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The Galactic Times ~ You Never Know

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    The Galactic Times You Never Know ~ May 11, 2005 For years astrologers and metaphysicians (almost proudly) proclaim the times in which we reside stand singular
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      The Galactic Times

      You Never Know ~ May 11, 2005

      For years astrologers and metaphysicians (almost proudly) proclaim the times in which we reside stand singular as the strangest times ever encountered in humankind’s history or even galactic evolution. You never know, do you? Even these days other astrologers and myself discuss why things feel as weird as they do. We come up with the same conclusion: though there are aspects of strangeness, Pluto closes the gap on its longitudinal proximity to the center of the galaxy and the Mayan Calendar intends to expire in but seven and a half more years, we don’t know. Unseen influences? Perchance.

      Last Friday I received an e-mail telegram from the astronomers’ telegram organization. This reported that on March 12, 2005 the “object” 4U 0614+091 (4 Cancer 22) demonstrated significant flare activity - to be more specific, a type 1 X-ray superburst. I remember feeling something then, how about you? Also noted was a similar series of recent superbursts from the entity known as 4U 1608-522 (11 Sagittarius 20). Remember those as well? The e-mail noting the gamma ray burst of last December in the wake of the Pacific tsunami’s destruction seems to have popped up again making its rounds in forwarded venues.

      Basically as far as important astrophysical discoveries go, we’re not going to be kept current. It takes time to process, interpret, check and then double check the work. In some areas of astronomy, moratoriums have been assigned such that astronomers do not do something shameful like freaking out humanity with a “sky is falling” asteroid proclamation. The work must be checked and checked again, seemingly to make sure whoever did the calcs counted cosmic beans free of a blood sugar low. Then there’s the other thing. These bursts and emanations we receive now are part of galactic history often from as far away as tens of thousands of years ago.

      Solar flare activity, recently predicted to be approaching Solar Minimum in the near future, affects humanity as the blast passes by Earth. Sentient beings get the added benefit of feeling it twice - once when the blast covers the Earth, and first, at the time of emanation. Without actually knowing there was a blast or a supporting transit, sentient beings often correctly perceive the Cosmos with no present time physical verification. You never know what’s affecting you when. Feeling what you feel and honoring the reaction despite “validity” prevents disarray. Too much analytic “what was that” or “what’s causing this spine tingle” fails to support the process, stimulates denial and worse yet, allows the wave to pass without feeling the essence and perceiving the insights the wave desperately sought to embed in consciousness.

      Should you be seeking other verification to validate other things you’re feeling from yet undisclosed sources and possibly never defined sources, work hard not to miss the wave. Consider that presently Venus and Mars stimulate heaps of black holes in the early degrees of mutable signs. When you hear a new idea, listen up. Download every drop of delectable insight the Universe renders as if you lap up the nectar of the morning’s dew. Cultivate it. Savor it. Take the time to think it through in its current manifestation and bring its latent qualities into the viewable range of conscious reality. Lots of seeds pollinate the air cosmically speaking in this very instant. That’s nothing to be sneezing at.

      There’s another significant energy surge on the horizon. On May 15th, Mars and Uranus align in Pisces. Mars and Uranus together act like a good, strong, air-clearing thunderstorm. If you stand in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, lightning can strike. I never did understand as a child why my mother yelled so loudly when we ran out into hailstorms with pans on our head to listen the hail striking the metal. That is, until my father began selling lightning rods; then I understood. The sudden burst of lighting, hotter than the surface of the Sun, and bright as can be, awakens and invigorates. It leaves behind fertilizing nitrogen in the region of the strike. From that, plants flourish. You can see it in the Arizona desert, often near where a tall lightning blasted saguaro turned to oily debris new life flourishes. You know the rules: Don’t sit under lone trees. Avoid aluminum boats on lakes. Don’t take a shower. Turn off your cell phone. Be careful. Lightning can get ya. What are the odds? Not good. But worth worrying about anyway.

      This approaching volatile pattern feels like the impending tension of a distant, but on track storm. Fine, turn off your computer and observe nature. Feel what you feel. Feelings may not come from verified sources. Here’s one for you: What if you perceived an ancient civilization while watching a storm during the Mars and Uranus conjunction, and at that moment a galactic burst from 70,000 years ago also arrived masked in the rain shower that soaks you? You’d be onto something, but with no way of backing it up. What the people wore in that distant civilization appears secondary to the way their society conducted life according to cosmic plans. Sometimes, these energies note it’s better to point out the grounded applications of the insights without the footnotes of cosmic origin. It may be years or never before the source can be revealed.

      True to the essence of Pisces, prodding Mars and Uranus, with tuning fork vibrations, strive to synchronize consciousness with the pulses surrounding Earth whether perceived or not. You just never know what’s “causing” this current feeling. You also never know how inspiring or healing the latest inspiration happens to be until well applied.

      It’s true. With all these unseen forces around, you just never know. You know?

      Philip Sedgwick

      480.451.3070 mail to: galactic@...

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