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IGLOO - #006 - 11 May 2005 - Inner Glow Lovingly Opens Opportunities - Everyone who is a part of lives is there to give and receive

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  • Jophiel JagGY
    May the road always lead, where you need to be. (look closely at the photo and see what you are allowed to see - what the digital camera saw that the naked
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2005
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      "May the road always lead, where you need to be."

      (look closely at the photo and see what you are allowed to see - what the digital camera saw that the naked eye could not)
      Inner Glow - Lovingly Opens Opportunities
      on the Path to Personal Enlightenment
      Today's Music is:  You light up my life
      "There's nourishment for our body, and there's nourishment for our spirit, be sure to feed both daily."

      ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~ ~^~

      ~Today's Spiritual Acronym~

      Feeling Enlightened Every Day 

      Ask POH CHOO
      the little voce inside me said as I headed for the Shower
      She has the message for today
      So I rang last night around 6pm
      "No" she said "I have nothing to say"
      and then
      Well .... I did see a Newspaper Poster this morning with the words
      Stop Gender Bias
      and  I have never encountered it
      Too Many Women Blame "Gender Bias" for their own Failures
      I have never accepted My being a Women should hold me back from anything
      I always GIVE my best and never blame anyone or anything
      for my situation
      She went on to say that men who make such statements publicly probably practice "Gender Bias"
      (and in the case of the person involved she was 1000% right)
      I love myself for who I am
      Poh Choo continued
      and in Loving myself I can love others
      I feel sad when I see people complaining they have no opportunities.
      Yes she continued there are people who have bias in race and religion
      but usually they want a bias in their favour
      I have shared with you how Poh Choo works from Home, looks after two small children and her household.How she overcomes every challenge
      How some days she cries
      But Most days she laughs
      (and she has a most beautiful laugh)
      Today Let POH CHOO inspire you to believe in and Love yourself.
      allow me to share with you part of an exchange on 30 April while I was still in Australia
      "I am smiling in my heart. So I am going to eat a bit extra to night just to celebrate it. Do you know that I got no one to tell this good news, I just share this feeling with you. I hope I may transfer some happiness to you as you have been helping me so much.
      Will this year be the same or worst or better. I don't care as I really need some slow motion in my life, hope I may do it. With your reminder. Keep smiling."
      Can you like POH CHOO smile in you Heart "NO MATTER WHAT" and celebrate every event in you life.
      For My Part I am so grateful to the Divine for allowing me to be a guide and teacher
      to beautiful people like
      Poh Choo, Chela,Anne,Rey,Melay,Eja(butterfly) and others
      as each also guide me.
      Some others have been part of my life for short periods and in that short time a lifetime of healing AND LEARNING has occurred
      I give thanks today for EVERY PERSON and EVENT that has been a part of my life.
      When we guide others we are in turn Guided
      Everyone who is a part of lives is there to give and receive
      Are you maximising every relationship in your life?
      Be it short term or long term!!
      If not, take Poh Choo's Message
      and make your own luck
      and like Poh Choo you will be able to say
      "Keep Smiling"
      Thank you Poh Choo
      We LOVE YOU
      Jophiel JagGY and Chryos
      We must be willing to get rid of the life we have planned so as
      to have the life that is awaiting us….The old skin has to be shed
      before the new one is to come. (Joseph Campbell)

      (c) Jophiel JagGY (IGLOO)-  11 May 2005
      All words and graphics may be  used and shared freely- I ask only they be accredited
      Please forward IGLOO to all who are open to receive it·

      The YeMYSS and YeMane symbols embedded in the stationery are part of the HuMURG healing system which is shared in the Hurricane of  Happiness seminars.
      HuMURG is an energy healing system utilising the practices of Reiki and other healing modalities.
      They are there to be called upon by you should you have a need of the energy. If you feel that you don't need them right now then let them float to wherever they are guided. 
      I was "connecting" (etherically) with meLay in the office yesterday and was directed to

      The Interpretation:


      In this card we see a hand – the five digits being representative of all aspects, earth, fire, water, air and spirit. This is followed through with five faces representing all nations of the world. In numerology five is a number of communication, freedom and regeneration. It follows that this card of communication is asking us to look at all aspects within ourselves and query the balance in our lives. The shape of the hand may be viewed in both aspects of beckoning or Stop – suggesting it is time to


      Stop! Look! And Listen!


      at where you are in life at this moment. Are you on the right path? if so what choices do you make about the way you are progressing? Allow yourself to see all aspects of your situation making choices based on the wisdom gained through personal experience. You are resolving the karmic situations you agreed before birth to enact – it may well mean it’s time to square your shoulders and walk confidently into the future. This card shows that you are well loved – believe in yourself and all things will become possible.


      The Divinatory Meaning:


      It is vital at this time to have a belief in your own abilities. If you have doubts about anything then know is the time to resolve them. Self-love and self-confidence are two issues, which you need to acquire and understand. This will then allow you to make choices based on your own known abilities. Past mistakes have no bearing on the current situations, listen instead to your heart and know you have great capabilities. Mistakes are a gift given to help us learn, resolve the feelings of failure and what might have been – treat them as karmic conditions and use the wisdom gained to create conditions more favourable to your needs and desires. The situation may appear to have the option of choice but if you stop and look at how you’ve managed in the past you will see that the road ahead is quite clear. The title of the card suggests it all – it is time to marry the past, present and future through understanding of self worth. The Rite is your right to make the choice most beneficial to you.


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