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  • Azamayra'EL
    ************* Please Note: Due to being extremely busy crafting the upcoming 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar for the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year (July 26, 2005 -
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      Please Note:

      Due to being extremely busy crafting the upcoming 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar for the Yellow Cosmic Seed Year (July 26, 2005 - July 25, 2006) I am unable to provide any commentary on the current energies of this Spectral Moon, and have simply listed the Dreamspell code words that correspond to the current cycles. Thank you for your understanding!
      May Many Blessings Come To You,
      Eden Skywalker

      PS: We will be starting to take pre-orders for the new calendar in the very near future, and will send out an announcement at that time.


      Greetings Kindred Spirit!

      These 13moon.com emails serve to explain the 13-Moon Dreamspell Calendar System, Galactic Time Science for personal and planetary transformation. Delivered to us by Dr. Jose Arguelles, this system is based upon the ancient Yucatec Chilam Balam Jaguar Priests, what we know in today's time as Earth Wizards.

      (For an introductory overview of this Time System, please see http://www.13moon.com/overview.htm )



      We are now in the 11th Moon of the 13-Moon Year, corresponding to Tone 11 of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

      Moon 11 is called "Spectral Moon" (always correlated to May 2 - May 29). Its totem animal is the Serpent.
      The key words to focus on for "Spectral Moon" include its -
      Power: "Dissolve"
      Action: "Release"
      Essence: "Liberation"
      Action Directive: "How can I release and let go?"

      The 13-day Wavespells which flow through this Moon 11 are:

      ****The Blue Hand Wavespell***
      Spectral 9 -21 (May 10 - May 22)
      Blue Hand's Code Words: Knows / Accomplishment / Healing

      The Blue Hand Wavespell is always the third "transforming" wavespell of the 52-day "Red Eastern Castle of Turning," which unifies the 4 wavespells of the Red Dragon, White Wizard, Blue Hand, and Yellow Sun.

      ***The Yellow Sun Wavespell***
      Spectral 22- Crystal 6 (May 23 - June 4)
      (begins in Spectral Moon and continues into Crystal Moon)
      Yellow Sun's Code Words: Enlightens / Universal Fire / Life

      The Yellow Sun Wavespell is always the fourth and final "ripening" wavespell of the 52-day "Red Eastern Castle of Turning."

      Thank you for participating in an ever-expanding global community of natural time Earth Wizards!
      People are welcome to share this "13-moon emailer" with all who might be interested.
      Please include a link to www.13moon.com if any of this text is reprinted.
      New kin can sign up for these updates at http://www.13moon.com/natural_time_update.htm Explore the Art, Science, and Spirituality of Natural Time at http://www.13moon.com

      In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself!


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