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Preview of Thurs. Conf. call, May 12

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    Thurs Theme: Miracles of the changing times. We share our breakthroughs and miracles, focusing on the light,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2005


      Thurs' Theme: "  Miracles of the changing times."

      " We share our  breakthroughs and miracles, focusing on the light, revealing wonderful patterns of answered prayer  . "

      (Thurs night conf call 8 -11 PM EST)

      212-990-8000 pin 5454#, (same as always) 

      In this preview:

      Feedback On transmuting the dark from Rachelle

      3 Notes from Sonali

      Information on CODEX from Ron

      Great new film! PEACEABLE KINGDOM 


       Thursday night we again join our minds, hearts, souls and spirits in sacred council. Let us envision all people and sentient beings on Earth as free , manifesting joy and   the beautiful life destined in the original divine blueprints of perfection. Let us call forth the heavenly hosts, our highest selves, and The One Being and transform all imperfections on every level into states that are the highest good of all. Let us see everything through the eyes of Love Divine, transmuting and awakening the perfect divine expression.

      "If one is helped, all are helped."

      We give our thanks to all lightworkers who so bravely serve the highest good of all each day, by doing the inner and outer work. Many changes are taking place, more and more as the light increases on the planet.

      We want to encourage everyone to participate, especially for this call. If anyone wants to guide us in a group meditation, please do , just jump in and share !

       May we hold all in deepest divine love, enlivening the indwelling perfection that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient!

      We are all ONE!

      In the Light and the Love of the One we greet and embrace you -

      Cynthia and Michael

      *  *  *
      *  *
      Some feedback on Saturday's call from Rachelle, shining the light on the dark.... 

      I would like to share with you that at times during the calls I feel that we are giving more power to some of the challenges we are facing by concentrating on what we don't want. It is when only when we get to speaking with judgment of others and making remarks about the seemingly dark that are like stabbing them in the back allowing and creating that which we do not want to happen, to be more real in the world and giving it power. The seemingly dark gains every time we do that. We are playing that game which perpetuates rather than heals. I work in the background on this but know that this is a time that is all about prayer and working on the spiritual plane rather than always thinking that we must fix everything ourselves, physically here in this dimension. I understand at times it can be difficult to have complete faith that are prayers are being answered and yes Spirit works through people so there are assignments and initiations that we are asked to complete but to do this in non judgment, with conviction that love prevails, no matter what, is the most powerful action we can take. There are many on this call and I feel it is such an opportunity to strengthen this way of healing and manifesting that which we want on the planet in the NOW. We were told by many Masters that this is a time where our power has stepped up so be careful what you are praying for and that includes what we are declaring with our words and thoughts and what we are stirring up in our feelings and emotions that goes out to all of the universe at all times. I am not saying to mask what we are feeling but rather to focus on what we want and remind each other that is where the power lies. I have a healing meditation that heals the sadness that in reality we are all experiencing from the original separation and plays out in many ways in the dream.

      I have been thinking and going within my heart on this and feel that since we, those on the call, are many and gathering in the name of love and light, I feel it is important for us to stay on the path of which we are saying we are on and that is to help create ease and grace of the shift from duality, awakening to our birthright, Heaven. In truth it has already happened but it is up to us how that will look for us here on Earth, how it plays out so to speak and what we create as it is unfolding in the dream. We know that is the power we have, which takes prayer and asking for the atonement, at-one-ment and conviction to "really" knowing that we are ONE, there is no they and there is no them.

      We are praying for ourselves when we pray for others. What would be ideal is that when we do meditation, we visualize the angels and higher selves of the seemingly dark, lluminati integrating, merging with their souls that are embodied in this lifetime, raising them up and loving them limitlessly, intending for the awakening of their hearts to accept and experience this love. It is only then that they will be disempowered in the lower vibrations, when they come to the acceptance of love. They may have to leave at this time and come back but at least we are sending them love for that is what we say we are all about. In truth it starts within each one of us and our faith, knowing we are taken care of in every way and our love for the ONE. It is our intention of this and our prayers that will shift the lower energies and wow!!! what power there is in gathering many in the name of loving prayer. The calls are a perfect opportunity to really hold this love for all things and shower all in the light!!!

      The prayer that I have created for the beginning of the Saturday call gives specific light to keeping us in the truth of love, protecting us from perpetuating fear/judgment in and around us while we are gathered on the call no matter what is brought up.

      I feel that this is most important at this time of easing out duality and creating that what we wish and that is to eliminate the dark. It is up to us how quickly this takes place and it can be done only one way and that is without judgment. Again this powerful statement is ringing in my ear, "No one is crucified alone and yet no one can enter Heaven by himself."

