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IGLOO - #009 - 14 May 2005 - Inner Glow Lovingly Opens Opportunities - The colours in My life will overlap with others in different ways

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  • Jophiel JagGY
    May the road always lead, where you need to be. Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities on the Path to Personal Enlightenment Today s Music is: One day at
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2005
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      "May the road always lead, where you need to be."


      Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities
      on the Path to Personal Enlightenment
      Today's Music is:  One day at a Time
      "The gateway within, the heart, not the head."

      ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~

      ~Today's Spiritual Acronym~

      iving Away The Ego With Almighty Yielding 

      Are you willing to Share all of yourself
      to convey the Message???
      These models were!!!!!!!
      What message are you sharing with your self
      What is your BODY LANGUAGE SAYING?
      Are your Words, Actions, Thoughts and Image saying
      It was suggested that I should not wear my crystals when I went to a meeting with Cabinet Ministers
      to which I replied "in love" that is who I am now.
      I have worked very hard to become who I am and I do not believe I need to change to suit others who are in a lower level of consciousness that I
      (NOTE: In Healing I definitely come the level of the person I wish to help without compromising my own)
      At some stage we all wear an appearance to please others.
      We even use appearance to attract others so they will remember us.
      When I first followed my heart and WENT COLOUR
      it was hard for a lot of others to accept the NEW ME. (and I was self conscious at first as well)
      The new Boyfriend/Girlfriend goes out of their way to please the other in their appearance
      and eventually they revert to themselves as they are accepted by each other as who we are.
      Its ok to ask our wife / husband how they like our hair done
      or to wear the dress our mate finds us especially attractive and desirable in
      After all cloths are designed to protect as well as attract.
      They were not however designed to Oppress as is now the case in Many Cultures
      Everyone of us in an individual
      We share different parts of ourselves with others
      Sometimes those parts are shared in a wider sphere
      The message for today is
      To stay in Integrity
      with who I am and who you are.
      The colours in our life will overlap with others in different ways
      and for different reasons
      The path to enlightenment (Transformation) is long and difficult.
      Our lives in this world are a journey through which we discover our true soul.
      I do not know each turn on your road just as you do not know mine.
      In the end we must all become our own teacher
      It is the task of each soul on earth to find their own way to their own truth.
      To be NAKED in our expression so the TRUE YOU is visible
      That is when THE LIGHT
      Truly Shines Through us and In us
      We don't have to BODY PAINT OURSELVES as the models in today's graphic have.
      We do however need to allow ourselves to be a blank canvas to be PAINTED BY THE MASTER to be OUR TRUE COLOUR.
      Then the Music played through us
      Jophiel JagGY and Chryos

      (c) Jophiel JagGY (IGLOO)-  14 May 2005
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please forward IGLOO to all who are open to receive it·

      The YeMYSS and YeMane symbols embedded in the stationery are part of the HuMURG healing system which is shared in the Hurricane of  Happiness seminars.
      HuMURG is an energy healing system utilising the practices of Reiki and other healing modalities.
      They are there to be called upon by you should you have a need of the energy. If you feel that you don't need them right now then let them float to wherever they are guided. 
      "Compared to any medical treatment or cure, the Six Syllables [Om Mani Padme Hum] are the strongest remedy against sickness and evil."
      -- Guru Rinpoche
      The mantra Om Ma ni Päd me Hum is easy to say yet quite powerful,
      because it contains the essence of the entire teaching.
      When you say the first syllable
      Om it is blessed to help you achieve perfection in the practice of generosity,
      Ma helps perfect the practice of pure ethics, and
      Ni helps achieve perfection in the practice of tolerance and patience.
      Päd, the fourth syllable, helps to achieve perfection of perseverance,
      Me helps achieve perfection in the practice of concentration, and the final sixth syllable
      Hum helps achieve perfection in the practice of wisdom.

      The imagery for this card shows a figure emerging from a centrepoint - hair flowing allowing for freedom from perceived patterns of the past and present.
      The white body of the figure represents that there are no more restrictions or restraints. The image is blank, saying to us that there is a blank slate on which to write. No preconceived notions so here is an opportunity to begin anew, if you would take the chance to do so. The colour acknowledges that everything is from a point of love. The pink is one of the 'new' colours coming to show us that head and heart can combine, if we let them.The darkness of the edges in the painting acknowledge that while there is still some fear as a result of past experiences, the feeling of freedom is already tugging at the heart strings. The circle has completed and it is now time to Let Go and just Be.
      This card is showing what you will have achieved through the accomplishment of stepping out from old patterning. Each day is a beginning - the start of a new journey. It is the opportunity now to go forth in faith. Accept your own power in knowing that it is not the winning which matters but the fact that you have allowed yourself to "have a go". Look at the opportunities offered and know that this card is telling you.It is time to begin and that time is Right Now.  Step out in courage - the next step will change your direction more than your conscious mind allows you to know.
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