  So far, she hasnt had much success in replacing a tough judge by the name of Real.  Several people could make up the amount if any is required.  This does NOT mean there would be any chance of losing any money, property, etc and it would only be until Taansen's trial in August.  The notion that Taansen would "skip" bail is, of course, something that would NEVER happen.  Taansen is first of all, a person of integrity, and second he is a spiritually advanced soul who knows the consequences of wrong doing.

      Taansen wants to prepare himself and for that he needs to have access to his office, to put all the documents together that will support his defense.
      We are appealing to his loyal friends to help him and to show the judge that he is not a "flight" risk.
      We wish we could assist Taansen . . .  Alas! We have to ask Universal support, for Perfect Resolution, knowing that Love~Truth Always Prevails ~
      Endless Gratitude to Love ~ Truth ~ Light ~ for your Love and Prayers; your assistance and support.
      In deep Love and Gratitude,
      Shirsha, Charles & Mildred

      * * *

      *  Taansen is one of about 18 innocent "scapegoats"(one who bears the blame for wrongdoing of others) who were falsely blamed for the disappearance of the assets of 13 banks in the West Indies in the year 2000.  Taansen has perfectly clean lifetime legal record and is totally innocent.  Part of the proof of this is the fact that he and I were impoverished when the assets of the banks disappeared.  Now 5 years later, the FBI has arrested Taansen and the others on false charges, as we seek your prayers for his quick release and acquittal.

      ~ We ask Blessings for Perfect Resolution ~ The Highest Good for All involved ~
      ~ Surrendering ~ Letting go ~ Letting God ~
      ~ Love~Truth Always Prevails ~
      ~ Expecting a Miracle ~
      ~ Divine Intervention ~
      ~ A Grateful Heart ~
      ~ Endless Love ~

         ~ Love~Truth Always Prevails ~

      Taansen can receive:
      1. Postcards - does not need name and return address.
      2. letters - needs a name and return address - and can have up to 10 pages (I send spiritual readings) in an envelop.
      3. Books have to have a soft cover and have to be shipped from bookstores; publishers.

      Taansen Fairmont Sumeru
      # 0504300435 
      C/O  Central Detention Center  - Tank R 
      630 E Rialto Avenue
      San Bernardino, CA 92415

      To send postcards, to his lawyer, about Taansen not being a flight risk :
      Marcia J Brewer 
      300 Corporate Pointe
      Culver City,  CA 9020
      310-670-5325   EXT 27

      PS: From Taansen's last letter, he mentioned: "The letter campaign should be saved for when we know for sure what judge we have".

      * A minister Taansen met in jail, wrote . . .

      "The greater your vision, the greater the trial
      you are likely to experience in God's plan.
      Humble yourself under His mighty hand,
      For He will exalt you in due season to posess the land "

      Endless thanks for your prayers, assistance, support . . . It's helping all
      of us to go through the fire of purification

        ~ Love~Truth Always Prevails ~



      Rachelle has given permission to share her beautiful thoughts about Thursday nights conference call!

       Yes my sweet Cynthia!! Thank you so much for the prayer last night and thank Michael, too. I feel there is a shift coming through for everyone on the call. It is all about forgiveness right now. That is the power of love that transmutes all these emotions back into love. It does not mean to forgive the other person making him wrong in our eyes, but it is to forgive at another level and that is to forgive yourself for thinking that anyone was wrong. Not connecting to the seemingly wrong action, making them wrong and ourselves the saints but to the fact that this is all a dream we have created, not God. God doesn't even know any of this is going on. God only knows omnipotent perfection. The end of time means that we will wake up to this truth and really embrace the ONENESS. We are well on our way but have a bit of a ways to go. So it is all about practicing this fact that, none of this is really happening so forgive your brother for thinking it is and you forgive yourself for thinking it is all at the same time

      It is tricky business because the ego will try to trick us into not believing this fact. It says we are giving up our identification as human beings and our individualized persona and consequently we are loosing something. UH!!! How could we be giving up something here by remembering and being one with God? That there is no pain, sorrow, and death. Yes, it feels like we would have to give up joy, happiness, and all of what we call good but in reality we get trillions times more through waking up to this truth. Like ecstatic joy and bliss like most have never experienced but maybe very short bouts of. I am trusting that it is all happening for us and I am just being open to allowing myself awaken to the mergence back with God. Even that sounds weird cause we have never left home in truth just fallen asleep to it or fogged over from fear. I am working with holy spirit which to me is Jesus and all those of the light in spirit form that are helping us to awaken to home.

      My ancestors are helping me big time, too. I am being picked up during sleep. They are so wonderful! I am wanting to connect in the awakened state and have just started really putting that out as an intention. It is the most healing thing we can do to not get emotionally attached to all of this here in the world. Connect to the love behind all things of the senses. Love as we have never loved before and trust like we have never trusted before and pray like we have never prayed before and stay in gratitude like we've never done before!!! This is what spirit and my ancestors guide me to do, sista!!!

      We all love Ken very much and I know he is fine and being given a gift right now. I have placed his name on my altar. I have hired a divine angelic committee for his perfected healing.

      I am looking for Carol's number and have misplaced it. Do you have it handy before I get out of here? I want to connect with her about the prayer before we start tomorrow.

      Hope to hear back soon.

      Loving you,

      Sis Rachelle

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      From: Rachelle Hava [mailto:rhava@...]

      Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 6:29 PM


      Cc: spiritus@...


      Good Afternoon Sweet Sisters!!!

      Last nights call was very powerful. As we prayed as the ONE and placed intention from within to be extended to all of God's creation, powerful rays of golden Christed, white, silvery light radiating out with such peaceful, powerful unconditional love were coming into my minds eye from a beautiful Golden temple of which we were all gathered. It was magnificent!!! The ONENESS really came through last night. I could have done without the judgmental jokes in the beginning of the call but at least everyone was laughing and that is a good thing!!! I am all about joy and laughter. ( see at the bottom of the email below a bit of my

      history) It was just a way of making everyone feel better about the "seemingly" dark agenda and I forgave the whole scene of making the seemingly dark wrong and myself for getting caught up in giving it any power. To transmute it asap is the key. It really takes practice and I am very devoted to it. The Masters experienced this and could do it immediately connecting to the fact it is all in the dream and not real in the first place, This is the truth they spoke of in the phrase, "Know thy truth and thy truth shall make you free." They looked beyond this seemingly physical world. They were in the world but not of it which had such loving power they could perform alchemy on anything connecting to this fact that it is all a dream and that the true power lies with Source of which we have never really left.

      It was interesting what we shared on the call and how it played out. I forgot to mention that I had connected with spirit before the call and asked that I be given words to share with everyone on the call last night and this is what I picked out of the little angel cards they connected through: I was guided to draw twelve cards representing yesterdays date:




      AND LASTLY JOY!!! Talk about right on the money with last nights call!!!

      Spirit is so connecting with all of us of the light right now.

      I tried sending this email below last night to both of you but did it did not go through as I forgot to include your email address. The address I had to copy Cynthia did not go through either. I have included it below with this reply. Some of it I touched on above so please forgive the repetition.

      I would love to work with you on a "Mastermind" level however that looks to you. I am open to learning what you are doing at this level. As we have shared this phrase on the call , "Any time two or more are gathered in the name of God, the power of love prevails."

      The email below will give you a feel of how I am connecting in this dream we are living out at this time.

      LOLL & L,


      ~ Nerawa Rose Siati ~

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