      What are we asking for through our intentions of Nesara? I hope that it is not to imprison these people to get them out of our way and more to bringing them to the light. Yes, they have committed crimes but they are asleep. Would we condemn someone who is sleeping for something they did  in their sleeping state. In reality it is Heaven that we are allseeking, not only for those here on Earth (it is where we will start) but for all of God's creations. I don't believe there are any prisons in Heaven. Maybe I am wrong about that but it does not fit into what we are asking for and that is for the highest good of all which is love, joy and bliss!! That is what the I AM THAT I AM is offering to ALL, always, leaving no one out who asks. It is much easier than what we think. We humans make it so much more challenging than it needs to be and then say we don't want it to be so but we tend to focus on what we don't want (creating it to become more real) than that of what we want!!! It seems like it is habitual. If it is too simple the ego tells us that it won't work. How cunning, baffling, powerful that facet of our being is.

      I hear through Richard's sharing how horrendous his experience has been on his journey through what the Illumanti have been doing and too many others as well. I would not want to discount this in any way, shape or form but this is a huge call for love. Shifting out of the paradigm of pain and fear into one of forgiveness and love. What a miracle takes place when this arises through the pain we experience in the dream. Now I sound like a Saint. This is far from the truth but I know how powerful it is to not only to pray for the one who suffers but also for the perpetrator. That is where the true healing takes place otherwise it continues and continues. I am not perfect at this either and the call is so perfect for keeping us in tune with this as we are joining throughout the week. Cynthia has helped us greatly in staying in this right minded thinking. I thank you dear one!!! I am being guided to mention that we could do more of this and really focus on shifting the fear to one of love. It is practice that will help us to be this way always and that is powerful!!!

      IN THE NAME OF I AM THAT I AM thank you for all you that you are, all that you do and all that the ONE is becoming!

      Walking in love,


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      *  *

      3 Notes From Sonali:

      1. There is a  NEW daytime, 'Cities of Light conference call'.

      11:30am - 1pm Pacific, Thursday May 12.

      Depending on response, we may have this on Thus or switch to Wednesdays.

      2.  The link below allows you to access the free weekend sign up for past shows of Coast to Coast.

      Of interest would probably be,

      Joan Ocean, sacred Geometry, Ed Dames, Jim Berklund, and whatever your interests are...

      Shortcut to: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/

       3. Jobs for 2005 - commissions paid after event

      1) coordinator for Worlds Science Fair. Location can be anywhere in world. Date -three months after announcement, approximately July end (same as Galactic New Year)

      2) Worlds Health Fair - anywhere in world. Held 6 months after 'announcement'.

      3) Worlds Music Fair - held on planet earth, in location chosen by coordinator. Vienna, Austria is a possibility. Held 9 months after announcement..

      4) lightworker's festival - September 'long weekend'.

      In each of these jobs, we'll present the original vision/message that was given for each.

      The coordinator will decide how to best implement. He/she will select location, set prices, handle advertising, both assingment, facility to hold event, etc.

      A proposal from the coordinator, for the commission arrangement; to be received at the end of the fair, will be accepted upon selection of coordinator.






      Thanks !!!


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      Hello Lightworkers, 

       I posted  everything I could find on the CODEX  to Lightworkercall Blog. If you find something

      else that looks interesting please forward it to me.  



       Ron Davenport at







       Great New Vegetarian Documentary Now in Theaters


      The following comments came from written surveys filled out by viewers following test screenings of

      Peaceable Kingdom at US colleges:

      "I can't remember seeing a more powerful film that has moved me so deeply... The whole time I was watching, I was thinking, They need to show this film to as many

      people as they possibly can." "Peaceable Kingdom lets

      people trust their own instincts, their own humanity, and lets them decide for themselves what's right and

      wrong." "I grew up in the Texas panhandle right in

      the heart of cattle country... many of my family members have worked for the industry. I am very anxious to share this film with friends and family from back home."

      "[Peaceable Kingdom] gave me a real connection to the rescued animals. You can see it in their eyes how happy they are to be loved and cared for and you can see the fear and sadness in the animals that are caged


      "It has made me stop and think about my own philosophy. I have always claimed to be an animal lover, but now I have to re-evaluate the definition of an animal lover... I think it should be shown to as

      many people as possible."

      "Watching people's transformations was amazing."

      "Everyone has a stereotype for a movement outside the majority. It was important for me to have a more personal experience before making a judgment on the concepts and ideas these people are trying to make clear to me. The film lets me make my own opinions, not society's."


      Click here for films website



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