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  • Azamayra'EL
    ... Laurence Gardner on Dreamland William Henry interviews Laurence Gardner about explosive revelations in his new book, the Magadalene Legacy. Hear what he
    Message 1 of 3 , May 11, 2005
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      Unknowncountry.com Newsletter

      Laurence Gardner

      Laurence Gardner on Dreamland

      William Henry interviews Laurence Gardner about explosive revelations in his new book, the Magadalene Legacy. Hear what he DIDN'T SAY on Coast to Coast AM! Then Linda returns with an interview with the scientist who has discovered the new Gulf Stream problem, and we get to hear exactly what he discovered and what it means. Fasten your seatbelts, folks!

      Laurence Gardner is one of the most controversial scholars of Christianity alive. His explosive claims about the bloodline and family of Jesus have always been dismissed as 'unproven' by scholars of the religious establishment.

      But now Gardner has come back with smoking gun proof in the Magdalene Legacy about what really happened during the life of Christ and after, and, above all, ITS HIDDEN, DEVASTATING MEANING FOR US RIGHT NOW!

      You can get Laurence Gardner's brand new, beautifully illustrated hardcover, the Magdalene Legacy right now AND take advantage of our automatic 10% coupon if you hurry! (If backordered, a new shipment well arrive within 5 days.)

      Click here to place your order right now.

      Strange Scientist Deaths Continue

      Unknowncountry's lead today covers strange scientist deaths. Far too many biologists and nuclear scientists have died in odd and unexpected ways in the past few years, and we review many of the more recent cases.

      The latest incident involves the death of David Banks, the principal scientist with Biosecurity Australia. He was involved in containing pest and disease threats. He died along with 15 other people when the commuter plane he was traveling in went down in Queensland, Australia. The communications manager at Biosecurity Australia described it as a devastating loss for the country.

      Read the full story on Unknowncountry.com.

      Click here.

      Hydrogen Fuel Cells No Solution

      In a new paper published in a scholarly journal, researchers say it could take "several decades" to overcome the tough technical challenges involved in producing hydrogen fuel cell cars. Engineer Rakesh Agrawal says, "In my mind, developing practical hydrogen fuel cells for cars is definitely doable, but we must solve very daunting technical challenges." But other scientists think that "success is not certain," and that fuel cells will never become a practical substitute for gasoline.

      One problem is that hydrogen fuel cells are likely to remain extremely costly, with equal amounts of power costing ten times what gasoline costs even at today's high prices.

      Possible sustainable sources for producing hydrogen are solar cells, wind power, nuclear power plants and agricultural products, such as grasses, which can either be burned or processed to produce the gas. But each of these methods comes with its own particular problems.

      "I believe we can probably solve the technological problems related to making hydrogen fuel cells practical as a replacement for the internal combustion engine, but it won't be easy and it likely won't happen very soon," Agrawal says.

      Americans have been led to believe that a future of hydrogen fuel cell cars is just around the corner. The truth is, that a few might be on the road by 2020, but many scientists are coming to believe that the technology is unworkable.

      On the bright side, advances in battery design and a new process to produce ethanol cheaply could cause auto emissions and oil demand both to plummet in just a few years, making the whole hydrogen effort unnecessary. The new ethanol process was reported in this newsletter last week.

      Help Us Stay Free

      Unknowncountry is one news source that's completely free of censorship. We aren't afraid, we have no advertisers to pull the money plug if we offend them, and we don't care if we upset pressure groups, left, right or center.

      This is why, just this week alone, you've gotten access to two major stories here that the heavily self-censored US media is ignoring: the changes in the Gulf Stream and the leaked British Iraq War memo.

      You can get a wealth of exciting special information for subscribers, and help keep us free for just pennies a day.

      Click here to start your subscription today!

      Dreamland Special, Listen Now: the Gulf Stream is Slowing

      Those of you who have read Art Bell and Whitley Strieber's Superstorm or seen the Day After Tomorrow know how important the Gulf Stream is to our climate. Now, as Whitley and Art predicted in their book in 1999, the Gulf Stream is indeed slowing.

      The story has not yet reached the US media, and, given the current situation, may not be covered in this country at all, but Linda Moulton Howe has interviewed the scientist from Cambridge University in England who made the discovery, and you can listen to that interview right now by going to Unknowncountry.com, clicking on the word Dreamland on the right side of the masthead, and navigating to the last item in the list.

      This area previously held the audio of David Ray Griffin's 911 lecture presented on C-Span last week, because many cable operators blacked out the lecture.

      The Griffin lecture is available for download in our subscriber section.

      Linda Moulton Howe's Earthfiles.com keeps you up with the latest scientific realities.

      Click here to read Earthfiles.com

      Fortune Cookie Numbers Win Lottery

      Everybody's seen the lucky numbers printed on the back of messages in fortune cookies. Multi-State Lottery Powerball officials were perplexed and horrified when they found over a hundred winners in a Powerball drawing.

      They suspected fraud until it developed that the winning Powerball sequence had been printed on fortune cookies distributed across half the United States.

      All 110 winners had picked the wrong final number, but the lottery nevertheless had to give nearly $19 million in unexpected payouts.

      What were the lucky numbers? 22,28,32,33,39,40. And the fortune read, "All the preparation you've done will finally be paying off."

      Sale Still Going On

      When you place an order with Unknowncountry.com, you still get an automatic 10% off coupon! So don't wait, go to our unique store and get some of the wonderful books we offer, many of them exclusive to us.

      Click here to go to the store!

      US Media Ignores Explosive Memo

      88 members of congress have signed a letter demanding an explanation from President Bush. The British media has been all over the story. But you don't know about it for the same reason that you don't know about the situation with the Gulf Stream: the US media is ignoring it.

      We refer to a super-secret memo from British foreign policy aide Matthew Rycroft discussing a report from MI6 head Richard Dearlove on a visit to Washington the summer before President Bush announce that the US was going to war against Saddam Hussein because he possessed weapons of mass destruction.

      The memo, written in July of 2002 makes it clear that both government knew even then that Hussein possessed no weapons of mass destruction. Congressmen are demanding an explanation for the following statement in the memo: ""the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

      The implication is that both government were in the process of doctoring intelligence and stating "facts" that fit policy, not making policy based on facts.

      Read the whole story on Unknowncountry.com

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    • Azamayra'EL
      ... Horrifying Disinformation Story on Dreamland Paul Bennewitz was a brilliant scientist and signals expert who worked on secret projects and lived near
      Message 2 of 3 , May 19, 2005
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        Unknowncountry.com Newsletter

        Paul Bennewitz

        Horrifying Disinformation Story on Dreamland

        Paul Bennewitz was a brilliant scientist and signals expert who worked on secret projects and lived near Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. He began to pick up strange signals and see lights hovering over the base, and became convinced that an alien invasion was about to begin.

        When he informed his intelligence-community employers of his concern, there began a horrendous process of disinformation that eventually landed him in a mental institution.

        But what was the disinformation about? Were they trying to convince him that the UFO threat he was seeing was real in order to conceal a secret weapons program from him…or were they trying to cover up an alien connection—perhaps under orders from the aliens themselves?

        Join Whitley Strieber as he plumbs the depths of this particular well as only somebody with intimate close encounter knowledge can. You will never have heard a deeper, more interesting or more surprising interview with Greg Bishop, because there simply isn’t anybody else out there with the kind of knowledge Whitley has.

        Strangely, Greg's book has been condemned by UFO researchers as claiming that all UFOs were the product of Air Force disinformation. On the contrary, it quotes Air Force disinformer Richard Doty as admitting that they are certainly real!

        Could it be that disinformers still 'in the wild,' posing as UFO researchers, are doing this because the idea of somebody like Doty admitting this is anathema to them?

        A not-to-be-missed show and book!

        Learn more about Project Beta here.

        A cat leads her friend to photograph an orb...

        For Our Subscribers: Whitley Talks to Paul Elder

        Whitley Strieber and Paul Elder have a lot in common. Both have gone to the edge of the known world, and it is thrilling to listen to them compare notes about such things as their mutual experiences with out-of-body travel at the Monroe Institute.

        They go from there into a hair-raising discussion of direct experiences with unknown beings, ghosts and you name it.

        This is not an interview, but an intimate discussion between two people who have been to the edge of reality--one a novelist, the other a news reporter and politician.

        Wait until you hear them talking about cats, and how they perceive other dimensions...THEN listen to the discussion about Paul Elder's spirit guide Meldor.

        As far as the picture of the cat looking at the orb that you see here--well, it's explained in the interview.

        Don't miss Paul Elders' Eyes of an Angel. Click here.

        Mystery Park

        Fake Crop Circles Wanted

        One of the major questions that always crops up during crop circle season is: are the circles fake or "real?" Various groups claim to make even the most intricate circles—usually without proof. This may seem strange, but it’s human nature—police keep some details of even the most horrible murders secret, because so many innocent people confess to them.

        Whitley and Anne Strieber have always kept back some details about Whitley’s visitor experiences, so they can recognize fake abduction claims when they hear them.

        Now there’s a contest to see who can fake the best crop circle. Mystery Park in Switzerland is featuring a crop circle hoaxing contest, with a prize for the best one. An exhibition at the museum will illustrate how "real" circles appear suddenly in fields, with breathtaking speed, almost as if by magic.

        Undoubtedly, the people who claim to fake the most intricate circles will be 'too busy' to participate in the contest, but that won't stop the world press from continuing to spread the lie that they are explained by people with boards strapped to their feet.

        If you'd like to learn something REAL about crop circles, get Linda Howe's excellent Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles.

        Order the book here,

        Paul Elder

        Eyes of an Angel on Mysterious Powers

        Mysterious Powers returns this week with TV news reporter and politician Paul Elter telling the story of his near death experience during a hockey game, and the subsequent opening of a psychic door that has transformed his life.

        This inspiring story of hope will thrill and amaze you, as near-death experiencer Anne Strieber interviews near-death experiencer Paul Elder. Where else will you hear something like this, with both the interviewer and the guest sharing experiences?

        Paul Elder has become a remarkable man, not only because of what happened to him, but because of the fact that he is willing to go against his whole former career and reveal his secrets!

        (Note, show description will appear on Unknowncountry.com on Friday.)

        Learn more about Mysterious Powers here.

        Brazil UFO Data May be Released

        There are rumors flying that Brazil plans to release its secret UFO files soon, possibly before the end of May.

        Brazil has been a hotbed of UFO activity for many years, and the military has been known to have been involved.

        The Varghina case, in which there was an apparent UFO crash with beings observed on the ground, is one of the most powerful and best documented of all such cases.

        Will the official story of this and other Brazilian cases actually be released? Stay tuned!

        New Anne's Diary: Starting Over

        Anne and Whitley Strieber have been through a lot. First, their lives were shattered by Whitley's experiences and the public reaction to them.

        Whitley went through years of struggle with serious depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. (Something about being raped and then publicly mocked for it...)

        Then, last year, came Anne's brush with death, her perilous recovery, and the months of not knowing what her state would be.

        So, now what are they doing? Anne's new book, Little Town Lies, is due to be published this fall, and Whitley's latest, his definitive meditation on aliens, the Grays, will come out later in 2006.

        But that's not all, they're beginning a new career, hand in hand as always, in film and television, adding this to their website work, radio programs and publishing schedules.

        So, what else is new?

        Read Anne's diary here.

        To subscribe: click here.

        Unknowncountry, Inc.
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      • Azamayra'EL
        ... William Henry Interviews David Icke on Dreamland David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities in the world, and this week guest host William
        Message 3 of 3 , Jun 2, 2005
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          Unknowncountry.com Newsletter

          David Icke

          William Henry Interviews David Icke on Dreamland

          David Icke is one of the most controversial personalities in the world, and this week guest host William Henry interviews him about his view of the hidden meaning of the human past.

          Armed with his own deep knowledge of secret societies and the hidden past, William delves deeper in to this remarkable man's ideas than any other interviewer ever has.

          Icke has come to believe that love is the key to defeating the forces that he believes are crushing mankind. But what are these forces? How do they work? Why are they here?

          You will learn more about David Icke and his ideas in this interview than you ever have anywhere else before. Do not miss William Henry penetrating the depths of this mysterious man and his highly unusual ideas.

          Learn more about Dreamland by clicking here.

          Brazilian UFO Disclosures

          The Urandir War has turned hot again as Linda Howe and Brazilian UFO expert A.J. Gevared battle over the authenticity of the Urandir story and, at the same time, a series of spectacular UFO disclosures are made by the Brazilian government.

          The Urandir case involves an infamous burned bedsheet from which Mr. Urandir was allegedly removed by aliens who gave him a long and complex message, and who have been in frequent contact with him. Witnesses have come forward who have seen lights in the area and also have made claims of contact. Unknowncountry offered to have both parts of the burned bedsheet and rocks from the area analyzed, but these were not delivered. Therefore, Unknowncountry cannot offer an opinion about whether or not the physical evidence for this case is valid.

          What, exactly, the Brazilian government disclosures will be remains to be seen, but Unknowncountry.com sources in Brazil have offered two credible but conflicting reasons about why they are suddenly being made. The first is that the Brazilian government is angry that the US broke its promise to share information gained from alien bodies and UFO debris collected at Varghina in 1996.

          The second is that US intelligence organizations concerned with the matter, for whatever reason, fear that some other UFO disclosure event may soon take place, perhaps on the part of the visitors themselves, and they are moving to paint them in the most terrifying possible light so that government will not lose control of the population in the context of such an event.

          Certainly, it is true that the Brazilian government is breaking UFO secrecy, and it is the first government in possession of major UFO secrets to do so. Both wonderful and terrible UFO events have happened in Brazil. In the Amazon in the 1970s, there were a series of horrific cases discovered by Jacques Vallee and discussed in his book Confrontationsthat detailed people in isolated areas of the Amazon being struck by beam weapons and badly injured.

          If this is the only sort of case that is released, then, almost certainly, American intelligence is actually behind the process. If a more balanced group of cases are released, such as the truth about what the living alien captured at Varghina actually expressed to the doctors who attempted to treat him, information of absolutely critical importance to the future of mankind, then perhaps Brazil is at last facing its responsibility to disclose, which is also the responsibility of every other country that keeps these secrets.

          The one person in command of this information is Dr. Roger Leir, who interviewed the doctors involved in the Varghina case with a unique combination of medical knowledge and understanding of UFO issues. He will be on Dreamland in a few weeks to discuss this important information in-depth and Unknowncountry.com subscribers will be able to email questions for him in advance. His book, UFO Crash in Brazil, is available for preorder from our store.

          You can preorder Dr. Leir's book by clicking here.

          For Our Subscribers, Whitley Joins the Discussion

          Whitley Strieber joins David Icke and William Henry for a private discussion that is frank, open and completely astonishing.

          What is David Icke really all about? How does he regard the 'repitilians' now? Who is the real enemy? Where is humanity headed?

          He and Whitley and William address all of these questions and more.

          Is David for real? Give his sophisticated ideas on so many subjects, why does he consider that shape-shifting aliens play such a large role in our lives?

          Whitley asks the hard, penetrating question, and gets answers that will haunt you for years to come.

          Click here to subscribe today!

          Linda Howe Uncovers Bird Flu Mystery

          This week on Dreamland, Linda Moulton Howe covers the bird flu story as no other reporter can or will. Is it much worse than they are saying? Find out on Dreamland!

          Click here to go to Linda Howe's Earthfiles.com

          Prophet Yahweh Disappears, and So Do UFOs

          June 1 was the day that Las Vegas contactee Prophet Yahweh was supposed to call in UFOs on command on live TV. First, according to his statements, the local ABC affiliate backed out at the last minute, but Los Angeles stations were supposed to fill the gap. Now his website is down for unexplained reasons for the next 45 days. There is no mention of any UFOs appearing over Las Vegas today.

          And yet, the footage produced by Las Vegas KXNT-TV cameras on May 30 was impressive. The UFO that appeared was a daylight sphere, glowing brightly enough with internal light to be visible as a lighted object despite full sun. This means that it was not a balloon or a blimp, because the amount of energy necessary to produce that much illumination during daylight means that the weight in batteries necessary to produce it would be greater than such a small gas-filled object could carry. It also maneuvered far too quickly to be a lighter than air craft.

          However, that does not mean that it was not man made, and it should be noted that, when it disappeared, it moved off in the direction of Nellis Air Force Base, which did not respond to reporters questions. When Unknowncountry.com called the base for information, we were told that “it was not one of our aircraft.” Given its maneuvers, that would have to be true. But it might have been something similar to the UFOs that the Iranian government was complaining about last winter—rapidly moving balls of light seen coming from the direction of Afghanistan.

          The Prophet has claimed that Las Vegas will see a massive wave of UFOs between now and July 15.

          Unknowncountry.com's report on the Iranian UFOs appeared December 27, 2004.

          To read it, click here.

          To subscribe: click here.

          Unknowncountry, Inc.
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